NBC News Interviews Vladimir Putin

NBC News Interviews Vladimir Putin

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On June 11 — ahead of talks in Geneva with Biden’s double — NBC News interviewed Vladimir Putin in Moscow at a time when bilateral relations are more dismal and dangerous than any previous time in the post-WW II period.

See below.

Time and again, dominant US hardliners falsely blame other countries and their leaders for crimes of war, against humanity, and other wrongdoing Washington and its complicit partners bears full responsibility for.

Last Sunday ahead of upcoming Geneva talks, interventionist Blinken falsely accused Russia of “reckless and aggressive actions directed at us (and) our allies (sic),” adding:

Biden’s impersonator will tell Putin that “we’ll respond forcefully” to Russia ahead as before — for invented reasons because no legitimate ones ever exist, Blinken failed to explain.

No Russian US election meddling occurred, no cyberattacks, no attempted poisoning of CIA asset Navalny, no hostile actions of any kind by Moscow against the US or other countries.

Phony claims otherwise are unaccompanied by verifiable evidence because there is none whenever Russia or other nations free from US control are accused of anything.

Notably when Biden’s double meets with Putin in Geneva Wednesday, Blinken and perhaps other US regime officials will be with him for damage control.

Instead of a traditional joint press conference following talks, Biden’s impersonator will go solo.

It’s to avoid embarrassing gaffes by a know-nothing figure.

He’s knowledgeable of little more than what’s scripted for him to recite or paraphrase in public remarks.

He’s pigmy in stature compared to Putin’s preeminence on the world stage.

In response to an NBC News question about a fake news WaPo report claim that Russia intends to supply Iran with advance “satellite technology (for striking) military targets,” Putin said the following:

“No. No. We don’t have that kind of programs with Iran.” 

“No, (phony claims otherwise are) just nonsense all over again.”

“We cooperate with Iran, including military and technical cooperation.” 

“(A)ll of this fits the framework of the decisions that were agreed upon in our program in regard to Iran’s (legitimate) nuclear program in the context of UN decisions together with our partners in the preparation of the JCPOA whereby sanctions, including in the area of military and technical cooperation, should be lifted from Iran.”

“We don’t even have any kind of real cooperation even in the conventional weapons area.” 

“So if anybody is inventing something regarding modern space-based technology, this is just plain fiction. (It’s) nonsense, garbage.”

Putin stressed that Russia and Iran are allied in supporting regional peace and stability — polar opposite how belligerent USA and its imperial partners operate.

Russia’s position is clear, Putin stressed.

The Kremlin is “categorically against (warmaking and) space militarization.”

“We believe that space should be free from any and all kinds of weapons located in or near-earth orbits.” 

“We don’t have this kind of plan…especially concerning the transfer of technology of the level that you have just described.”

Ahead of talks with Biden’s double, Putin said “(w)hen people get together and discuss something, it’s always good.”

“It’s better than not to get together and not to discuss,” especially when bilateral differences exist, adding:

“I have said on many occasions (that US-dominated NATO) is a Cold War relic.”

There’s no justification for it to exist.

It’s for warmaking on the phony pretext of pursuing and preserving peace that hegemon USA and its partners abhor.

On Wednesday in bilateral talks, Biden’s impersonator will “promot(e)  (US) economic and military interests.”

Russia’s relationship with the US “deteriorated to what is the lowest point in recent” memory, Putin explained, adding:

Yet “there are matters…of mutual interest can be dealt with in an efficient and effective way in the interests of both the US and Russia.”

“(T)he US domestic political agenda made it impossible for us to restore the relationship at an acceptable level.” 

With this in mind, “a bilateral meeting should have taken place” earlier.

The White House initiated what’s planned for Wednesday.

“We know what matters and what problems Americans want to discuss with us,” Putin explained.

“We’re prepared for (cooperative) joint work” despite differences. 

“The most important value in international affairs is predictability and stability.”

“(T)his is something that we haven’t seen in recent years” because of endless US wars by hot and/or other means on invented enemies.

In recent years, Russian/US relations were “sacrificed for the sake of a fierce political strife inside the US.”

“We know it very well. We have been accused of all kinds of things: election interference, cyber attacks and so on and so forth.” 

“And not once did they bother to produce any kind of evidence or proof. Just unfounded accusations.” 

“We are willing to engage with international participants, including the US.”

“You are the ones who refused to engage in joint work. We cannot structure this work unilaterally.”

US-dominated NATO “considers cyberspace an area of combat.”

Russia opposes all forms of belligerent confrontation.

It’s forced to defend itself against possible US aggression.

The same is true for other nations free from hegemonic US control.

Nonbelligerent nations strongly oppose how the US and its imperial partners illegally interfere in their internal affairs — a flagrant UN Charter breach.

Questions asked Putin in English were translated into Russian for him to respond, his remarks then translated into English.

The English language transcript by NBC News was choppy.

The lengthy interview covered other issues related to ones discussed above.

Nonbelligerent Russia — and preeminent world leader Vladimir Putin personally — are considered mortal US enemies for refusing to bow to its interests.

Nor should any nation and its leadership.

Hegemon USA demands subservience.

Nations unwilling to go along are on its target list for regime change — wars by hot and/or other means its favored strategies.

Unthinkable US war with Russia and/or China is possible by accident or design.

Both right wings of its war party prioritize endless conflicts.

US culture has been violent domestically and abroad throughout its history.

Perpetually at war against invented enemies, it has the highest homicide rate among Western nations and a passion for owning guns.

Violent films are among its most popular ones. 

Similar video games crowd out the simpler, more innocent street play I recall as a boy and adolescent. 

Prescription and illicit drug use are out-of-control.

Through television, films and in inner cities, Americans are exposed to violence daily.

Because militarism and belligerence are glorified, pacifist non-violence is considered sissy and/or unpatriotic.

What’s engrained in the public mind from early in life is considered the American way.

The self-styled indispensable state is an unparalleled threat to everyone everywhere.

Imperial USA will crumble one day like all previous empires in history.

Will its rage for warmaking take us all with it when its end time comes?

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