Zero “Genuine Opportunity” for Israeli/Palestinian Peace

Zero “Genuine Opportunity” for Israeli/Palestinian Peace

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

According to Biden regime White House fake news, there’s a “genuine opportunity” ahead for Israeli/Palestinian peace (sic).

Like many times before, the hollow claim ignored longstanding reality.

There’s no prospect whatever for peace between Israel and long-suffering Palestinians as long as oppressive occupation continues, Gaza remains blockaded, and Zionist tyranny stays unchanged.

Claims otherwise are propaganda rubbish. Not a shred of credible evidence supports them.

The US and Israel support forever wars to advance their hegemonic aims — peace considered an anathema notion by their ruling regimes.

Throughout its history, Israel has waged endless war on Palestinians by hot and other means to eliminate them from all parts of their historic homeland wanted for exclusive Jewish development and use.

In pursuit of its aims, Israel has always had one-sided support from the US-dominated West to the present day.

Throughout his public life, Biden has been notoriously pro-Israel.

He once said “(w)ere there not an Israel, the US would have to invent Israel to protect (US) interests in the region (sic).” 

“The security of Israel and the US are inextricably tied (sic).”

“It’s about time we stop those of us who support as most of us do Israel in (Congress).”

Stop “apologizing for our support of Israel.”

“There’s no apology to be made (sic).”


“It’s the best $3 billion investment we make (sic).”

“This should be crystal clear (sic).”

“Israel is the single greatest strength America has in the Middle East (sic).”

“I can’t imagine our circumstance in the Middle East were there no Israel (sic).

“If I were a Jew I’d be a Zionist…I am a Zionist.”

“Progress occurs in the Middle East because there’s simply no space  between the US and Israel when it comes to Israel’s security (sic).”

“There is only one nation in the world that has unequivocally without hesitation that has consistently confronted the efforts to delegitimize Israel.”

“We stood up for the legitimacy of the state of Israel.”

“We will never, ever abandon Israel.”

“The US fully supports Israel’s right to defend itself against Hamas and other Gaza terrorist groups (sic).”

The above Big Lies filled statements were made by the real Biden years ago and his impersonator recently.

The vast majority of US officials — past and present — would express similar one-sided views for Israeli apartheid and Zionist tyranny.

The notion of peace in our time in Occupied Palestine and throughout much of the Middle East has always been more fantasy than real.

No “genuine opportunity” for Israeli/Palestinian peace ever existed because the US prioritizes endless wars and Israel rejects Palestinian liberation on their own land in their own country so Washington backs its position.

Over half a century of peace process talks were always farcical, never legitimate.

Nor will that change ahead, clearly not any time soon and likely never without sustained Palestinian intifada rebellion against their unacceptable status quo bondage under occupation.

As things now stand, Israel controls historic Palestine entirely and unless forcefully challenged won’t ever relinquish it.

Most everything Israel wants both right wings of the US war party support.

So Palestinians are caught on the horns of Israeli apartheid and one-sided US support for its aims.

Throughout the West and in most other countries, Palestinians have no friends in high places to support their rights, and denounce occupation harshness with power to hold Israel accountable for what no nations anywhere should tolerate.

Perhaps one day things will change, what most likely won’t happen unless Palestinians rebel forcefully against what they’ll no longer endure — nor should anyone.

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