The Scourge of Israeli State Terror

The Scourge of Israeli State Terror

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

State terror in defiance of the rule of law defines how apartheid Israel has operated from inception.

The scourge of zionism fosters militarism, belligerence, fascism, racism, state-sponsored terrorism, collective punishment, mass slaughter and destruction. 

At the same time, it blames victims for crimes committed against them, along with contempt shown for democratic values and rule of law principles.

The good news is that what can’t go on forever, won’t. 

A day of reckoning awaits Jewish state tyranny at a time no one can predict.

As long as apartheid Israel has unwavering US/Western support, it’s free to terrorize Palestinians and neighboring states with impunity — including defenseless women, children, and infants too young to understand what’s happening and why.

Like all empires and wannabe ones in world history, its dustbin awaits apartheid Israel’s eventual arrival.

Messages discovered from extremist settlers to each other in plotting violent attacks on Palestinians, amounting to war,  called themselves today’s “Nazis.”

Israeli war minister Gantz said no one in Gaza is safe from Israeli state terror, adding:

“We have thousands more attack targets” IDF warplanes can strike with impunity.

The Gisha Legal Center for Free Movement accused the Netanyahu regime of blocking most vitally needed humanitarian aid from entering Gaza.

“Israel continues to block travel to and from Gaza via Erez Crossing, preventing, among other cases, the entry of medical personnel, staff of international aid organizations, and journalists, as well as the exit of urgent humanitarian cases” and truckloads of donated aid unable to reach besieged Gazans, it reported, adding:

“For years, closure enforced by Israel severely hindered Gaza’s economy, damaged its health system and other civilian infrastructure, and created dire humanitarian conditions for its residents”— in flagrant breach of international law.

Gaza’s fragile healthcare system is near collapse.

It’s unable to treat overwhelming numbers of sick and wounded at a time of war — for lack of enough facilities in working order, staff, equipment, and medical supplies.

UNRWA expressed horror over Israeli “destruction of critical medical facilities” in the Strip, adding:

After multiple wars and other violence by Israel against Gaza for over 14 years, the Strip has “little” healthcare infrastructure left.

By pre-recorded message, Netanyahu cynically bragged about inflicting collective punishment on millions of long-suffering Palestinians — a major Fourth Geneva breach.

Arab Israeli officials — including Knesset members, mayors, leaders of NGOs and other organizations — called on the international community to help protect nearly two million Arab Israelis from state-supported terror by ruthless mobs of extremist armed settlers.

Their safety, well-being, and lives are threatened by their rampaging.

In Lod, an armed settler lethally shot Palestinian Mousa Hassouneh days earlier.

Mobs of likeminded extremists are roaming Israeli streets, chanting “death to Arabs” while looking for Palestinians to brutally attack and at times kill.

Nearby police and other security forces do nothing to restrain them, nothing to protect Muslims from mob violence — encouraging it by their failure to uphold the rule of law.

Videos posted on social media show police, other security forces, and/or soldiers expressing support for vigilante attacks on defenseless Palestinian civilians.

Israeli ruling authorities are well aware of these extremist elements but do nothing to deter their rampaging — letting them breach international and Israeli law with impunity.

The international community ignored the call by Israeli Arab officials for protection so far — showing longstanding indifference toward their liberating struggle.

A Final Comment

According to Gaza’s Ministry of Public Works and Housing Construction on Wednesday, damage from Israeli terror-bombing and shelling caused around $250 million in damage so far.

About 10,000 residences, numerous other structures, and vital infrastructure were destroyed or damaged — more added to the toll hourly.

So-called Israeli self-defense against Gazans and other Palestinians is renamed aggression and ruthless oppression.

While pretending to support ceasefire, Biden, hardliners surrounding him, and most congressional members support and encourage Israeli crimes of war and against humanity by supplying the IDF with precision-guided missiles, other weapons, and billions of dollars annually for warmaking and state terror.

While ongoing Israeli aggression will end at a moment of its choosing, Zionist state terror haunts long-suffering Palestinians throughout the Occupied Territories daily.

There’s no end of it in prospect because the vast majority of world community members look the other way.

On Wednesday, Netanyahu cynically said he’s “determined to continue this operation until its objective is achieved (sic) – to restore quiet and security to…the citizens of Israel (sic),” separately saying:

“We’re not standing with a stopwatch. We want to achieve the goals of the operation.” 

“Previous operations lasted a long time so it is not possible to set a timeframe.”

Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassam called on the world community to “compel Israel to end its aggression in Jerusalem and its bombardment of Gaza,” adding:

Once the above stops, “there can be room to talk about arrangements to restore calm.”

It’s never restored except for fleeting moments while forever Israeli oppression of millions of long-suffering Palestinians continues near-unabated with no end of it in prospect.

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