Russia’s Peaceful Multi-World Polarity Agenda v. US War on Humanity

Russia’s Peaceful Multi-World Polarity Agenda v. US War on Humanity

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Russia prioritizes peace, cooperative relations with other nations, and compliance with the rule of law — in sharp contrast to belligerent Washington’s drive for global hegemony.

Addressing the Primakov Readings International Forum on Wednesday, Sergey Lavrov delivered straight talk remarks on key international issues in stark contrast to US/Western forked-tongue double-talk.

Lavrov called former Russian Foreign Minister and Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov the “formulat(or) of the nation’s current foreign policy.”

Continuing today, its principles include “pragmatism, a multi-vector approach, respect for international law, and openness to cooperation with anyone who is willing to interact on the basis of equality and mutual respect,” Lavrov explained.

It’s polar opposite US-dominated Western hegemonic aims.

They’re all about dominating other nations, exploiting their resources, and subjugating their people.

The Russian Federation under Vladimir Putin prioritizes higher standards.

Its independence from Western control and drive for cooperative relations with other nations — according to the rule of law — is why its leadership is vilified in Washington, other Western capitals, and by their press agent media.

Russia must deal with what Lavrov called Western “aggressive unwillingness…to ensure itself a privileged international position at all costs.”

The US-dominated West rejects “an honest, facts-based dialogue,” said Lavrov.

Its so-called “rules-based world order” is all about operating by its own rules — not the rule of law under the UN Charter and other international law.

By rejecting universally accepted standards, hegemon USA and its Western partners prioritize unipolar control of other nations over mutual cooperation on the world stage.

Today’s “West-centric” world order was established by agreements forged in Washington and other Western capitals post-WW II.

Russia justifiably rejects unacceptable rules that aim “to reverse the natural course of history,” said Lavrov.

Unlike hegemon USA, Moscow “ha(s) no superpower ambitions, (no) messianic zeal,” no rage to dominate other nations.

Its democracy is real, far removed from Western fantasy versions.

Notably in the US, tyranny flourishes, wrapped in the American flag to conceal its dark side — supported by press agent media mass deception.

Lavrov stressed that Russia prioritizes “cooperation with everyone…on the basis of mutual respect, equality and a balance of interests.” 

“We are aware of the value of each international partner, both in bilateral relations and in the multilateral format.” 

“We value our friendship with everyone who reciprocates this feeling and is willing to look for honest agreements, without ultimatums and unilateral demands.”

Russia promotes world peace and mutual cooperation at the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO), Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), Lavrov explained.

These organizations priortize the above principles. Among their member states, there are no “bosses,” no “subordinates,” he stressed. 

Putin’s Greater Eurasian Partnership features further strengthening of strong ties with China.

It welcomes participation of all Eurasian countries in the spirit of mutual cooperation.

Moscow also remains actively involved in pursuit of world peace by working to resolve ongoing conflicts.

It’s no simple task given rage for endless wars by the US and its imperial partners.

Russia is “always ready” to help nations needing help, said Lavrov, adding:

“(C)ontrary to (phony) Western allegations, we are…interested in pragmatic, mutually beneficial relations with all (nations), including the West, be it the US, its NATO allies or the EU.”

In stark contrast to Washington’s abandonment of international agreements and treaties, Moscow prioritizes their preservation.

Willing and eager to work with any and all nations, it rejects what Lavrov called a “one-sided game…sanctions…ultimatums,” and other hostile actions featured time and again by the US-dominated West.

Lavrov quoted what Primakov once said as follows:

“A strong Russia should not be seen as a threat to world stability.” 

“Only the inertia of thinking may suggest the conclusion about a threat emanating from Russia” that does not exist.

Lavrov stressed the following:

“Russia will never give up its fundamental values and will be true to its spiritual sources and its stabilizing role in world politics.” 

“(W)e will continue doing everything for the firm, non-confrontational promotion of our national interests and developing cooperation with as many countries as possible.”

The above should be viewed as a position of strength, not weakness, “in full conformity” with the UN Charter and other international law, Lavrov stressed.

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