UMass Amherst Medical Tyranny

UMass Amherst Medical Tyranny

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Planned long in advance in the West, renaming seasonal flu covid last year changed everything.

The mother of all scams followed.

It far exceeded the worst of events after the 9/11 mother of all false flags — until covid way surpassed the horrors of a day forever to live in infamy.

Countless millions of unwitting people were brainwashed to self-inflict harm, many more joining them daily — on the phony pretext of protecting them from what shows up every year with none of what’s gone on since last year accompanying it.

Eroded free and open societies in the US and West are close to disappearing altogether.

On life support long ago, the rule of law ended without the vast majority of people in the West noticing.

Virtually everything mandated and recommended since last year breaches core international humanitarian and US constitutional law.

All of it risks serious harm to health while providing no protection from flu now called covid.

The US and West will resemble Dante’s Hell if state-sponsored/media supported madness continues unchecked.

New abnormal totalitarian rule enforced by police state harshness is on a fast track toward becoming full-blown tyranny.

It practically arrived already, showing up with a whimper, not a bang.

Previous articles discussed medical tyranny on US college campuses.

Along with mandated mask-wearing — that provides no protection and risks serious harm from longterm use — increasing numbers of schools are requiring students to be jabbed for covid or be banned from campuses and classroom instruction.

Ignored is that what’s going on flagrantly breaches the Nuremberg Code — requiring voluntary consent on all things related to health and well-being.

School administrators are also contemptuous of the health and rights of their student body.

My long ago years on campus are among my fondest memories — world’s apart from today’s nightmarish conditions, resembling science fiction hell.

Last week, the University of Massachusetts Amherst suspended three freshmen honor students for going maskless at an off-campus party, a statement saying:

Students got “a number of public health messages.”

They stressed the importance (sic) of following public health protocols (sic), as well as “the consequences of not complying.” 

In February, the school’s administration implemented a stay-at-home policy that included a ban on outdoor exercise.

In March, around 200 students were suspended after attending a party its administration said “posed an immediate health risk to other residents (sic).”

According to WBZ-TV Boston:

“There was a photo sent to the administration of (the three suspended) girls outside off-campus on a Saturday.” 

“This is why they lost a whole semester of their schooling.”

Affected students were suspended, barred from taking final exams, and forced to repeat semester studies if permitted back on campus.

According to the father of one affected student — identified only by his first name — UMass suspension “negates this whole semester, $16,000 of money and they have to reapply for next semester. But they missed housing registration.”

Families of suspended students are contesting what’s outrageous and unconstitutional by a class action lawsuit.

Supported by state Senator Barry Finefold, he said “suspending (students) is a cost to these families of $16,000” for the semester.

“That is a huge, hefty penalty for not wearing a mask.”

According to an unnamed UMass alum: Parents should “rethink sending your students to the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.”

Given how medical tyranny is spreading to increasing numbers of US colleges and universities, there may be no schools free from draconian policies remaining for students aspiring to higher education before long.

These policies have no constitutional standing.

Along with affirming the right of speech and press freedom, the First Amendment upholds the right of peaceful assembly.

UMass did not comment about the suspended students, instead issued a statement saying the following:

“Throughout the (covid) pandemic (sic), the public health and safety of the UMass Amherst community has been the university’s foremost priority (sic).” 

“Expectations regarding students’ responsibility to follow public health protocols, and the consequences for failing to do so, were clearly communicated to students before and throughout the spring semester, and students were updated regularly as conditions changed.”

“When positive (covid) cases surged within the UMass community in February 2021, the university, in consultation with the state Department of Public Health, promptly imposed severe restrictions on campus activities, including the suspension of in-person classes and a prohibition on student social gatherings.”

“It was made clear to students that those who failed to comply would be subject to discipline, including suspension.”

“The university said a February 7 campus-wide message directed all students, whether residing in campus residence halls or in off-campus housing in the surrounding area, were directed to stay home, except to get meals, undergo twice-weekly (covid) testing, or to attend medical appointments.”

No “pandemic” exists. Outbreaks of seasonal flu-renamed covid in 2020 and this year to date are largely similar in numbers to most previous years.

PCR covid tests don’t work as claimed. Virtually all positive results are false.

We’ve been scammed by the mother of all con jobs claiming otherwise.

On March 8, UMass Amherst vice chancellor for student affairs and campus life Brandi Hephner LaBanc slammed what she called “egregious violations of policy” — involving hundreds of students in off-campus gatherings — their constitutional right.

They’ll “have their appropriate due process, but under no circumstances will they continue as a university student in the interim,” she said.

A Final Comment 

After the UMass hockey team won the 2021 national championship, a parent of one of the suspended students said the following:

“The university hosted a parade/event to celebrate” their triumph — “violating every single one of violations they accuse these girls of.” 

Permitted events “also violated a standing executive order by Gov. Charlie Baker” saying: “No parades, no festivals.”

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