The US, NATO, Israel, and Their Press Agent Media Support Forever War

The US, NATO, Israel and Their Press Agent Media Support Forever War

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

According to the West, Israel and their supportive media, wars are waged for peace.

NYT neocon pro-war extremist Bret Stephens pushed the perversion of reality in a column headlined:

“For the Sake of Peace, Israel Must Rout Hamas (sic)” — calling the leadership of Palestine’s legitimately elected government “terrorists,” perhaps quoting Netanyahu’s Big Lie.

On all on things related to war in the territories and region, Terrorists ‘R Us applies to Israel and Western governments supporting Jewish state belligerence on Palestinians and neighboring states.

Hamas responded defensively to weeks of Israeli state terror against East Jerusalem Palestinians, storming the holy Al-Aqsa Mosque, and attacking nonthreatening worshipers inside with tear gas, rubber-coated steel bullets, stun grenades and batons.

Israeli terror-bombing of Gaza followed since May 10, continuing without letup so far.

According to Stephens and likeminded right-wing extremists, when the US, West or Israel preemptively attack another country, it’s self-defense (sic).

When nations or their people respond defensively, it’s aggression or terrorism.

On Thursday, White House press secretary Psaki defied reality by claiming the Biden regime seeks to “reduc(e) violence and achieve stability” in the Territories — while supporting Israeli aggression against Palestinians, she left unexplained.

She affirmed one-sided US support for all things Israel by once again claiming its right to defend itself.

Israel is heavily armed with state-of-the-art weapons. 

It’s supported by billions of US dollars in annual aid, the latest weapons and technology.

In stark contrast, Palestinians are are armed at most with barebones weapons, most Palestinians with none.

Rocks, bottles, their bodies, and homemade rockets are no match against warplanes, warships, tanks, heavy artillery, long-range missiles, other heavy weapons, and banned ones, including Israel’s nuclear, biological and chemical arsenals.

When the Jewish state and Palestinians clash, the latter is no match against the former.

On Wednesday, Blinken spokesman Price said the secretary spoke to Netanyahu — expressing support and “concerns regarding the barrage of rocket attacks on Israel,” adding:

He extended “condolences for (Israeli) lives lost, (and) strong (US) support for (its) right to defend itself (sic),” adding:

Blinken and Netanyahu affirmed “the steadfast partnership between the US and Israel” — both ruling regimes “committed to working together” on achieving their respective hegemonic aims.

Unmentioned was days of mass slaughter and destruction by Israeli warplanes and cross-border shelling on Gazans, defenseless civilians mostly affected. 

On Friday morning, the estimated death toll rose to 122, over 900 others wounded, many seriously.

Actual numbers are likely much higher. Digging through rubble of destroyed structures will likely find more bodies and with luck survivors still alive.

According to Gaza residents, Thursday overnight terror-bombing by Israel was the most violent so far — the worst perhaps still ahead.

Separately according to Palestinian/American writer Yousef Munayyer:

Gangs of “Israeli lynch mobs (are) roam(ing)” West Bank and East Jerusalem streets, “beat(ing) and terroriz(ing)” defenseless Palestinians.

They’ve also “been shot and killed in raids by the Israeli military” — little or none of this reported by US media.

Israel’s longterm goal is maximum Jews and minimum Arabs throughout all valued parts of historic Palestine its ruling regimes want for exclusive Jewish development and use — by whatever it takes to achieve their aim, notably ethnic cleansing and land theft.

Based on what happened so far, Netanyahu regime hardliners may be hellbent on going beyond Israeli state terror inflicted on Palestinians in recent decades.

How far they intend to go, the toll of Palestinians, and extent of their resistance won’t be known until current fighting ends throughout the Territories.

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