Mass Strike Action Throughout Occupied Palestine

Mass Strike Action Throughout Occupied Palestine

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Symbolically protesting against Israeli mass slaughter and destruction, its unrelenting state terror throughout the Occupied Territories, millions of Palestinians from all walks of life went on strike Tuesday for peace, equity and justice denied them.

While it’s unclear how long strike action will last — perhaps it’s only for a day — Palestinian political researcher Inas Abbad said he “cannot recall (a previous time when) Palestinians of all backgrounds, factions, Muslims, Christians, atheists (were) united under one goal,” adding:

“This is the first time since the Second intifada (2000-05) that Palestinian parties, together with all Palestinians of the occupied territories of 1948, have issued a joint statement and a unified call for a strike.”

Hebron national and Islamic coordinator Fahmi Shaheen said a “day of action…strike is an expression of anger against this barbaric aggression by the Israeli occupation state and international silence toward (Israeli) aggression against our people in Jerusalem, Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and Gaza,” adding:

“This strike acquires a special importance because it is joined by all the Palestinian people across historic Palestine.”

It also protests against Israeli settler mobs involved in staging a virtual pogrom against defenseless Palestinian civilians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

According to social media reports, settlers dragged a nonviolent Palestinian man from his car and nearly beat him to death.

Shops in Palestinian neighborhoods are routinely vandalized.

Palestinian homes are broken into violently, terrorizing families, traumatizing children.

As expected, Hamas strongly supports the strike action.

Last weekend, Israeli Arab citizens were urged to join it on Tuesday.

Even the Palestinian Authority enforcer of Israeli occupation ruthlessness supports the Karameh (dignity) strike.

It’s defined by mass protests throughout Occupied Palestine and in Israel — expressing support for terror-bombed Gazans under siege, against Israeli state terror throughout the Territories, along with racist discrimination against Israeli Arabs.

All of the above are unwanted and abused for not being Jews.

According to the Middle East Eye (MEE), “Israeli police beat, pepper sprayed and removed the hijab of (its) correspondent Latifeh Abdellatif while she was filming the detention of a young boy.”

“Palestinians on the scene stepped in to protect (her), scuffling with the Israeli officers…(a) number of them…arrested” for being good samaritans.

The MEE said Palestinian “(a)nger is palpable over the international community and Arab states’ inability to stop the bombing of Gaza” and Israeli oppression throughout the Territories.

The Palestinian death and injury toll mounts by the hour, thousands harmed, including women and children.

The notion of Israel’s right to self-defense long ago fell flat. 

B”Tselem minced no words, saying “Palestinians living everywhere Israeli apartheid reigns…from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea…being subjected to an almost unprecedented scale of killings, destruction, violence and intimidation,” adding:

The Netanyahu regime’s so-called Guardian of the Walls campaign continues to terror-bomb, shell, and otherwise terrorize Palestinians throughout the Occupied Territories.

Israeli aggression is against “one of the most densely populated places in the world, already gripped by a humanitarian crisis caused, in part, by 14 years of Israeli blockade imposed on its roughly two million residents.” 

“Most of Gaza’s residents live in abject poverty and inhuman conditions.”

“Gaza’s besieged civilians have nowhere to run to hide from the strikes. Tens of thousands of families cannot protect themselves.”

Turning residential buildings to rubble — whether inhabited or empty — is a war crime under international law.

So is targeting civilians and nonmilitary facilities wherever they’re located.

The ICC is investigating Israel’s summer 2014 Protective Edge war crimes — what the Netanyahu regime is repeating again.

The Addameer human rights group tweeted:

“We Palestinians are facing yet another massacre in besieged Gaza, resisting ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley and rising against oppression in our cities in Historic Palestine.”

“Palestinians calling from Gaza to Jerusalem to take actions!”

The Gaza City-based Palestinian Center for Human Rights noted the growing death, injury and mass destruction toll on the Strip — in flagrant breach of core international law.

Damage and destruction of Gaza’s electricity supply cut it “to three to four hours a day,” it said on Monday adding:

It’s way “inadequate for the vital facilities to provide services to the people of the Gaza Strip.”  

“The Electricity Company stated that the components of the electricity distribution network sustained massive destruction as 5 main electric power transmission lines, which supply 60 megawatts, broke down since the beginning of the offensive while (other) lines break down from time to time and become out of service due to the airstrikes and destruction of many places.”  

“The power plant warned that it would be forced to shut down (Monday) evening due to insufficient fuel supply.”

Days of intensive Israeli terror-bombing and shelling “disrupted…almost all aspects of daily life” with no end of it so far because the Netanyahu regime intends lots more mass slaughter and destruction as things now stand.

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