New Israeli Regime to Be Sworn into Office Sunday

New Israeli Regime to Be Sworn into Office Sunday

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

For millions of Occupied Palestinians, besieged Gazans, and Israeli Arab citizens, the new Jewish state regime will be virtually no different from its predecessor.

From now until Sunday’s scheduled swearing in, Netanyahu no doubt will try using every Machiavellian dirty trick he can concoct to prevent the 8-party opposition bloc from replacing him.

At this time, his longstanding reign of terror nears ending.

“It’s happening,” said opposition bloc co-leader Yair Lapid.

Likudnik Knesset speaker Yariv Levin agreed to hold a special swearing-in session on Sunday.

A new speaker will be chosen at the same time. It’s likely to be Lapid-led Yesh Atid’s Mickey Levy, a former Jerusalem police chief, current Knesset member.

If efforts by Netanyahu fail to render the opposition bloc stillborn by Sunday’s Knesset session, he’ll be out of power for the first time since early 2009.

Naftali Bennett will replace him as prime minister until 2023 if the new coalition holds, followed by Lapid for another two years — according to their rotational agreement.

Ahead of Sunday’s session, Knesset member Karin Elharar said he’ll “convene the organizing committee to determine the agenda.” 

“The coalition agreements will be guided by law. The unity government” will succeed the Netanyahu-led one.

The 8-party coalition bloc has a razor-thin one-seat Knesset majority if it holds.

What war minister Benny Gantz called Israel’s “new path” is virtually its predecessor’s under new management.

Lapid said a new “government will be formed,” adding:

“There’s never anything 100 percent in Israeli politics, but this government has the best chance to make it happen.”

Addressing supporters last Sunday, Netanyahu railed against what he called the “violent machine” against him.

He called on supporters to take to the streets against what he falsely described as a “dangerous left-wing government” — one dominated by right-wing extremists like himself.

Last weekend, Shin Bet head Nadav Argaman noted what he called “a serious increase in and radicalization of violent, inflammatory speech (including) calls for violence and physical attacks,” adding: 

“This speech might well be interpreted by certain groups or individuals as permitting violent, illegal actions that might…even reach the point of taking a life.” 

He urged “a clear, resolute call for an immediate cessation of this violent, inflammatory speech.”

It’s directed at members of the Lapid-Bennett-led opposition coalition by Netanyahu and hardliners around him — including against journalists in support of regime change.

According to Netanyahu, inflammatory remarks that encourage violence are free expression, “not incitement,” adding:

“It is impossible to treat criticism from the right as incitement (sic) and criticism from the left as a legitimate act of freedom of expression (sic).”

Extremist Zionist rabbis published a Netanyahu-supporting open letter.

It called for “do(ing) everything (possible to prevent a new) government (from replacing Netanyahu).

The Times of Israel accused him of “fomenting domestic hatred (and violence in a) desperate attempt to retain power,”adding:

With “unprecedented vigor,” he’s inciting Israelis to the “brink of physical harm at our own hands.”

Haaretz accused him of “leading an incitement that could” produce blood in the streets, adding:

“Bennett has already been depicted in a kaffiyeh and with a swastika and his picture has been burned…” 

“Social media (are) filled with death threats against him and his family.” 

“He is being called a traitor, an enemy of Israel, a court Jew and being wished all kinds of unpleasant deaths.

Other opposition bloc members were also threatened.

Netanyahu’s public remarks are “full of…inflammatory…lies and slander.” 

On the cusp of losing power after 12 consecutive years as prime minister, he defied reality by calling the 8-party opposition bloc “the greatest election fraud in Israeli history.”

He called on supporters to “lay into” bloc members to shift one or more over to supporting him.

Netanyahu’s extremist rule ends Sunday if the 61-Knesset seat opposition bloc majority holds.

If sworn into office, the regime in waiting to replace him will look like he never left.

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