Palestinian Human Rights Groups Denounce Israeli State Terror

Palestinian Human Rights Groups Denounce Israeli State Terror

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Decades of Israeli state terror against Palestinians for not being Jewish is well documented.

Long-suffering Palestinians face daily repression under ruthless occupation.

Apartheid Israel controls their lives by imposing economic strangulation and collective punishment on an entire population for being Muslims in a Jewish state — in flagrant violation of core international law.

Palestinian population centers are isolated for easier control. 

Free expression, assembly,  movement, and virtually all other rights are denied them. 

Police state military orders control virtually all aspects of their lives.

Daily life includes militarized occupation, land theft, forced dispossessions, endless persecution, neighborhood incursions, mass arrests, use of live fire on demonstrators, targeted assassinations, checkpoints, roadblocks, curfews, Jews-only areas, encroaching settlements, the separation wall, and a puppet Palestinian Authority serving as Israel’s enforcer.

Palestinians are denied their international law-affirmed political, economic, social, and cultural heritage rights.

They endure dispossession from land and resources to make way for exclusive Jewish development and use.

Their defense is little more than a redoubtable spirit to resist what no one anywhere should tolerate.

The price of Israeli state terror is industrial-scale Palestinian suffering — with no end of it in prospect because the world community of nations does nothing to support their fundamental rights.

Affording one-sided support for Israel, the US-dominated West doesn’t give a damn about Palestinians or the rule of law.

They endure ruthless Israeli brutalization daily, including multiple daily raids in West Bank/East Jerusalem communities.

Violently entering homes — most often pre-dawn — families are terrorized, children traumatized — arrests made for the “crime” of wanting to peacefully live free in their own homes, on their own land, in their own country.

Historic Palestine has been illegally occupied for 73 years — an entire population oppressed for not being Jewish.

While the world community yawns and does nothing to enforce the rule of law, Palestinian human rights groups support their liberating struggle.

On Tuesday, the Gaza City-based Palestinian Center for Human Rights reported on continued Israeli terror-bombing and shelling of Strip residential areas —displacing thousands more surviving family members.

The Al-Haq human rights group said no Gazan home is safe because of Israel’s “relentless campaign of intense and targeted (terror) bombing (and shelling) on civilian properties across the Gaza Strip.”

Because of dire conditions, Al-Haq sent urgent letters to the ICRC and UNWRA for vitally needed humanitarian help.

The Al Mezan Center for Human Rights reported that IDF terror-bombing and shelling of Gazan residential areas, vital infrastructure, and agricultural land escalated on Tuesday.

An attack on Gaza’s Health Ministry HQ “injur(ed) medical personnel and rendered (is) laboratory inoperable.”

Along with destruction of hundreds of residential buildings, countless numbers of Strip medical facilities, schools, mosques, commercial facilities, government sites, power and water networks, as well as “thousands of square meters of vital paved roads sustained significant damage.”

“Al Mezan also condemn(ed) Israel’s chronic impunity, which has further been emboldened by…obstructi(ion of) a Security Council statement” of condemnation of Israel by the Biden regime.

The Addameer human rights group tweeted:

“We Palestinians are facing yet another massacre in besieged Gaza, resisting ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley, and rising against oppression in our cities in Historic Palestine.”

“Words of condemnation aren’t enough.” 

“By failing to take immediate and direct actions to halt Israel’s oppression of Palestinians, not only will the international legal order be assaulted, but Palestinians will continue to face systematic and intensified attacks.”

Separately, Addameer said the following on day-one of IDF aggression against Gaza:

“Israel’s oppression and fragmentation of the Palestinian people, systematic use of excessive force, collective punishment and arbitrary arrests policies, along with settler violence, which is carried out with institutionalized impunity, are a few characteristics of Israel’s settler-colonial and apartheid regime.”

“Israel’s long-established unlawful policies will not come to an end as long as the international community does not have the political will to take concrete actions, including by sanctioning Israel, in order to hold Israel accountable for its breaches of international human rights and humanitarian law.”

The Adalah Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel said the following:

“Israeli law enforcement is turning a blind eye as armed, racist Jewish militia groups are marching through the streets attacking Palestinians, but Netanyahu…pointed an accusatory finger at Palestinian citizens of Israel.” 

He ‘continues to emphasize that Israeli police, employing brutal violence against Palestinian citizens, will receive full political backing for their actions.”

He “is once again demonstrating that the rule of law has no value as far as Palestinians are concerned – whether they live in Israel, in the West Bank, in East Jerusalem, or in the Gaza Strip.” 

Days of mass slaughter and destruction “in Gaza (is) added to the list of war crimes that must be investigated by the International Criminal Court.” 

Netanyahu proved time and again that’s he’s guilty of the highest of high crimes. 

Overnight, around five dozen Israeli Arab citizens were arrested for nonviolently opposing Israel’s ongoing reign of terror, Adalah reported.

According to Save the Children around 50 Gazan schools were damaged or destroyed by IDF terror-bombing and shelling.

Dire Strip humanitarian conditions keep worsening daily.

Hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of people have rallied in cities worldwide against Israel’s ongoing reign of terror.

On Wednesday, relentless IDF terror-bombing and shelling of Gaza continue.

The Biden regime and complicit EU ones refuse to condemn Israel’s reign of terror they support — on the phony pretext of claiming premeditated Netanyahu regime aggression is the right of self-defense.


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