New Israeli Government to Be Announced Wednesday?

New Israeli Government to Be Announced Wednesday?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

If things go as expected, an anti-Netanyahu coalition comprised of Yesh Atid, Yamina, Yisrael Beiteinu, New Hope, Kahol Lavan, Labor, Meretz, and United Arab List parties will formally announce an agreed on new government Wednesday —most likely by late morning local time.

The common thread of their differing ideologies is wanting Netanyahu disempowered once and for all.

What kind of damage might he do while still prime minister, Haaretz asked?

Opposition bloc member Avigdor Lieberman said “it’s not certain that (he’s) 100 percent healthy mentally…fit to serve in the post” ahead.

Unlikely to wage more preemptive war on Gaza in the coming days, what other Machiavellian moves might he be plotting?

While nothing is certain, he’s likely to have something in mind ahead, trying to retain power that’s fast slipping away — perhaps another invented security threat he’ll claim he alone can handle best.

According to an unnamed source involved in coalition talks, the only remaining “real issue” is Yamina party’s Ayelet Shaked’s request to join the judicial selection committee. 

If Netanyahu is about to be unseated, for the first time in Israeli history an Arab party will be part of the new government — even though it’ll be virtually powerless.

Its members won’t head or serve on any ministries. Funding for infrastructure and other purposes were promised for Arab communities — though amounts are virtually certain to fall way short of what’s needed.

The Times of Israel reported that at least four Arab Knesset members oppose a government led by Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid — three of them issuing a statement, saying:

“We (reject) dealing with changing characters, but (in) changing policies, eradicating racism, and resisting the occupation.”

Their opposition isn’t enough to prevent formation of a new government comprised of the above-named parties.

According to Israel’s Channel 12 late Tuesday, Lapid and Bennett will announce agreement among opposition coalition parties to form a new government by 11:00 AM  Wednesday local time.

The Times of Israel said Lapid aims for a coalition swearing in session by Knesset members on June 9.

Given differing ideologies of opposition parties, their coalition if finalized and sworn in as Israel’s new government will be fragile and at risk of unraveling ahead.

Al Jazeera explained that “Lapid needs to cement all of the bilateral deals with the various constituent parties in this coalition as it gets formed,” adding: 

“Once that is signed and sealed…he has a promise of support most likely from the four-seat-strong United Arab List party – the first such Palestinian-Israeli party that would be brought into such an agreement.”

Dominant hardline members are hostile to Palestinian rights, including for Arab Israeli citizens.

Bennett who’ll serve first as Israeli prime minister until 2023 — then Lapid as part of their rotating agreement — said the following:

“(N)o Israeli is going to give up (control of historic Palestine) and allow (Arabs) to create a terror state (sic) that’s just a few minutes away from my home.”

According to UCLA Y&S Nazarian Center for Israel Studies director Dov Waxman:

Opposition parties include “not only the center and hard-right, but also center-left parties as well.” 

“So it is really a large, unwieldy coalition kept together largely by one thing that they all agree upon, which is that they don’t want Netanyahu to remain as prime minister.”

Is that enough glue to keep the new government — if sworn into office — from unraveling ahead, forcing a fifth election since April 2019?

Uncertainty defines Israel’s political scene ahead.

As for Occupied Palestinians and Israeli Arab citizens, little or nothing is likely ahead to change their subjugation by an apartheid Jewish state.

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