Mass-Jabbing Children for Covid a Crime Against Humanity

Mass-Jabbing Children for Covid a Crime Against Humanity

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Covid jabbing breaches the Nuremberg Code that requires voluntary consent and prohibits what risks harm to health.

US federal law also prohibits mandatory use of unapproved drugs.

Covid ones were granted emergency use authorization when no emergency exists.

Fully recovering from flu/covid is 99.95% for individuals under age-70 — 95% for people over age-70.

Harm to children from the viral illness is near-nonexistent.

Nothing remotely justifies use of experimental, unapproved drugs for any disease or illness.

Federal law in the US, West and elsewhere should prohibit mandated use of unneeded drugs — especially for children.

Yet on May 26, the CDC authorized and recommended mass-jabbing for children and teens, saying the following: 

“CDC recommends everyone 12 years and older should (be jabbed) to help protect against (covid) (sic),” adding: 

“Widespread (mass-jabbing) is a critical tool to help stop the pandemic” — that doesn’t exist so it was invented by US/Western dark forces.

The following CDC Big Lies claimed what truth-telling medical and scientific experts know are untrue:

Covid jabs “are safe and effective (sic).”


They’re hazardous and potentially deadly.

Covid jabs “have been used under the most intensive safety monitoring in US history, which includes studies in adolescents (sic).”


Experimental, unapproved covid mRNA technology and vaccines were given emergency use authorization — when no emergency exists — after 6 to 8 months of development.

Vaccine development takes 6 – 12 years. The vast majority of vaccines tested are unapproved because of hazards they pose.

“Your child will need a second (covid jab) 3 weeks after their first shot (sic).”


The more jabs gotten, the greater the risk of harm health straightaway or later on.

“Your child can’t get (covid) from (covid jabs) (sic), including Pfizer” gene altering mRNA technology.


Covid jabs greatly risk contraction of the viral illness they’re supposed to protect against but don’t.

Along with the CDC, the FDA also authorized covid mass-jabbing for US children aged-12 or older.

On Friday, the European Medicines Agency followed suit by approving use of covid jabs for children aged-12 and older.

The EMA falsely called its authorization “an important step forward in the fight against the pandemic” that doesn’t exist.

Will US/Western authorization for covid mass-jabbing children of all ages, including infants, come next?

Expect it to mass-infect maximum numbers of unwitting people throughout the West — as part of a diabolical depopulation scheme.

In the US, celebrities have been enlisted to promote covid mass-jabbing of young children.

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) reported that “injuries among 12-to 17-year-olds…triple(d) in 1 week” since mass-jabbing them began, according to CDC data that captures less than 1% of harm from vaccines.

CHD also reported that over Memorial Day weekend, NY city officials sent covid mass-jabbing buses to area beaches.

The scheme aims to mind-manipulate unjabbed New Yorkers to get theirs.

Health Impact News explained that a “pop-up” clinic in Toronto, Canada’s Nathan Phillips Square lures children without parents to be covid jabbed by offering them free ice cream, adding:

“Some parents…on the scene…were prevented from…go(ing) to the clinic…by Canadian police.”

How low will US, Canadian, and other Western regimes stoop to mass-infect maximum numbers of their people?

According to FDA data gone unreported by establishment media, 86% of covid-jabbed children experienced mild to serious adverse events.

Inoculating them — and everyone else — with toxins risks potentially lethal blood clots, severe allergic reactions, and other serious harm to health.

Yet the agency — and other public health ones in the US and West — falsely call covid jabs “safe and effective (sic).”

Cold hard facts show they don’t protect and risk serious harm or death near-or-longer-term.

It’s crucial to avoid them.

If already jabbed, take no more!

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