Endless Israeli Reign of Terror Against Palestinians

Endless Israeli Reign of Terror Against Palestinians

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

While Blinken was meeting with Netanyahu and other Jewish state officials on Tuesday, Israeli security forces were hunting down, rounding up, and detaining 100s of Arab citizens in the country who expressed opposition to 11 days of IDF terror-bombing and shelling of Gaza.

Indifferent toward Israel’s ongoing reign of terror at the time, Blinken pledged “commitment” of the Biden regime “to Israel’s security” at a time when its only enemies are invented, not real.

He also stressed “the broader US/Israel partnership” — for endless regional wars by hot and other means, he left unsaid.

Israel’s reign of terror against Palestinians and its Arab citizens is an everyday thing.

On Monday and Tuesday, it raged to “restore deterrence,” according to Israeli police.

While supporting mob violence by racist settlers against Palestinians throughout the Occupied Territories, hundreds of Israeli Arab citizens — including children — were arrested and detained to crush resistance to Netanyahu regime state terror.

They’ll be prosecuted, convicted, and ordered imprisoned by rubber-stamp military tribunals — for supporting the rule of law over Jewish state law of the jungle against Arabs for not being Jewish.

Blinken notably said nothing about what the Adalah Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel called a “militarized war against Palestinian citizens of Israel” — and throughout the Occupied Territories — to terrorize them into submission to Jewish state subjugation.

Separately, the High Follow-up Committee for Arab Citizens of Israel called the Netanyahu regime’s weeks-long pogrom by other means all about “intimidat(ing) and exact(ing) revenge on Palestinian citizens of Israel (and Occupied Palestinians) to ‘settle the score’ for their (legitimate) political positions and activities.”

Since May 9, at least 25 Palestinians were killed by settlers and Israeli security forces, hundreds more injured, many seriously.

Mossawa Advocacy Center for Arab Citizens in Israel director Jafar Farah was among those arrested — what he called “satisfying” anti-Palestinian rage by Netanyahu and public security minister Amir Ohana.

Farah said he’s committed to “building a future” for long-suffering Palestinians — while expressing outrage over being investigated for organizing Arabs to attack Jews, a charge with no legitimacy.

On Tuesday, Israel’s Higher Arab Monitoring Committee chairman Mohammed Barakeh demanded a halt to mass arrests of Palestinians and closure of unjustifiable cases against them, stressing:

“The right to political protest is a legitimate right.”

Continuing pogrom by other means will “set the ground on fire again.”

The Netanyahu regime “bears (full) responsibility for…escalat(ing)”violence.

“We will not be sheep led to jail” by remaining quiet during Netanyahu’s escalated reign of terror, adding:

If what’s going on continues, protests will be held in front of Israeli police stations throughout the country.

Committee of Arab mayors chairman Mudar Yunis said what’s going on is police state terror against activist Arab men, women and youths.

A Final Comment

Time and again, UN secretary general Guterres and other world body officials prove they’re part of the problem on most all things related to war and peace.

Last weekend on Israeli television, Gaza director of the UN Reliefs and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) Matthias Schmale defied reality.

Turning truth on its head, he falsely claimed that there was “huge sophistication in the way the Israeli military struck (Gaza) over the last 11 days,” adding:

IDF terror-bombing and shelling  “did not hit, with some exceptions, civilian targets (sic).”

Schmale ignored deliberate IDF strikes on residential buildings, refugee camps, vital infrastructure, hospitals, mosques, factories and businesses, Gaza’s main library, and other civilian targets — in flagrant breach of the UN Charter, Nuremberg Principles, Fourth Geneva and other international law.

According to the Gaza City-based Palestinian Center for Human Rights, Israel “systematically targeted civilians and civilian areas and buildings as well as infrastructure in complete disregard to core principles of international humanitarian law, mainly distinction and proportionality.”

For 11 days, the Netanyahu regime terrorized two million Gazans and collectively punished them.

Its forever war on Palestinians continues throughout the Occupied Territories, as well as against Israeli Arab citizens.

It’s ongoing with full support and encouragement by dominant US and other Western hardliners.

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