Medical Tyranny in Chicago

Medical Tyranny in Chicago

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

No longer is Chicago where I live what Frank Sinatra once called “my kind of town.”

If around today, Ol’ Blue Eyes wouldn’t recognize its current state — or what’s replicated in various forms throughout most of the US.

On May 13, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s press release announced the following:

The City “enter(ed) (what it called its Open Chicago) Bridge Phase.”

Beginning May 14, “businesses (may) may expand capacity for (covid jabbed) patrons.”

They’ll “have the option of not counting fully (jabbed) individuals towards (covid) capacity limits for all industries.”

“Restaurants and bars (may henceforth) seat parties larger than ten people if all patrons are fully” jabbed for covid. 

More on the city’s brave new world restaurant and bar policy below.

City authorities “encourag(e) all Chicagoans (to self-inflict harm by) get(ing) (jabbed for covid) as soon as possible so” a new abnormal can be the norm citywide.

Falsely calling toxic covid jabs “safe and effective,” city public health commissioner Dr. Allison Arwady “applaud(ed)” covid-jabbed Chicagoans.

City bars and restaurants may now operate standing areas at up to 25% of capacity.

Ahead it’ll “increas(e) to 250 people indoors or 500 people outdoors at social events, and increasing to the lesser of 60% or 1,000 people at meetings, conferences, and conventions.”

Capacity limits remain in place, “including the limit on table size to ten people for any place that serves food or alcohol.”

Chicago’s Vaccine Exemption policy is as follows:

1. “Fully (covid-jabbed) individuals do not count towards (covid) capacity limits across all industries.”

2. “Bars, restaurants, and other establishments that” serve food and alcoholic beverages can seat parties of over 10 “if all patrons age 16+ at that table or within that party are fully” jabbed.

3. “Late hour liquor (establishments) can operate without hour restrictions…if only fully (jabbed) patrons are permitted to enter.”

Business establishments that operate according to Vaccine Exemption rules “will be expected to verify that patrons are fully (jabbed) and track which customers are exempt from capacity limits to ensure compliance.”

So besides in part beginning to operate their businesses as things were pre-2020, owners, proprietors, and staff henceforth will have to be covid-jabbed police trackers.

Last week, CBS Chicago explained how city restaurants must operate under Vaccine Exemption rules, saying:

Owners of restaurants and bars “may be apprehensive about” having to segregate jabbed from unjabbed patrons.

Jabbed customers will have to provide passport or other proof to be seated and served without restrictions.

Unjabbed individuals will be treated as second class patrons.

Chicago’s Vaccine Exemption rules for restaurants, bars and other business establishments will resemble mandated yellow Star of David policy for Jews in Nazi Germany.

The draconian policy reflects medical tyranny. It also breaches the constitutional rights of all Americans.

If businesses treat unjabbed individuals as separate and unequal, give preferential treatment to jabbed ones, decline to accept refusniks as customers or provide them with second-class treatment, a hostile brave new world order discriminatory way of operating will have replaced a free and open society.

A Final Comment

Like most elsewhere in the US and West, Chicago ignores reality.

Covid jabs are hazardous, experimental and unapproved by the FDA.

They don’t protect and increase the risk of contracting seasonal flu — now called covid — as well as other serious diseases.

They also risk death over the near-or-longer-term.

Because of toxic ingredients in covid jabs, they should be banned.

Instead they’re heavily promoted and encouraged — perhaps to be mandated ahead for employment, education, travel, and other daily activities in public.

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