Blinken in Israel

Blinken in Israel

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On Tuesday, interventionist Blinken arrived in Israel to show one-sided US support for Zionist tyranny at the expense of Palestinian rights and regional peace.

This US policy has been written in stone since Israel stole historic Palestine and began terrorizing and dispossessing its people from their homes on their own land for Jews to replace them.

What Biden regime officials call US ironclad commitment to Israeli security is all about their unwavering support for its highest of high crimes of war, against humanity, and slow-motion genocide of the Palestinian people they don’t give a damn about and it shows.

So-called ceasefire after 11 days of Israeli terror-bombing and shelling of Gazan residential areas is pure fantasy, not real.

Unrelenting Netanyahu regime oppression of Palestinians by brute force throughout the Occupied Territories rages with no letup.

Yet the US, its Western and other partners pretend not to notice — supporting what always goes on in flagrant violation of core international law.

For Palestinians, Arab Jewish state citizens, and Jews for justice over Zionist tyranny, Israel is a fascist police state masquerading as democratic — a notion its ruling class abhors and rejects.

Over the weekend, Netanyahu regime settlement affairs minister Tzachi Hanegbi threatened resumption of preemptive war on Gaza, saying:

“We cannot wait for rocket fire.” From now on, (defensive) Hamas rearming will be “cause for Israeli strikes” on Gaza.

“This is a total change of the equation. We’ve never done this,” he falsely said.

All Israeli wars of aggression are preemptive against Palestinians and neighboring states — a flagrant UN Charter breach.

Separately on Monday, Netanyahu threatened Iran, saying:

“With or without an agreement, we will do everything to prevent Iran from arming itself with a nuclear weapon (sic)” — it’s not developing, doesn’t seek, and wants eliminated everywhere.

Whenever US, other Western or Jewish state officials raise this issue, ignored is nuclear armed and dangerous Israel — the only regional country with an arsenal of these WMDs and long-range delivery systems for using them.

Unmentioned as well was US support for Israeli development of these weapons — begun in the 1950s.

Among all regional nations, Israel poses the greatest threat to peace and stability — along with the presence of US occupying forces.

In sharp contrast, nonbelligerent Iran threatens no one — except in self-defense if attacked, its UN Charter right.

Yet the myth of an Iranian nuclear threat persists because US/Western/Israeli officials perpetuate it in defiance of reality.

The cold hard truth is that their ruling regimes threaten humanity.

Iran is the leading proponent of regional peace, stability, compliance with the rule of law, and cooperative relations with other nations, confrontation with none.

What’s vital to explain goes unmentioned in the West and Israel.

When, not if, more war than already explodes in the Middle East, it’ll be made-in-the-USA and/or Israel — not Iran, by Hamas, or any other source.

US and Israeli officials are serial liars and belligerents hostile to peace and compliance with the rule of law.

Blinken will also meet with Israeli-installed Palestinian puppet president Abbas, a disreputable figure who long ago abandoned the rights of his people in deference to Israeli/US interests — in return for special benefits afforded him.

Like always since the infamous 1917 Balfour Declaration’s call for establishing a nation for Jews on stolen Palestinian land, their long-suffering people have had no high-level Western friends.

The result has been endless conflict, occupation, dispossession, and repression, along with social and cultural fragmentation for beleaguered Palestinians.

They’ve suffered for over 100 years. There’s no end of it because the US-dominated West, Israel, and partnered nations are dismissive toward their fundamental rights.

Looking ahead, nothing whatever is likely to change.

The only chance for shifting the unacceptable dynamic in a positive direction is what Palestinians can achieve on their own.

Their only solution is popular revolution.

Nothing else can work. At all times when initiated, diplomacy is a waste of time.

It never helped Palestinians before and won’t ahead.

Expecting a different result by repeating the same mistakes is foolhardy and insane.

A Final Comment

Over 500 current and former Dem party staffers signed an open letter to Biden, calling for:

A humanitarian corridor for Gazans to evacuate their wounded and to receive vital aid.

Action to protect Israeli Arab citizens from violence against them by security forces and extremist settlers.

End the genocidal Gaza blockade that turned the Strip into an Israeli controlled open-air prison and free-fire zone.

Protect East Jerusalem Sheikh Jarrah residents from forced Israeli dispossession from their homes and land so Jews can replace them.

End expansion of illegal Israeli settlements on stolen Palestinian land.

Hold Israel accountable under international law.

Assure no US aid to Israel goes for theft of Palestinian land or oppression of its people.

Investigate whether Israeli war on Gaza this month violated the 2001 Leahy Law and 1961 Foreign Assistance Act.

They prohibit aid to governments that commit human rights abuses — notably crimes of war and/or against humanity.

End federal tax breaks for donations to settler organizations.

Support Palestinian self-determination beyond just lip service.

Will the above demands by open letter to Biden make a difference?

Not a snowball’s chance in you know where!

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