The NYT Calls Mass-Infecting Humanity the Best Investment Ever

The NYT Calls Mass-Infecting Humanity the Best Investment Ever

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The Times supports depopulation.

“Vaccinate the World,” it headlined — meaning mind-manipulated ordinary people, convincing them to unwittingly self-inflict harm, not the nation’s ruling class.

Since early last year, the Times and other establishment media have conducted a mass deception campaign, pushing people to be jabbed for covid — formerly called seasonal flu.

Mass-jabbing is responsible for harming millions in the US, West and elsewhere since begun five months ago.

Countless numbers died. If things go as planned, it’ll be billions in the coming years.

Yet defying reality, the Times falsely said staying unjabbed is responsible for “unnecessary deaths abroad (sic) (along with) undermin(ing) our own recovery (sic).”

The Times cited an International Monetary Fund (IMF) “proposal to end the covid pandemic (sic)” — that doesn’t exist, so it was invented.

Unexplained by the Times is that along with the World Bank, the IMF has been a financial predator from inception — today on a grander scale than in its early days.

Hugely exploitive, the IMF and World Bank debt entrap nations to transfer public wealth to Western bankers and other corporate interests.

They obligate nations to take new loans to service old ones, assuring rising indebtedness and structural adjustment harshness, including:

Privatization of state enterprises.

Mass layoffs.


Deep social spending cuts.

Wage freezes or cuts.

Unrestricted free market access for western corporations.

Corporate-friendly tax cuts.

Crushing trade unionism.

Enforcing a system that’s incompatible with social democracy, civil and human rights.

Policies pushed by the IMF are harmful to ordinary people in nations that deal with these predatory organizations.

By promoting mass-jabbing for covid worldwide, the IMF is allied with other dark forces for global depopulation.

It called for “invest(ing)” $50 billion to mass-jab what political philosopher/psychiatrist Franz Fanon called the Wretched of the Earth is his book by this title — expendables dark forces like the IMF and NYT want eliminated.

The organization falsely claimed that mass-jabbing $50 billion worth of toxins into poor people worldwide will produce $9 trillion of economic growth by controlling a pandemic — that doesn’t exist.

IMF managing director Krisalina Georgieva falsely claimed that mass-jabbing the world’s poor will likely produce “the highest return on public investment in modern history (sic).” 

The organization calls for mass-jabbing 40% of the world’s population by yearend, 60% by midyear 2022.

As part of its covid-jabbing mass deception campaign, the Times falsely said “(w)hat’s at stake is the well-being of our species (sic).”

WHO pro-mass-jabbing scamster/depopulation promoter Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus defied reality by claiming that what he called “(t)he ongoing vaccine crisis (sic) is a scandalous inequity that is perpetuating the (nonexistent) pandemic (sic).”

What he’s saying in less than so many words is that not enough poor and unwanted people are being eliminated worldwide fast enough.

He, the Times, and likeminded genocidists want the process speeded up.

Their global scheme makes Nazi death camps seem relatively minor by comparison — aiming to eliminate unwanted billions of people worldwide compared to millions in Europe decades earlier.

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