Russian Foreign Ministry on Ukraine, Cuba, Nord Stream 2 and NATO

Russian Foreign Ministry on Ukraine, Cuba, Nord Stream 2, and NATO

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) discussed Ukraine’s US-installed, Nazi-infested fascist regime that represents a festering sore in Europe’s heartland as long as it exists.

Weeks after usurping power in February 2014, Ukraine’s illegitimate regime launched what became endless war on Donbass — orchestrated by the USA.

On June 2, Security Council members discussed the 2014 coup and consequences for democratic Donbass, MZ explaining:

Former Ukrainian officials discussed “what happened during the Maidan protests, of which they were first-hand witnesses” — what establishment media suppressed.

Ruling US, UK, and colonized Estonian regimes boycotted the Security Council session.

MZ: “Many delegations showed an interest in what the speakers had to say about the actual state of affairs in Ukraine and its historical background.”

“Russia’s initiative made it possible to convey true first-hand assessments of the events that took place in Ukraine in 2014 and their consequences.” 

“(T)hese assessments continue to be ignored by (press agents to power) Western media.”

Separately, MZ explained that “provocations by (hardline Ukrainian) nationalist neo-Nazi” elements…complicate the work of Russian diplomatic and consular offices and to prevent the staff from performing their official duties.”

“They blocked access to our diplomatic mission grounds and chanted abusive anti-Russia slogans.”

Instead of enforcing the rule of law, Ukrainian police stand aside and do nothing to deter these abusive practices.

In response to summoning Ukrainian charge d’affairs in Moscow by Russia’s Foreign Ministry because of what’s going on, Kiev did nothing to halt abusive practices, MZ saying:

“Contrary to the norms of diplomatic practice, our demarches have not yet received a response.”

The Zelensky puppet regime abandoned the rule of law straightaway after being installed by its higher power in Washington.

MZ commented on remarks attributed to the late former Ukrainian president Leonid Kravchuk.

Allegedly calling Donbass a “cancerous tumor,” MZ explained that his posthumously published diaries include no such remarks.

Current Ukrainian hardliners call democratic Donbass a “malignant tumor,” its residents referred to as “subhuman,” “biomass,” “quilted jackets,” and similar pejoratives.

As directed by Washington, Kiev maintains a permanent state of war on Donbass along Russia’s border — what MZ called a “road to nowhere.”

Commenting on Cuba — a nation Fidel Castro-led freedom fighters liberated from US-supported fascist tyranny in 1959 — MZ said the following:

The Biden regime included the island state “in the US federal registry of states ‘not fully cooperating’ with (so-called) US counterterrorism efforts (sic),” adding:

This US action “reflects politically motivated cynicism.”

Biden regime hardliners toughened “US pressure” on the country and its people.

Russia “categorical(ly) reject(s) pressure” by sanctions and other hostile means in flagrant breach of the UN Charter and other international law.

“We resolutely denounce the imposition of unilateral bans and restrictions on Havana.” 

“We consider completely unacceptable and useless…any pressure tactics on the Cuban government and people.”

When Fidel died on November 25, 2016 at age-90, hundreds of thousands of Cubans honored him for days until and after he was laid to rest — many weeping publicly.

A mourner said “(h)e was always there in the face of any situation facing the country. I can’t imagine life without him.”

A grieving woman said “(i)t was he who gave us dignity as a people. He was the one who made us feel proud to be Cubans.”

Interviewed by US newsman Edward R. Murrow weeks after entering Havana triumphantly in January 1959, Fidel said the following: 

“My obligation (is) with the (Cuban) people.” 

“What I have to do now and in the future is…(for) what’s good for my country, and if for my country it is necessary that I renounce any position, I would gladly renounce (it) because sincerely, I don’t (have) ambition (for) power, money, nothing, only to serve my country.”

He did that to the end. The US and West have no one remotely his equal in stature.

Fidel said what he meant and meant what he said!

An immortal figure for Cubans and countless millions of others worldwide, ruling regimes Washington treated him like a mortal enemy for maintaining Cuban independence from US hegemonic control.

Commenting separately on interventionist Blinken’s hostile remarks about Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany, MZ said the following:

After completion of its first leg, she said “we expect the pipeline’s commissioning by the end of this year,” adding:

Russia and Germany consider “the pipeline an exclusively commercial project aimed at strengthening the energy security of Germany and the EU.”

Blinken’s unacceptable remark about Biden regime efforts “to mitigate ‘adverse consequences’ of gas going through this pipeline” shows continued US efforts to undermine it before and after becoming operational.

MZ denounced what she called Washington’s “dirty game.”

It’s all about waging endless war on Russia by other means, along with wanting to supply European countries with high-cost US LNG over much less expensive/readily available Russian natural gas.

As for the Biden regime “having to admit that the project is almost complete, it is a good thing they occasionally see the real picture,” MZ added.

In response to US-installed and controlled NATO secretary general Stoltenberg’s defiance of reality by falsely accusing Russia of refusing to dialogue with the alliance for warmaking, MZ said the following:

Stoltenberg “use(s) (establishment media to falsely claim that Moscow) is not not responding to NATO’s call for cooperation.” 

“Everything possible is being done to bury our response in an endless repetition of these (phony) allegations.”

He falsely claimed that “he wants to cooperate with Russia and that the ball is in Russia’s court but Russia refuses to talk.” 

“But he himself has refused to accept our invitation to the Moscow conference.” 

“What better proof of the true intentions of NATO and its secretary general can one ask for?”

Stoltenberg is a US-installed imperial stooge — serving the interests of his higher power in Washington at the expense of world peace and stability.

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