Israeli Aggression Without Mercy Against Palestinian Civilians

Israeli Aggression Without Mercy Against Palestinian Civilians

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Apartheid Israel exceeds the scourge of Nazi Germany.

Nazism lasted a dozen years. Israel’s reign of terror continues since initiated in 1947 with no end of it in prospect because of US/Western support and encouragement.

After a week of IDF terror-bombing and shelling — along with state-sponsored West Bank/East Jerusalem violence — around 200 Palestinians were killed, including scores of children, thousands more wounded, many seriously.

On Sunday alone, over 40 Palestinians were massacred in cold blood from strikes on residential buildings.

By letter to pro-Western UN secretary general Guterres, Iran’s High Council of Human Rights accused the Netanyahu regime of “genocidal acts, racial cleansing, crimes against humanity and war crimes.”

Separately on Sunday, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif called for convening an emergency UN General Assembly session to address what’s going on and formally condemn it.

Iranian President Rouhani reportedly urged his Turkish counterpart Erdogan to “fight the crimes of the Zionist regime.”

During Sunday’s virtual UN Security Council session, Iran’s UN envoy Majid Takht Ravanchi said the following:

“Israeli forces are cowardly killing defenseless women; cold-bloodedly slaughtering innocent infants and children, viciously killing family members altogether; brazenly desecrating holy places; inhumanely bombing and shelling residential areas, schools, and health facilities; and senselessly demolishing houses.” 

“Long story short; they are committing all four core international crimes simultaneously and altogether.”

US regimes “systematically” shield Israel.

To date, “the US has vetoed 44 draft resolutions of the Security Council against Israel.” 

“It is unprecedented in the Council’s history.”

Separately on Monday, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said the following:

“The Islamic Republic of Iran strongly condemns the new round of brutal aggression by the Zionist regime against the defenseless people of Palestine and the Gaza Strip, which has resulted in the martyrdom of dozens of civilians, including women and children, and the destruction of many residential buildings,” adding:

“(T)hanks to the shameless support of some Western countries, we see that the Zionist regime’s aggression has increased.” 

“(T)he Palestinian people, who are fighting to regain all their rights, have an inherent and natural right to defend themselves.” 

“As long as the steadfast nation of Palestine achieves all its rights over the entire land of Palestine, legitimate resistance is the only way to counter the aggression and occupation of this regime.”

“The Islamic Republic of Iran – along with the Islamic nations and all the free nations of the world that are committed to defending the oppressed – stands by the heroic people of Palestine.”

Iran — to its credit — is one of a few world community nations that pull no punches in condemning Israeli high crimes.

Everything ongoing was planned long in advance of initiating it eight days ago.

The Biden regime and Western co-conspirators blocked condemnation of Israeli genocide on Sunday at the Security Council.

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi slammed “obstruction of one country,” adding:

Palestinian rights are systematically violated. The “plight” of their people “further deepened.”

“(U)ntil…the Palestinian issue is fairly settled, there will be no real peace between Israel and Palestine in the Middle East.”

Addressing the Security Council’s virtual session on Sunday, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Vershinin said the following:

“We strongly condemn the use of force and violence against (defenseless) civilians,” adding:

“(I)t is necessary to strictly respect the status quo of the holy sites, ensure the rights and freedom of worshippers to engage in religious observances in East Jerusalem, in the cradle of three monotheistic religions, and to take into account the highly sensitive nature of this problem.” 

“(W)e consider the attempts to change the geographical, demographic and historical character and status of East Jerusalem to be null and void.”

The same goes for “settlement activity, destruction of Palestinian housings, eviction of the Arab population from their ancestral home, provocations and incitement to violence.”

Statements like the above fail to deter or otherwise halt Israeli high crimes against Palestinians — what only enforced accountability can achieve.

On Monday, the Palestinian Wafa News agency said Israeli warplanes terror-bombed two refugee camps in Gaza overnight, adding:

Civilian residences, factories and agricultural land were struck.

A foam factory near Jabaliya was set ablaze by IDF terror-bombing.

According to Save the Children, about three Palestinian children have been killed or wounded every hour by IDF warplanes and shelling since Netanyahu regime aggression began on May 10.

On Monday, the Palestinian health ministry said deaths exceed 200, including 58 children and 34 women.

The West Bank/East Jerusalem death toll is at least 21.

Bodies and survivors continue to be pulled from rubble.

Lebanon’s Al-Mayadeen reported that IDF terror-bombing on Monday so far is “heavier, on a wider area and lasting longer” than on Sunday when 42 Palestinians were killed.

On Sunday, CBS News gave Netanyahu a platform to lie and mass deceive.

He took full advantage by turning reality on its head as follows:

Israel “has a right to defend itself (sic).”

“It has a natural right of self-defense (sic).” 

“We’ll do whatever it takes to restore order and quiet and the security of our people and deterrence (sic).”

“We are targeting a terrorist organization that is targeting our civilians and hiding behind their civilians, using them as human shields.”

More of the same perversions of reality followed.

Israel is a serial aggressor by hot wars and daily repression of long-suffering Palestinians — what they’ve endured for the past 73 years without letup. 

Instead of challenging Netanyahu, holding his feet to the fire, and accusing him of crimes of war, against humanity, and slow-motion genocide against millions of Palestinians, Western media support the worst of Israeli crimes by a regime of silence.

A Final Comment

The vast majority of US officials one-sidedly support Israel’s reign of terror on Palestinian civilians — Pelosi one of the worst.

Ignoring IDF mass slaughter and vast destruction in Gaza, she condemned Palestinians’ legitimate right of self-defense and right to challenge illegal occupation and Israeli oppression — in support of its aggression, saying:   

The Jewish state has the “right to defend…against (what) is designed to sow terror and undermine prospects for peace (sic).”

House Majority Leader Hoyer made similar remarks — supporting Israeli aggression by falsely calling it “the right to defend itself (sic).”

Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman Menendez also expressed similar one-sided views.

Along with ignoring the highest of Israeli high crimes — ongoing for decades — not a word is said about the right of long-suffering Palestinians to be free from the scourge of Israeli apartheid viciousness.

The same goes for longtime supporter of Israeli criminality Joe Biden.

Throughout his near-half century in public office, he shilled for powerful interests, including support for apartheid Israel.

He’s a model of what Gore Vidal meant when once saying: 

“By the time a man gets to be presidential material, he’s been bought ten times over.”

On all things Israel, Biden and hardliners around him expressed unwavering support for Israeli atrocities against Palestinian civilians.

They continue endlessly as long as the world community of nations fails to hold its ruling regimes accountable for their high crimes.

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