Syrians Vote

Syrians Vote

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), three candidates were approved to run for president on May 26 by the nation’s Supreme Constitutional Court, its head saying:

“(A)pplications to participate in the general elections as presidential candidates were accepted from three citizens, the other applications were declined because they do not meet constitutional and legal norms.”

Competing candidates include Ba’ath party incumbent President Bashar al-Assad, DASU party’s Mahmoud Ahmad Marei, and SUP party’s Abdullah Sallum Abdullah.

Despite over a decade of US-led aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic and its people, parliamentary elections were successfully held last July.

Over 1,650 candidates, including around 200 women, vied for 250 seats — 183 won by Ba’ath party members for majority control.

While most parts of Syria are liberated from the scourge of US/Western supported ISIS and likeminded jihadists, they largely control Idlib province in the country’s north.

Their elements also show up elsewhere as deployed by their Pentagon/CIA handlers.

While Syrians were voting on Wednesday, a terrorist explosion occurred in Daraa near a polling station — a likely Biden regime attempt to intimidate Syrians to stay away.

Today’s presidential election is the second one since US aggression against Syria began in March 2011.

Its electoral process mocks the farcical US system.

Overwhelmingly popular Assad is expected to win another six-year term in office.

According to Syrian political analyst Taleb Ibrahim, he’s “seen as a leader who steered the country through (years of US) war,” adding: 

He’s “also perceived as a person who can stand firm in the face of (the hostile) western agenda, and he is the one who can help the Syrian people regain stability and peace.”

The US-dominated West “oppose(s) anyone, who doesn’t fit their agenda.”

Their ruling regimes “support…dictator(s)” allied with their interests. 

“Syria doesn’t dance to the tunes of the US (and West) and this is the reason it will always be slammed.”

The same is true for all sovereign independent countries unwilling to subordinate the interests of their people to a higher power in Washington.

Despite enormous obstacles for over a decade of endless US war, its occupation of northern and southern parts of the country, and use of jihadists as proxy foot soldiers, Assad continues to lead the struggle for Syria’s soul until completed.

Throughout his tenure, he introduced important economic and other reforms, provided internet access for Syrians, made education widely available, and supported political freedoms.

The Biden regime continues US occupation and aggression on Syria and its people, including terror-bombing strikes at its discretion and support of atrocities committed its jihadist foot soldiers.

A day before Syria’s presidential election, a joint interventionist Blinken-led statement denounced the process before begun.

Together with his UK, French, German, and Italian counterparts, a statement defied reality by falsely claiming that “Syria’s May 26 presidential election will neither be free nor fair (sic)” — a bald-faced Big Lie.

It continued by also falsely claiming to “support…all Syrians” — the US and its cutthroat killer jihadists have been terrorizing for over a decade.

Biden regime hardliners support the draconian 2020 Caesar Act.

Flagrantly breaching Fourth Geneva and other international laws, it aims to starve, suffocate, and otherwise immiserate long-suffering Syrians to accept subjugation under Washington’s imperial boot.

The measure threatens sanctions on nations, entities and individuals that maintain legitimate economic, financial, military, and intelligence relations with Damascus — their legal right under international law.

It’s part of endless US war on Syria and its people that includes illegal occupation and plundering of its resources.

It’s one of many examples of how the scourge of US imperial war on humanity operates at home and abroad with no end of it in prospect.

A Final Comment

Assad’s government invited election observers from Russia, China, India, Brazil, South Africa, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador and Armenia to witness the process firsthand at polling stations throughout the country.

The US-dominated West won’t won’t be pleased when they explain that voting was open, free and fair like earlier.

Western media already falsely claimed otherwise — repeating talking points supplied by their ruling regimes.

Heading a Russian lower house of parliament State Duma observer delagation, Dmitry Sablin said the following:

“We can see that everyone has the opportunity to freely cast their ballots, and the election meets all international standards,” adding: 

“Syria’s election is the Syrian people’s business and only the Syrian people have the right to decide their future.”

Russian Senator Vadim Dengin noted free and open campaigns by presidential aspirants competing with Assad for the nation’s highest office.

Another Russian upper house Federation Council member Oleg Seleznev said no US, EU or Arab League observers showed up to monitor polling on Wednesday.

It’s clear that they did not want to bear witness to a process that mocks how they conduct their own dubious elections when held.

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