US Cooperation with China on the Rocks

US Cooperation with China on the Rocks

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Both right wings of the US war party consider nonbelligerent China — threatening no one — a mortal enemy.

According to Biden regime national security council coordinator for the Indo/Pacific Kurt Campbell, US “engagement” with China is over — replaced by a “paradigm (of) competition,” adding:

“More than anything else, we’ve got to suggest not only to ourselves, but to the entire Indo-Pacific and the countries in Europe that want to work with us in Asia that we’re determined to play (a) leading role, and clear recognition that…the time has come for the US to dig deeply into a strategic focus on the Indo-Pacific.”

US war by other means rages against China, Russia and other countries free from its imperial control — along with hot war on other targeted nations.

Like virtually always before, dominant US hardliners falsely blame other nations for their own malevolent actions.

In stark contrast to US-sought dominance over other countries by brute force and other hostile means, China prioritizes cooperative relations with the world community of nations in compliance with international law — what hegemon USA and its imperial partners long ago abandoned.

In response to Campbell’s unacceptable remarks, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said Beijing “firmly reject(s) US efforts to exclude, contain and suppress China under the banner of competition.”

China is rising on the world stage while the decadent US-dominated West is declining — because of its abandonment of peace, cooperative relations with other countries, and compliance with the rule of law.

US hardliners are pressuring, bullying and bribing Asia/Pacific and other nations to ally with their anti-China policies.

According to former deputy director of the Institute of World Development at the State Council’s Development Research Center Ding Yifan, if the US disengages from normalized ties to China, hostile relations will replace cooperative ones.

As for most other countries, China is too important to shun, cooperation essential for their own self-interest.

Ding added that if toughness defines US policy toward China henceforth, Beijing “will be just as harsh on” Washington.

So-called Quad nations — comprised of the US, India, Japan and Australia — aim to counter China’s growing prominence regionally and worldwide.

The Quad alliance is unrelated regional peace, stability and prosperity.

It’s all about US sought dominance over a part of the world not its own — the same objective it pursues worldwide.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi calls the Quad alliance a US attempt to establish an “Indo-Pacific NATO” to counter Beijing — an agenda likely to fail.

Most regional countries maintain important economic and political ties to Beijing they wish to preserve and advance, not relinquish to a higher power in Washington.

Beijing is their largest and most significant trading partner.

It’s too important to be abandoned to hegemonic US interest because China is the region’s main engine of economic growth.

Most regional countries reject US claims of a Chinese threat they know does not exist.

They prioritize cooperative East/West relations over allying with one side against the other, how Washington operates.

On Tuesday, China’s official People’s Daily broadsheet slammed US aims for “an unjust world,” adding:

“(F)ailing (USA) has no respect for international rules and instruments.”

Its ruling regimes have “a long history of breaching the rules to achieve its interests.” 

“Yet, the US is laying the blame for the offenses it is repeatedly committing at China’s door.”

It’s waging hot war on nations it wants transformed into vassal states, along with war by other means on over three dozen countries it sanctioned — in flagrant breach of the UN Charter.

Its ruling regimes are the leading violators of human and civil rights worldwide.

Its war on humanity at home and abroad rages with no end of it in prospect.

Nations free from its hegemonic control threaten no one.

US rage for unchallenged global dominance risks WW III.

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