Israeli Apartheid Tyranny

Israeli Apartheid Tyranny

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

State terror against Palestinians and critics defines how Israel always operated from inception.

The Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association together with other Palestinian human rights groups condemned what they called “Israel’s latest large-scale campaign of systematic arbitrary arrest and detention of Palestinians on both sides of the Green Line” since last month.

What’s gone on is longstanding Israeli policy to intimidate, silence and punish Palestinians.

The Jewish state’s apartheid judicial system permits what flagrantly breaches Nuremberg Principles, Fourth Geneva, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and other international law.

Israeli soldiers, police, other security forces and settlers have virtual impunity to assault and otherwise brutalize Palestinians.

Israel targets Palestinian groups and individuals who oppose its racist discrimination, oppression, arrests, detention, torture and other forms of brutality.

On Monday, the Adalah Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel explained the following:

“Multiple sworn affidavits from the past few weeks testify to rampant, systemic Israeli police attacks and brutal beatings of Palestinian citizens of Israel – protesters, minors, innocent bystanders, and even attorneys – inside the city’s police station…”

The “floor of (its) ‘torture room’ was covered in blood from violent police beatings.”

What occurred at Israel’s Nazareth police station goes on in similar fashion where abducted Palestinians are detained.

The Netanyahu regime refused to investigate an official complaint about the above brutality — condoning what breaches international law.

Adalah explained that Palestinians are grabbed off the street (indiscriminately) and held in the station.”

Their “rights to liberty, dignity and bodily integrity, as well as the right to counsel and due process” are systematically denied.

While held isolated in custody, “(o)fficers wounded detainees, terrorized them, and whomever dared to lift his (or her) head upwards risked more beatings by officers.”

Seriously injured Palestinians were denied medical care to compound their suffering.

Adalah condemned what “amounts to torture and ill-treatment, and requires the immediate opening of a criminal investigation to examine the circumstances and conditions of the protesters’ detention at the station – including the investigation and prosecution of police officers involved in the violence.”

Accountability is virtually always off the table.

On Sunday, Mondoweiss reported the following:

“Israel arrest(ed) Muna and Mohammed El-Kurd hours after brutally detaining Palestinians from her (East Jerusalem neighborhood of) Sheikh Jarrah.”

Early Sunday, Muna was forcibly abducted from her home and taken to an Israeli police station for brutal interrogation — for the “crime” of truth-telling journalism as it should be.

“Video footage…on social media showed Israeli forces handcuffing…and escorting her out of her home.”

Her brother was also held for interrogation.

They’re both “internationally-recognized faces of the movement in Sheikh Jarrah…”

They have “millions of followers on social media as they shed light on their family’s fight to save their home from being (illegally) taken over by Israeli settlers,” Mondoweiss explained.

On Monday, Haaretz reported that Israeli attorney general Mendelblit refuses to uphold the rule of law.

He won’t prevent unlawful evictions of Sheikh Jarrah families from their own homes on their own land.

Israel wants their neighborhood used exclusively by Jews — Muslims forcibly removed and kept out.

Israel’s Supreme Court is expected to rule Tuesday on this issue.

Peace Now slammed Mendelblit’s contempt for the rule of law, calling his failure to intervene on behalf of Sheikh Jarrah families “a cynical attempt to evade responsibility,” adding: 

Palestinian “families (will be) thrown out into the street by employing a set of laws that discriminates between (them and) Israelis.”

Since last month, Israeli security forces arrested and detained about 2,000 Palestinians for the “crimes” of not being Jewish, free expression and assembly, along with their right to live free in their homes on their own land.

The world community continues doing nothing to uphold their rights, according to international law.

So Israel has virtual cart blanche to do what it pleases extrajudicially.

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