Israeli Aggression on Gaza Postmortems

Israeli Aggression on Gaza Postmortems

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Low-level or full-scale hot war and by other means, Israeli aggression against Palestinians never quits.

It’s been ongoing since Israeli forces stole 78% of historic Palestine in 1947-48, taking the rest in June 1967.

Illegal Israeli occupation harshness is unrelenting, the worst of it on besieged Gazans.

For Israeli ruling regimes, the Occupied Territories are virtual free-fire zones, Palestinians gunned down with impunity.

Blockaded Gazans face the worst of it from Israeli terror-bombing and shelling.

Palestinian communities like earlier in Jenin and others endure the horrors of invasion by Israeli ground forces, followed by terrorizing their residents.

Soldiers and other security forces are authorized to use live fire against peacefully demonstrating/nonviolent Palestinians posing no threat.

From inception, Israel always operated this way in defiance of international law, killing countless thousands of Palestinians in cold blood for invented reasons, enforcing occupation harshness, during naked aggression, or for target practice — women and children as vulnerable as adult males.

Live fire may only legally be used in life-threatening situations when less extreme measures cannot avoid danger.

Never to be used when no threats exist, Israeli security forces invent them to justify what’s unjustifiable.

At all times, civilians uninvolved in violence are supposed to be protected.

At times of war, they’re considered protected persons under international law.

The principles of distinction and proportionality apply at all times.

The former prohibits attacking noncombatants.

The latter bans attacks that result in collateral damage to persons or property.

Like the US, Israel operates exclusively by its own rules.

During four Gaza wars, residential buildings were indiscriminately terror-bombed and shelled, civilians massacred in cold blood, nonmilitary facilities destroyed or damaged.

When investigations are conducted into incidents involving IDF or state-approved violence, they’re whitewashed.

Rarely ever is an Israeli soldier or other security force member held accountable for breaches of international law — never a high-ranking one. 

Whenever Israel wishes — that’s nearly always — accountability is off-the-table for the highest of its high crimes.

Millions of Palestinians have suffered under the yoke of its viciousness for decades — including 11 days of aggression against Gaza this month and daily state terroro throughout the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

From inception, state terror has been official Israeli policy.

It gets away with virtually everything it does — no matter how grievously in breach of core international law — because the US-dominated West assures its ruling regimes have the latest weapons and technology.

They finance Israel’s killing machine, supporting and encouraging its regional atrocities, along with a perpetual state of war to prevent peace from breaking out.

It’s just a matter of time before Gaza is raped and destroyed again.

Occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem Palestinians endure Israeli state terror daily — with no end of it in prospect because the notion is intolerable to the US-dominated West.

What’s encouraging is that what cannot go on forever, won’t.

Analysts debate whether Israel went too far this time.

According to Judah Ari Gross, 11 days of aggression against Gaza wasn’t the victory the Netanyahu regime aimed for.

While raping and destroying much of Gaza with nary a scratch on its military forces, it lost the public opinion battle in streets throughout much of the world.

In Chicago where I live, at least three pro-Palestinian public rallies took place in the last week, ones I’m aware of in the city.

According to Pew Research — based on surveys in late 2019 to June 2020 — over half of Americans identifying themselves as Dem party supporters oppose Israeli mistreatment of Palestinians.

In contrast, around 75% of Orthodox US Jews support the Netanyahu regime.

Overall, they falsely believe he and other dominant Israeli hardliners support peace with Palestinians when clearly the opposite is true.

Separately, caring about Israel is “essential” for 45% of US Jews surveyed, “important but not essential for 37%, and “not important for 16%.”

If the same survey was conducted now, most likely sentiment by US Jews toward Israel would be much more negative — though perhaps over the short-term alone.

Unless drummed into their minds repeatedly, the attention span of most Americans shifts from current issues to others getting most attention.

While Israel’s Gaza war got extensive US/Western coverage, there’s little or nothing reported about daily Israeli oppression of Palestinians throughout the Occupied Territories.

What’s going on are virtual Israel mini-ground wars against multiple Palestinian communities daily — their residents terrorized for not being Jewish.

Tehran University Professor Seyed Mohammad Marandi called Israeli aggression on Gaza a “victory of the Palestinian resistance front, adding:’’

It “shows that…security holes in Israel have become very significant…”

“Zionists have not been able to understand the changes and development in the military possibilities and equipment of the resistant forces in Gaza.”

“The Palestinian resistance front has managed to easily enhance its defense capacity and terrified the Israelis to such levels that they inflicted serious damage on Israel’s economy.” 

“On the other hand, the Israelis did not dare to enter Gaza due to the strength of the resistance and incapability to confront the resistant forces in a ground war.”

Raping and destroying Gaza for the 4th time in the past 13 years weakened Israel’s international support, Marandi believes, adding:

“By supporting Palestine, Iran was able to strengthen and stabilize its position in the Arab and Islamic world, and in fact, Iran and Palestine are the flag-bearers of the struggle against the usurper Israel.”

If Marandi is right, it remains to be seen whether there’s been a permanent or longterm shift in international opinion for long-suffering Palestinians and Iran at the expense of Israel and the US for enabling its aggression.

My two Wall Street books are timely reading:

“How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion, and Class War”


“Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity” 

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