Big Lies and Mass Deception About Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness

Big Lies and Mass Deception About Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness

by Stephen Lendman

All vaccines are hazardous to health — covid ones and Pfizer/Moderna mRNA drugs worst of all by far.

They’re experimental, unapproved, and designed to harm, not protect — why it’s crucial to avoid them.

What’s planned are annual or semi-annual follow-up jabs.

If already jabbed once or twice, refuse further inoculations — the more taken, the greater the risk of harm or death near-term or later on.

When taken as directed, vaccines cause diseases they’re promoted to protect against but don’t.

They also risk illness from other serious diseases.

Eminent truth-telling medical expert, author over 100 books on health, Dr. Vernon Coleman, earlier said the following:

“Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying.”

“The sad truth is that the enormous and rich vaccine industry and the government have bought the medical profession, lock stock and syringe barrel.” 

“GPs, once members of a proud and distinguished profession, a profession which gave the world a seemingly endless series of medical giants, have been reduced to snivelling, whining needle-men (and women) for the drug industry.”

They’re “hand-maidens to an industry which cares nothing for people but everything for profits.”

“Vaccinations are a constant bonanza time for doctors.” 

“The basic deal sounds good enough.” 

“GPs make money” from mass-vaxxing patients.

They “receive (enormous compensation) for (pushing) their patients into being vaccinated” — even though they’re unsafe and ineffective.

How many people have been harmed or killed from covid jabs so far?

Official numbers — suppressed by establishment media — are the tip of a far greater total.

The US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) greatly downplays mass-jabbing casualties by capturing “fewer than 1% of” the total, according to US Health and Human Services (HHS).

The risk of harm from covid jabs is already proving to be infinitely greater because of potentially deadly toxins in them.

Last week, Coleman asked: “How many people are (covid jabs) killing?”

“No one knows” the true toll because it’s unreported.

Yet people are being harmed or dying in alarmingly high numbers from what is known.

Health Impact News reported the following:

According to an analysis by Dr. Jessica Rose, PhD (in computational biology), MSc (in immunology), and BSc (in applied mathematics) — currently a post-doctoral researcher:

“Based on analysis of the VAERS numbers, it may appear that AEs (adverse events) are not currently imposing a significant burden on the fully vaccinated population…” 

“(H)owever, the weekly releases of VAERS data do not include all of their reports made to date…” 

“(T)hey are all the reports the CDC has processed to date — and the backlog is likely to be staggering.”

“(D)ue to both the problems of under-reporting and the lag in report processing, this analysis reveals a strong signal from the VAERS data that the risk of suffering an SAE following injection is significant and that the overall risk signal is high.”

“Analysis suggests that (covid jabs) are likely the cause of reported deaths, spontaneous abortions, and anaphylactic reactions in addition to cardiovascular, neurological and immunological AEs.”

Because of hazards posed by covid jabs, “extreme care should be taken when making a decision to participate in this experiment” —that’s highly likely to turn out very badly, far worse than already.

Coleman-listed AE’s from covid jabs include “strokes, heart attacks, miscarriages, Bell’s Palsy, sepsis, paralysis, psychiatric disorders, blindness, deafness, shingles, alopecia and” the disease they’re supposed to protect against but doesn’t — seasonal flu/influenza now called covid.

A handful of specific examples he listed reflect hundreds of thousands more like them, including:

1. “5-month-old baby among dead after mother breast-fed following second Pfizer shot”

2. “Brazil suspends AstraZeneca use in pregnant women, 23 weeks pregnant mother dies”

3. “Healthy teenager hospitalized with brain blood clots after the 1st Pfizer” jab

4. “Paramedic whistleblower: ‘I am watching (covid jabs) killing people’ ” 

5. “25 personal (video) testimonies of severe adverse reactions & death from the experimental covid injections” 

Coleman listed well over 100 cases of adverse reactions from covid jabs, including deaths.

They’re a tiny snapshot of infinitely greater numbers, the vast majority unreported.

“How many people have to die (or be irreversibly harmed) before the” madness is challenged and stopped?

Defying reality in the US and West, governments, their public health handmaidens and media press agents falsely claim no connection between covid jabs and harm to health.

They’re bald-faced Big Liars.

Coleman: Advocates of covid mass-jabbing claim they’re “perfectly safe and perfectly effective.” 

“Even when they wouldn’t be considered safe enough to use as oven cleaner, the fanatics enthuse about them.” 

“Young people and those who know little about medicine or science, talk about (covid jabs) with reverence because they’ve been indoctrinated into believing the pro-(mass-jabbing) lies.”

An FDA published list of possible illnesses from covid jabs include the following:

Guillain-Barre syndrome

Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis

Transverse myelitis













Acute myocardial infarction (heart attack)



Autoimmune disease


Pregnancy, Birth outcomes

Other acute demyelinating diseases

Non anaphylactic allergy reactions


Disseminated intravascular coagulation

Venous thromboembolism



Joint pain

Kawasaki disease

Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children

Vaccine enhanced disease

Covid jabs risk any or a combination of the above adverse events.

Western governments, public health officials and establishment media aren’t warning people of the above.

By urging everyone to be jabbed for flu now called covid, they’re promoting serious adverse events and deaths in likely enormous numbers ahead as part of a diabolical depopulation plan.

Toxic ingredients in vaccines are unreported so most people getting them are unaware of the risks involved.

Covid jabs are worst all by far.

Earlier I explained the following:

Moderna abandoned mRNA technology — now used for covid mass jabbing — and its nanoparticle-based delivery system because tests showed large numbers of adverse effects.

The decision was made in 2017 after years of research failed to deliver positive results.

The company earlier admitted that its lipid nanoparticles (LNP) risked “significant adverse events,” adding:

“(T)here can be no assurance that our LNPs will not have undesired effects.”

Moderna’s chief scientist Dr. Tal Zaks earlier acknowledged that mass-jabbing with firm’s mRNA covid drug “hack(s) the software of life.”

The company also said its mRNA drug functions very much like an operating system on a computer.” 

“It is designed so that it can plug and play interchangeably with different programs.”

According to Jon Rappoport’s NoMoreFakeNews website:

Ingredients in Moderna’s mRNA drug include “SM-102: heptadecan-9-yl 8-((2-hydroxyethyl) (6-oxo-6-(undecyloxy) hexyl) amino) octanoate” — according to the CDC.

According to a document titled “Safety Data Sheet acc. to OSHA HCS” cited by Rappoport, it says SM-102 is “(f)or research use only, not for human or veterinary use.”

It warns that SM-102 is “(s)uspected of causing cancer.” 

“Suspected of damaging fertility or the unborn child.” 

“Causes damage to the central nervous system, the kidneys, the liver and the respiratory system through prolonged or repeated exposure.” 

“Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.”

Would anyone aware of the above allow themselves to be jabbed for covid with Modern’s mRNA drug?

Based on what’s known about adverse events (including deaths) from Pfizer’s mRNA drug and J & J/AstraZeneca covid vaccines — they’re all extremely hazardous to health while providing no protection from disease.

Official claims of safety and effectiveness are part of a media-promoted mass deception campaign to inflict maximum harm on maximum numbers of people.

Along with generating a bonanza of profits for Pharma, what’s going on is all about draconian social control and depopulation.

Most people have been mind-manipulated and scammed to believe what risks irreversible harm to health or death protects them from flu now called covid.

It’s the biggest and most diabolical of bald-faced Big Lies.

Yet most people don’t know what they could learn and understand with minimal due diligence too few have pursued — to their detriment.

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