The NYT Suppresses All the News That’s Fit to Print

The NYT Suppresses All the News That’s Fit to Print

by Stephen Lendman

On all things most important domestically and geopolitically, the Times features state-approved propaganda.

What’s crucial for everyone to know is suppressed in its daily editions.

Notably that’s true about its mass deception campaign since seasonal flu was renamed covid early last year.

The Times has been serving as an agent of mass deception for US/Western dark forces and Pharma profiteers.

Since mass-jabbing for flu/covid began last December, daily Times editions have featured managed news misinformation and disinformation as part of a state-sponsored campaign to convince maximum numbers of unwitting people to self-inflict harm.

Jabs don’t protect, weren’t developed to safeguard against viral infection, and when used as directed cause irreversible harm and shortened lifespans.

Instead of warning the public against what no one should touch, the Times and other establishment media are complicit with the most diabolical mass extermination campaign ever devised — this one by US and other Western dark forces.

In its latest edition, the Times defied reality by claiming that mass-jabbing “turn(ed) (the) tide (on a) pandemic” that doesn’t exist.

It’s lied repeatedly about new viral strains, falsely claiming they’re more deadly than earlier ones — when, if fact, there’s nary a difference that matters from one to another in terms of their potential for harm.

It failed to explained that new flu/covid strains appear every year — with no fear-mongering mass hysteria accompanying them.

Nor about anything else during annual flu seasons from around October to May annually.

Claiming jabbed individuals are safe from viral infection so they “can do as (they) please” is pseudo-science malarkey and polar opposite reality.

Jabbed individuals are irreversibly harmed and more vulnerable to contracting flu/covid than their unjabbed counterparts.

What the Times should have explained, it suppressed.

Instead it said the Biden regime is “searching for ways to overcome (mass-jabbing) hesitancy.”

No one should go near what doesn’t protect and risks serious harm to health.

If already jabbed, take no more deadly toxins from jabbing no matter how repeatedly coaxed to do otherwise.

The ongoing diabolical scheme calls for annual or semi-annual rejabs. The more taken, the greater the harm.

Ignore establishment media proliferated pro-mass-jabbing propaganda.

Follow reliable independent sources from medical and scientific experts unconnected to governments and Pharma.

Numbers of flu/covid viral infections and deaths last year and this one to date are largely no different than in earlier years.

Socially disruptive social distancing, face masks risking respiratory harm that don’t protect, PCR tests nearly always wrong when positive, and mass-jabbing with deadly toxins have nothing with protecting from viral illness.

Mass promotion otherwise is all about inflicting maximum widespread harm instead of protection from it.

We’ve been scammed and need to resist dark forces involved in wanting us harmed.

Going along with what’s heavily promoted assures harm that’s crucial to avoid.

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