Escape from New York?

Escape from New York?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Is the Big Apple headed toward becoming something like what’s portrayed in the 1981 Hollywood Escape from New York science fiction film?

That plot involves a future crime-ridden USA that transformed New York City into a maximum security prison, trapping residents.

Empire State governance is becoming draconian on all things covid.

Passed by New York state senators in April, oppressive NY State Assembly Bill A416 states the following:

“Upon determining by clear and convincing evidence (sic) that the health of others is or may be endangered (sic), the governor may order the removal and/or detention of such…person(s) or group of such persons by issuing a single order (sic).”

“Identifying such persons either by name or by a reasonably specific description of the individuals or group being detained,” they shall be indefinitely be held “in a medical facility or other appropriate private facility.”

The measure targets individuals unwilling to self-inflict harm by getting jabbed for covid and risking irreversible harm.

Under federal law, experimental drugs cannot be mandated.

The Nuremberg Code requires voluntary consent on matters relating to health.

If the above measure is enacted into state or federal law, the health, well-being and safety of affected Americans will be jeopardized more greatly than ever before in US history.

Last March, New York Governor Cuomo announced the launch of Excelsior Pass — a digital health passport to push mass-jabbing with hazardous, experimental, unapproved covid drugs.

“Attend sporting events, arts performances and more,” according to promotional material for the scheme, adding: 

“Excelsior Pass supports a safe reopening of New York (sic) by providing a free, fast and secure way to present digital proof of (covid jabs) or negative test results.” 

“Think of it as a mobile airline boarding pass, but for proving you received a (covid jab) or negative test.”

Along with pushing hazardous covid mass-jabbing, the Excelsior Pass scheme may be step one toward requiring passport proof of the above for employment, education, air travel, other public transportation, hotel reservations, restaurant dining, in-store shopping, attending a sporting event, and other social interactions.

No proof, no access to the above, no normal daily routines, social isolation instead like lepers.

Is that where things are heading in New York and elsewhere in the US? Will federal legislation mandate it?

On Friday, GOP Senator Ted Cruz went the other way, announcing that he’ll introduce legislation to ban vaccine passports — called the No Vaccine Passports Act.

“(T)here’s a real potential for government overreach,” he warned, adding: 

“I don’t believe anyone should be forced to” be jabbed for covid. “It should be your personal choice.” 

“You should make the choice based on your health, based on the decisions you want.”

Promoting covid jabs as safe and effective is diabolical mass deception to harm maximum numbers of people.

Excelsior Pass was the first of its kind introduced in the US.

Developed in cahoots with IBM, the company said New York “is modeling for the rest of the country how new, technology-enabled approaches can help safely reinvigorate economies (sic) while also striving to protect public health (sic).”

Surveillance Technology Oversight Project executive director Albert Cahn expressed concern about the scheme, saying:

“I have more detailed technical documentation about the privacy impact of nearly every app on my phone than I do for this health pass,”adding: 

“IBM and the governor are using lots of buzzwords, but they’re not explaining their cryptographic model.” 

“They’re not explaining the security, implementation.” 

“(T)he pass itself is incredibly revealing” by disclosing people’s health status and other personal data.

Among establishment media, the NYT is a leading source of Big Lies and mass deception on all things covid.

On June 1, the broadsheet promoted Excelsior passes, saying the following:

“This magic ticket (sic) is New York State’s first and only government-issued vaccine passport in the country, accessible, for now, only to people who have been (jabbed for covid) in the state,” adding:

“About 1.1 million Excelsior passes had been downloaded onto phones and computers as of last week, according to the state.”

Perhaps dark forces in New York and nationwide may mandate covid-jabbed passport proof ahead for access to most everything essential for normal social, business, and other interactions as things were pre-2020.

As of late May, numerous US states either partially or entirely banned issuance of vaccine passports, or rejected their mandatory use for normal access to facilities or events.

They include Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Wyoming.

Many states haven’t indicated support or opposition to use covid passports so far.

Most likely, they’ll all go one way or the other on this issue ahead.

So far in New York, most business establishments don’t require proof of being jabbed for covid to enter.

A number of sports, other entertainment and arts venues went the other way.

Fraud is another issue. Surveillance Technology Oversight Project executive Cahn quoted above said he downloaded someone else’s Excelsior Pass in 11 minutes from information posted on social media, adding:

“(A)s much as we want a magic piece of software to be able to tell us whether the person next to us is (jabbed for covid), these apps really can’t.”

“At the end of the day, it’s largely built on trust.”

The bottom line is that we’ve been lied to and mass-deceived on virtually all things covid since the designation came from renaming seasonal flu.

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