Palestinian Puppet Leader Abbas Enforces Israeli State Terror

Palestinian Puppet Leader Abbas Enforces Israeli State Terror

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Installed by Israel as Palestinian Authority leader in 2005, Mahmoud Abbas betrayed his people by allying with its state terror for special benefits afforded him.

As long as he and complicit PA officials stay empowered, they’ll continue terrorizing Palestinian activists opposed to Israeli tyranny.

Hamas earlier denounced PA complicity with Israel, saying:

Its “criminal campaign crossed all red lines and constitutes direct cooperation with the enemy.”

The PA operates as “a security agent (for) the enemy (to) exterminat(e) resistance and destroy the Palestinian aim” for self-determination freedom.

The Al-Haq human rights group earlier denounced “sweeping and arbitrary (PA) arrests of (Palestinian activists) to stifle political dissent and generate a sense of intimidation within Palestinian society.”

Complicit with its Israeli higher authority, the Abbas-led PA facilitates a “climate of violence and intimidation that effectively transform(ed) Palestinian society into a police state.”

Judas-goat Abbas serves US/Israeli interests. Instead of supporting Palestinian resistance against Jewish state tyranny, he enforces its harshness.

The late Palestinian/American scholar/activist Edward Said met Abbas at a Cairo National Council meeting in 1977, saying:

Later joining Yasser Arafat during his exiled years in Tunis, they and other PLO officials discussed “refugees, demography and boundaries” ahead of secret Oslo meetings that led to 1993 betrayal of Palestinians in deference to Israeli/Western interests.

Said explained that in Oslo, Israel “fielded an array of experts supported by maps, documents, statistics, and at least 17 prior drafts of what Palestinians” eventually signed. 

They were allowed only “three PLO men, not one of whom knew English or had a background in international law.”

The outcome was predictable, a one-sided agreement for Israel, Palestinians getting nothing but hollow promises and anointment as “Israel’s sheriff.”

From then to now, Abbas became known for his “flexibility” toward and “subservience” to Israel — at the expense of Palestinians he betrayed decades ago.

Little wonder that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon installed him as puppet Palestinian president in 2005.

At the time, Said said US and Israeli officials were delighted to empower a figure over the Palestinian people they viewed as “colorless, moderately corrupt, and without any clear ideas of his own, except that he wants to please the white man.”

In what the late Edward Herman called a “demonstration election” to install leadership subservient to a higher power, Israel controlled the 2005 Palestinian election process.

It smoothed the way for Abbas’ rigged triumph by imprisoning leading opposition candidate Marwan Barghouti on bogus murder charges. 

During his campaign, Israel arrested Mustafa Barghouti to obstruct and silence him, assuring Abbas’ elevation to power he maintains by refusing to hold new elections.

Throughout his tenure, he betrayed Palestinians by serving Israeli/Western interests.

Time and again, he arrested and detained Palestinian activists opposed to Israeli occupation tyranny.

According to Arab News, he cracks down hard on Palestinians who demand his resignation for failing to protect the rights and well-being of his people, including truth-telling journalists to suppress free expression.

In the aftermath of IDF terror-bombing and shelling of Gazan residential areas for 11 days in May, he arrested dozens of Palestinian activists who called for holding the Netanyahu regime accountable for crimes of war and against humanity — including state terror against Palestinians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Palestinian activist Tarqi al-Khudeiri  explained his own ordeal, saying:

PA security forces arrested, detained, and violently interrogated him for hours — mistreating him with what he called “visceral anger and depravity,” adding:

“They threatened to hang me by my hands – a form of torture known as shabah.”

They “assaulted me physically and verbally.”

“They handcuffed my hands behind my back…blindfolded me, and made me sit for long hours on a low chair with no back.”

After hours of the above, he was isolated in vermin-infested cell “not fit for a human.”

Al-Khudeiri is diabetic, requiring daily medication to survive.

Yet his pleas for it were denied until experiencing a hypoglycemic attack.

All the while, his family had no idea where he was, what went on, and he was denied legal representation.

He was then bogusly charged with “stirring up strife, incitement, (and) insulting (PA) leaders.”

Though released after days of hellish mistreatment, he’s vulnerable to rearrest by the PA any time on orders from Israel.

His case is one of dozens of others in May alone — Palestinian activists, students and children arrested by PA security forces in service to Israeli interests.

According to attorney Shaker Tameiza for the Addameer human rights group, mass arrests of Palestinians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem — by Israeli and PA security forces — began straightaway after the IDF’s rape and destruction of Gaza halted.

Palestinians who protest for rights denied them by Israel are vulnerable.

If what’s going on continues, “we could be looking at hundreds of political arrests in just a few months,” Tameiza explained, adding:

“According to the testimonies we’ve heard, the arrested were subjected to torture in the form of shabah, verbal abuse, and physical beating(s).”

Palestinian activists throughout the Occupied Territories risk similar mistreatment and bogus charges.

Political analyst Khalil Shaheen explained that the PA sees anti-Israel protests as a threat to its existence.

Ongoing Israeli/PA arrests are in addition to hundreds of others this week alone by Israeli security forces — for protesting against IDF aggression in Gaza.

Abbas refuses to hold new elections because he fears “an embarrassing defeat for” himself and Fatah, said Shaheen.

He opposes Palestinian unity and freedom from oppressive occupation — while pretending otherwise.

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