Billions of Dollars for Israel Annually, None for Gaza

Billions of US Dollars for Israel Annually, None for Gaza

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On Thursday, interventionist Blinken wraps up his pro-Israel Middle East trip in Amman, Jordan where he’ll meet with King Abdullah II and his counterpart Ayman Safadi.

The US and Israel will try to block pledged reconstruction funds and humanitarian aid by Arab countries and Iran from going directly to its legitimate government.

Regional Muslim countries will try to assure what they pledge for reconstruction and humanitarian aid goes directly to helping Gaza’s government and people rebuild what Israeli terror-bombing and shelling destroyed.

Blinken’s trip achieved nothing toward alleviating illegal Israeli blockade of the Strip or easing occupation harshness throughout the Territories.

For long-suffering Palestinians, the unacceptable status quo remains unchanged — with full US support and encouragement based on its official policies.

On Wednesday, Gaza leader Yehiya Sinwar said the following:

“I affirm our commitment not to take a single cent intended for reconstruction and humanitarian efforts.” 

“We have never taken a cent in the past,” adding:

“(W)e welcome any international or Arab effort to rebuild the Gaza Strip.”

His government has “sufficient financial resources.”

“(A) large part of (it is) from Iran, and another part comes from Arab and Muslim donors and free people of the world who stand in solidarity with our people and their rights.”

“I say to Blinken and to everyone else: enough playing with our internal divides.” 

“We know how to solve our problems internally. Enough cultivating of internal conflict.” 

“We will make way for anyone who wants to rebuild in Gaza or improve the economic situation.”

Qatar pledged $500 million for Gaza’s reconstruction, according to its foreign ministry, adding:

“We will continue to support our brothers in Palestine to reach a just and lasting solution by establishing their independent state.”

Funds are to help Gazans “face the life challenges posed by…Israeli attacks, and to contribute to the reconstruction of service facilities in Gaza (as well as) to (rebuild) homes.

Egypt also pledged $500 million for Strip reconstruction.

Last Friday, Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei urged Muslim states to “support the Palestinian people, through military…or financial support…or in rebuilding Gaza’s infrastructure.”

According to Blinken, the Biden regime will work exclusively with Israeli-installed puppet Palestinian Authority leader Abbas — falsely calling Hamas a “terrorist organization.”

Sinwar said Blinken’s hostile remarks about Hamas aim to perpetuate and widen its breach with the pro-Western/pro-Israeli PA.

“We will never fall for this trick and lash out at each other,” he stressed, adding:

“Our people in Jerusalem must be ready to defend Al-Aqsa” from further hostile Israeli actions against Palestinian worshipers in Islam’s third holiest site.

Separately, Sinwar said “(t)he greatest gift Israel can give me is to assassinate me.”

“I prefer to die a martyr from an F-16 than to die of coronavirus or (another) disease.”

Of 254 known Palestinian deaths, Sinwar said 54 were Hamas freedom fighters, 22 others from Islamic Jihad and one from a group called the Popular Resistance Committees.

Others killed were civilian men, women and children, including multiple members of families in their homes.

Based on announcements this week, the EU and UK pledged around $14 million in humanitarian aid to Occupied Palestine — to the UN, not Gaza.

A Netanyahu regime war ministry official said funds to Gaza must go through what he called an international “mechanism” — to prevent them from being used for their intended purpose, he left unsaid.

Longstanding Israeli policy aims to terrorize, immiserate, and suffocate Palestinians into submission to its Zionist boot — by brute force and other oppressive means.

The only option for millions of long-suffering Palestinians is to resist what no one should tolerate.

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