US/Western Complicity with Israel’s Reign of Terror

US/Western Complicity with Israel’s Reign of Terror

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

It’s been this way for the past 73 years.

The same goes for Western media and most UN officials — supporting Israeli apartheid viciousness by failing to condemn it and demand accountability for high crimes too serious to ignore.

Long-suffering Palestinians are among what French psychiatrist Franz Fanon called Les Damnes de la Terre (the Wretched of the Earth) in his 1961 book by this title.

Among world leaders, Fidel Castro was a rare exception to the rule by supporting the oppressed instead of allying against them.

When he passed on November 25, 2016, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) eulogized him, saying: 

“He consistently stood with the oppressed peoples of the world in their confrontation with imperialism, Zionism, racism, and capitalism.”

“From Angola to South Africa, Palestine to Mozambique, Bolivia to El Salvador, Castro’s legacy of international revolutionary solidarity and struggle continues to serve as an example in practice that transcends borders toward revolution, democracy and socialism.”

Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) secretary-general Nayif Hawatmeh said “the departure of the comrade, the leader, the friend, the great revolutionary, the patriot, and the nationalist Fidel Castro is a great loss for all revolutionaries and nationalist forces around the world.”

Hamas called him “a brother in the resistance. (He) stood in the face of colonialists, similar to Nelson Mandela.”

He treated Yasser Arafat as a head of state, affording him a presidential welcome on visits to Havana. 

Former Arafat Foundation acting director Mansour Tahvoub said “Cubans trained Palestinian cadres, and Fidel himself was a staunch advocate of the Palestinian quest for freedom and independence.”

“He supported anti-colonial struggles worldwide, considered Zionism a form of fascism and institutionalized racism.” 

He said Palestinians “will prevail sooner or later in spite of the betrayal by Arab reactionaries, imperialist maneuvers and Israeli aggression.”

In 1973, Cuba severed diplomatic ties with Israel.

Palestinians are welcome in Cuba to study medicine, engineering and other disciplines at no cost —along with receiving free medical care if needed while there. 

In 1975, Cuba co-sponsored UN Resolution 3379, calling Zionism “a form of racism and racial discrimination.” Repeal in 1991 followed its earlier passage.

After Israeli summer 2014 Protective Edge aggression against Gaza, Fidel wrote a “reflection” titled “Palestinian Holocaust in Gaza,” saying:

“The Nazi genocide of Jews outraged all the earth’s peoples.” 

“Why does (Israel) believe that the world will be insensitive to the macabre genocide which today is being perpetuated against the Palestinian people?” 

“Perhaps it is expected that the complicity of the US empire in this shameful massacre will be ignored?”

Fidel expressed concern about a “repugnant form of fascism…at this time in human history when more than seven billion inhabitants are struggling for their survival.”

Others like him are sorely needed. America and other Western societies have no one remotely matching his stature and redoubtable anti-imperialist spirit.

When life passed from him at age-90, I mourned his passing like millions of others worldwide.

At her Friday press conference, deputy State Department spokeswoman Jalina Porter repeated a litany of bald-faced Big Lies about Israel/Palestine.

Turning truth on its head, she falsely claimed that the Biden regime “remain(s) deeply concerned about the current violence (sic), and we are working towards achieving a sustainable calm (sic).” 

Biden, hardliners surrounding him, and their predecessors have one-sidedly allied with and financed the highest of Israeli high crimes throughout Jewish state history.

“Sustainable calm” is anathema to longstanding US, Western, Israeli policy.

Porter’s “deep concern” about ongoing violence in the Territories is exclusively directed against the right of self-defense by Hamas and other oppressed Palestinians in East Jerusalem and the West Bank — in support of Israel’s reign of terror against them.

In mid-April at the time when escalated Israeli violence against Palestinians began throughout the Territories, UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian Territory Michael Lynk and other human rights experts said the following:

In recent months, violence by racist Israeli settlers against Palestinian civilians increased “markedly,” adding:

In 2020, 771 documented “incidents of settler violence caus(ed) injury to 133 Palestinians and damag(ed) 9,646 trees and 184 vehicles, mostly in the areas of Hebron, Jerusalem, Nablus and Ramallah.”

In January through March 2021, “more than 210 settler violent incidents were recorded, with one Palestinian fatality.”

When Israeli investigations are conducted, they’re nearly always whitewashed, justice denied Palestinian victims — how it’s been throughout Jewish state history.

Israeli settlers, security forces, and soldiers terrorize Palestinians unaccountably.

According to Lynk and other human rights experts, terrorist tactics “primarily target the livelihoods of rural Palestinians, vandalizing livestock, agricultural lands, trees and homes.” 

“Besides the presence and expansion of Israeli settlements, which are intended to establish illegal claims for Israeli sovereignty, settler violence is meant to make the daily lives of Palestinians untenable.”

Throughout the Territories, Palestinian families are threatened by dispossession of their homes and land to make way for exclusive Jewish development and use.

This practice and tactics used are prohibited by international law, but continue relentlessly anyway without letup.

According to Lynk and others, many times when settler violence against Palestinians occurs, Israeli military forces close by witness it, but don’t intervene.

“This amounts to a discriminatory two-tier approach to military protection and policing in the West Bank,” they stressed.

Under international law, the occupying power is required to protect the population under its control.

Fourth Geneva’s Article 27 stipulates that occupied people must “at all times be humanely treated, and shall be protected especially against all acts of violence or threats…”

The above is virtually never the case in Occupied Palestine.

Escalated violence by Israeli settlers and security forces in 2020 and through March this year was a precursor for Israel’s current reign of terror in Gaza and throughout the Territories.

On May 15 at 5:39 GMT, Russian Ruptly television reported the following:

“At least nine (Palestinians) died, including seven children, in an airstrike near the al-Shati refugee camp in northern Gaza in the early hours of Saturday morning.” 

“The death toll is expected to rise as first responders look for people buried in the rubble.”

Separately pre-dawn Saturday, Ruptly reported that two Palestinian children “were wounded after a Molotov cocktail was thrown through the window of their home in Jaffa.”

These incidents nearly always are unreported by Western media.

Instead, remarks like the following are featured by the NYT, saying:

“Mob violence that killed and wounded dozens of people across Israel over the past few days — apartments and synagogues burned, stones thrown, Jewish vigilantes clashing with Arab rioters (sic) — has profoundly shaken the country,” adding:

“A Jewish woman told Kan Radio, the Israeli public broadcaster, that a group of Arab Israelis had hurled a homemade bomb at her, two friends and her baby in the mixed city of Lod, midway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, though they missed.”

Not a word by the Times and other Western media about decades of Israeli state terror and other forms of illegal occupation harshness against millions of Palestinians.

Nor anything about blockaded/besieged Gaza since at least 2007 — or that Hamas was democratically elected as Palestine’s legitimate government in January 2006.

The death and injury toll in Gaza, East Jerusalem and West Bank continues to rise exponentially because of complicity by Western nations and press agent media with Israel’s ongoing reign of terror.

When Biden and Netanyahu regime officials claim Israel has the “right of self-defense,” they’ve turned reality on its head by supporting its aggression throughout the Territories against long-suffering Palestinians.

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