Phony Claims of an Iranian Nuclear Threat Long Ago Debunked

Phony Claims of an Iran Nuclear Threat Long Ago Debunked

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Nuclear armed and dangerous USA and Israel threaten humanity.

Ruling regimes of both countries maintain menacing stockpiles of nuclear, chemical, biological and other terror weapons.

In stark contrast, Iran’s legitimate nuclear program has no military component, not a shred of evidence suggesting otherwise.

The Islamic Republic never attacked another country preemptively, what US-dominated NATO, Israel and their imperial partners do repeatedly — in flagrant breach of the UN Charter and other international laws.

Iran complies with its international obligations — polar opposite how the US, West and Israel operate, hostile-to-humanity rogue states by any standard.

Time and again for years, Netanyahu and likeminded hardliners around him cried wolf about Iran’s legitimate nuclear program, blasting the Big Lie about a nonexistent Iranian threat.

On Tuesday, he was at it again, defying reality as follows, raging:

“Our greatest threat is the existential threat posed by Iran’s efforts to arm itself with nuclear weapons (sic), whether to threaten us directly – with atomic weapons – with the destruction of a small state, or to threaten us with tens of thousands of missiles or a great many missiles backed by a nuclear umbrella (sic).” 

“This is a threat against the continuation of the Zionist enterprise (sic) and we must fight this threat relentlessly (sic).”

“With or without (a JCPOA) agreement, we will continue to do everything in our power to prevent Iran from arming itself with nuclear weapons (sic).”

“Iran is different from the other countries (sic) that have nuclear weapons today (sic)” it doesn’t have, seek, and wants eliminated everywhere, especially stockpiles maintained by rogue states Israel and the US. 

“If we need to choose…between friction with…the US, and getting rid of an existential threat (that doesn’t exist), getting rid of (a nonexistent) existential threat will prevail (sic).”

Israel and US-dominated NATO are unparalleled existential threats.

Netanyahu’s politicized rants long ago lost credibility.

Most Israelis despise him for good reason. Street protests denounce him.

With opposition coalition members close to announcing an agreement to replace him as (c)rime minister, his days in office may be numbered.

At a Tuesday ceremony for incoming Mossad chief David Barnea, the spy agency’s outgoing head Yossi Cohen falsely claimed that the agency “exposed to the whole world Iran’s military nuclear program (sic), its plans (sic), its preservation of capabilities in the military nuclear field (sic), and Iran’s fraud and lies (sic).”

Cohen, Netanyahu, and other Israeli hardliners know the above is utter rubbish about nonbelligerent Iran.

Time and again, they lie claiming otherwise. The same goes for their US, UK, and EU counterparts — a menacing axis of rogue states.

Last Sunday, Cohen urged Israel and its partners in high crimes to escalate war by other means on Iran.

On June 1, his deputy Barnea succeeded him, Netanyahu defying reality by saying:

His main task is “to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons (sic)” the world community knows it doesn’t have or seek — knowing as well that rogue state Israel is nuclear armed and dangerous.

As for Netanyahu, he’s polar opposite what compliance with the rule of law and responsible governance are all about.

Given his precarious grip on power, he may lose it in the coming days to a coalition of opposing parties committed to end his reign of terror once and for all.

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