Plea to Halt Israeli Aggression Goes Viral

Plea to Halt Israeli Aggression Goes Viral

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Wednesday is day-10 of Israeli aggression against two million besieged Gazans — along with perpetually terrorizing millions of other Palestinians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. 

In Gaza, there’s no end of aggression so far because apartheid Israel has lots more mass slaughter and destruction in mind as it continues raping and destroying the battered Strip.

Its people are trapped in the world’s largest open-air prison, victims of Israeli viciousness.

On Tuesday, Norwegian Refugee Council’s Karl Schembri said Israeli occupation of historic Palestine and “systematic injustice” against its people are “root causes” of ongoing violence — that won’t end as long as the status quo is unchanged.

Musician/composer/activist Roger Waters condemned Israeli “apartheid.”

He and likeminded activists support Palestinian “resistance…and the global struggle against imperialism and settler colonialism.”

Political analyst Marwan Bishara accused Netanyahu of using days of terror-bombing and shelling of Gaza “to stay in power,” adding:

“We all know, if he loses the premiership, he is more likely to end up in prison because he’s on trial over serious charges for” fraud, bribery and breach of trust.

“He is cynically using the tragedy of Gaza, continuing the war and rallying support among right-wingers in Israel as well as the US (and West) to stay in power.”

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif tweeted:


“As US-made munitions rain down on innocent Palestinians, (Biden regime) gives another $735M in ‘precision’ missiles to Israel to kill more children with more precision.

Then US blocks the mildest possible #UNSC statement.

The world is watching as Israel & its enabler(s) show their ugly faces.”

Ten-year-old Gazan Nadine Abdel-Taif captured the heart of millions.

Her video plea for violence in the Strip to end went viral — viewed over 11 million times.

Standing beside the rubble aftermath of her neighbor’s destroyed home — killing 8 children and 2 women — she wept emotionally saying the following:

“I’m always sick. I can’t do anything. I’m only 10.”

“What am I supposed to do? Fix it? I’m only 10. I can’t even deal with this anymore.”

“I just want to be a doctor or anything to help my people. But I can’t. I’m just a kid.”

“I don’t even know what to do. I get scared, but not really that much. I’d do anything for my people. But I don’t know what to do.”

“All of this (rubble) when I see it, I literally cry every day.” 

“I said to myself, why do we deserve this? What did we do for this?” 

“My family said they just hate us. They just don’t like us because we are Muslims. It’s not fair.”

Separately, she said “(e)very day (and) night…we hear the missiles. In the mornings, we hear the cries and screams of people.”

“No one can sleep at night. I try to sleep, but I can’t, because of the missiles and the cries of children. I just put a pillow on top of my head.”

She can’t bear going outside because “the first thing you’re going to see is people lying in the streets” wounded or dead, their bodies dismembered.

“I just want to stop my life from being sad. I just want to be a regular person” like others where there’s peace, not war.

Nadine accomplished far more than she could have imagined.

She’s the image of long-suffering  victims of Israeli apartheid contempt for millions of illegally occupied Palestinians and besieged Gazans.

As bodies of dead and wounded are removed from rubble by the hour, the Palestinian toll in Gaza and throughout the Territories likely exceeds 250 on Wednesday, thousands of others in harm’s way injured, many seriously.

According to Haaretz on Wednesday, “senior Israeli officials want to end the Gaza war, but Netanyahu wants a clear victory.”

On Tuesday, OCHA said Israeli terror-bombing and shelling of Gaza destroyed or badly damaged around 450 (mostly residential) buildings — displacing tens of thousands of surviving Palestinian family members, now homeless.

Israel bears full responsibility for crimes of war, against humanity, and slow-motion genocide against millions of long-suffering Palestinians its ruling regimes want eliminated.

Their state terror continues endlessly because of unwavering support from the US-dominated West — financing and cheerleading Israeli aggression, rejecting peace, stability and compliance with the rule of law, notions their ruling regimes abhor.

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