China’s Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law

China’s Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law

by Stephen Lendman( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The new measure is all about countering US/Western use of weaponized sanctions to wage war on China by other means.

Adopted Thursday by China’s  National People’s Congress (NPC) Standing Committee, the Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law retaliates against what’s imposed illegally on the country, its entities and individuals.

It provides a legal foundation for countering US/Western war on China by other means.

Measures authorized include denial of visas that permit entry into the country, deporting targeted individuals, freezing or seizing property, as well as restricting or denying permission to conduct various transactions.

The law lets entities and individuals affected by foreign sanctions pursue legal action for damages in Chinese courts.

After adoption of the measure, NPC Standing Committee head Li Zhanshu said the following:

“China will not give up its legitimate interests.”

“(N)o one should have any illusion of letting China swallow the bitter fruit that harms our own interests.”

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin stressed that the new law protects the sovereignty and core interests of the nation against hostile foreign actions, adding:

It “provides a strong legal basis and support for China to counteract foreign discriminatory measures.”

Its adoption is notably in response to illegal US, EU, UK, and Canadian sanctions on issues related to Hong Kong and phony accusations of human rights abuses against Jinjiang Uyghur Muslims.

Law Professor Tian Feilong said discussions began about drafting the measure in response to hostile US actions during Trump’s tenure.

No action was taken to see if Biden might go another way.

When the US Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee backed the hostile to China Innovation and Competition Act of 2021 last April, a draft of the Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law was finalized ahead of its subsequent adoption — based on “Biden’s China policies,” Tian explained.

Supporting the legislation, he quoted a Chinese saying that goes:

“Offend no one if none offends you, but retaliate if you are under attack.”

Beijing established a mechanism for responding to foreign sanctions.

China’s Foreign Ministry, its State Council, and other bodies are empowered to prepare countermeasures in response to hostile foreign actions.

Hong Kong’s chief executive Carrie Lam said the new law gives the US and West “a taste of their own medicine.”

Law Professor Huo Zhezngxin explained the following:

“The law precisely and effectively targets those who have taken unilateral sanctions in hurting China’s interests, and this targeted group can be expanded to their relatives or organizations, which would have strong deterrent effect.”

Huo, Tian, and other Chinese legal experts believe the first of its kind law will effectively support the country, its entities and citizens against hostile actions by foreign countries — notably US-dominated Western ones.

It shows that when China’s sovereignty, security, development, and other issues are damaged, it will retaliate appropriately.

Earlier responses by Beijing to hostile US/Western actions were “fragmented and without sufficient legal basis,” said Tian, adding:

The Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law provides a “complete legal basis, offering (China) the same position as the West in taking countermeasures.”

It makes them more systematic, scientific and powerful, he stressed.

Spokesperson for China’s Legislative Affairs Commission of the NPC Standing Committee said the new measure will have no adverse impact on the country’s economic development.

Beijing hopes the new law will deter further hostile US/Western actions.

Because of China’s prominence on the world stage free from US control, chances of achieving this aim are virtually nil.

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