Israeli State Terror Reflects the Scourge of Zionist Tyranny

Israeli State Terror Reflects the Scourge of Zionist Tyranny

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

In his book “Overcoming Zionism,” the late Joel Kovel explained how the extremist ideology fosters “imperialist expansion and militarism (with) signs of fascist malignancy,” adding:

It turned Israel “into a machine for the manufacture of human rights abuses” — led by its blood-thirsty criminal class, masquerading as democrats, an anathema notion in Israel and the West. 

Kovel stressed that Zionism seeks “the restoration of tribalism in the guise of a modern, highly militarized and aggressive state.” 

Three of its earlier prime ministers were former terrorists: Menachem Begin (1977 – 83), Yitzhak Shamir (1983 – 84 and 1986 – 92), and Ariel Sharon (2001 – 06).

They and other Jewish state leaders — notably Netanyahu — dispelled the illusion of Israeli democracy, morality and respect for rule of law principles.

They’re nonexistent in Israel and West.

Today’s “world would be a far better place without Zionism(‘s) corrosive effects,” Kovel stressed.

Jewish state persecution of Palestinians and Arab Israeli citizens for praying to the wrong God defines its militantly hardline separate and unequal rule.

Supported by the US-dominated West and complicit Arab dictatorships — notably Saudi Arabia, other Gulf States, Egypt and Jordan — Israel is immune from accountability for the highest of high crimes.

Decades of Israeli state terror stem from Zionism’s roots — harming Jews and non-Jews alike.

Tyranny by another name, it’s extremist, undemocratic, hateful, ruthless, racist, destructive, and hostile to peace, equity and justice.

Contemptuous of legal, moral and ethical principles, Zionist ideology threatens everyone and everything it opposes.

It’s a cancer infesting Israel, America, other Western societies and elsewhere.

Like Nazism fostered Aryan superiority, Zionism considers Jews superior to others, especially Muslims — despite the common roots of both religions and Christianity.

They foster love, not hate; peace, not violence; good, not evil; charity, not exploitation; as well as equity and justice for all.

In his book titled “Jewish History, Jewish Religion,” Israel Shahak argued that while Islamic fundamentalism is vilified in the West, comparable Jewish extremism is largely ignored.

His “Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel” book explained its destructive influence in Israeli politics, the military and society. 

Calling all forms of bigotry morally reprehensible, he said “(a)ny form of racism, discrimination and xenophobia becomes more potent and politically influential if it is taken for granted by the society which indulges in it.”

“The support of democracy and human rights is….meaningless or even harmful and deceitful when it does not begin with self-critique and with support of human rights when they are violated by one’s own group.” 

“Any support of human rights for non-Jews whose rights are being violated by the ‘Jewish state’ is as deceitful as the support of human rights by a Stalinist.”

Militarized occupation harshness — punctuated by daily violence against defenseless civilians and preemptive wars against invented internal and external enemies — cuts to the heart of what the scourge of Zionism is all about.

A force for evil, it’s polar opposite what just societies most cherish.

Anti-Zionism and harsh criticism of Israeli ruthlessness have nothing to do with anti-Semitism.

Claiming otherwise is a long ago debunked canard fostered by Israeli extremists and likeminded Western backers.

A nation serving its privileged class exclusively at the expense of most others — especially its most disadvantaged religious, ethnic and/or racial minorities — is no safe or fit place to live in.

Jews and non-Jews for peace, equity and justice in historic Palestine have taken to the streets in cities and town worldwide, denouncing Israeli “genocide” against the Palestinian people.

In Doha, a Palestinian ex-pat likely spoke for millions of others worldwide, saing the following days earlier:

“I am taking a stand against the genocide perpetrated by Israel in our country.” 

“We will do whatever it takes to free our country.”

“Since we can’t be there in person, we are here at this protest today.”

“I am very angry, very heartbroken by what is happening.”

From Boston to Baghdad to Beirut to Berlin to Buenos Aires to Belgrade and countless other cities, Palestinian supporters demand a halt to Israeli terror-bombing, shelling, persecution of Palestinians throughout the Territories, and accountability for Israeli high crimes.

In Madrid, people chanted: “This is not a war. It’s genocide.”

Palestinians are being massacred in cold blood in Gaza and throughout the Occupied Territories — while the world community talks and does nothing to hold Israel and its criminal class accountable for the highest of high crimes.

Throughout Israeli history, its leaders demeaned Palestinians as “cockroaches” and “beasts walking on two legs” (Menachim Begin), “crocodiles” (Ehud Barak), Golda Maier saying there’s “no such thing as Palestinians…They never existed,” and David Ben Gurion saying the following after Israel’s 1947-48 genocidal war of aggression on historic Palestine:

“We have come and we have stolen their country.”

“We must do everything to insure (the Palestinians) never return.” 

Years earlier, he said “(w)e will expel the Arabs and take their places…with the force at our disposal.”

“The old will die and the young will forget.”

Older generations always pass.

New ones never forgot. 

Redoubtable Palestinians continue their liberating struggle for justice denied them throughout the Occupied Territories.

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