New Israeli Regime Terror-Bombs Gaza

New Israeli Regime Terror-Bombs Gaza

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Since ousting Netanyahu, extremist PM Bennett’s regime wasted no time proving its hostility toward long-suffering Palestinians.

It approved Tuesday’s inflammatory Flag March through Occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City by thousands of pro-settler right-wing extremists — knowing it could and did incite violence.

Supporting what shouldn’t have been approved, thuggish Israeli security forces assaulted Palestinian protesters violently.

Dozens were injured, at least 17 arrested — while racist marchers chanted “Death to Arabs…Jerusalem is ours…May your villages burn.”

Defying reality, Bennett regime interior minister Bar-Lev said the following:

“The right to demonstrate is a right in all democracies. (P)olice (are) ready and we will do everything in our power to preserve the delicate thread of coexistence.”

Fact: For Occupied Palestinians and Arab citizens, Israel is ruled by police state-enforced apartheid tyranny — its ruling authorities contemptuous of their rights.

Fact: Tuesday’s march had nothing to do with the right to demonstrate.

Fact: It showed Bennett regime support for hostile actions by pro-settler extremists. 

Thousands turned out in force to taunt and incite violence against Palestinians.

Previous Flag Marches attacked Palestinian homes and shops in East Jerusalem’s Old City, police doing nothing to intervene.

Hamas official Ismael Radwan denounced Tuesday’s march, saying it was “provoc(ative) (to incite) Palestinian(s),” adding:

“We hold the Zionist occupation fully responsible for the repercussions of its crimes.” 

“All options are open to respond to the crimes of the occupation.”

Separately, a new poll by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research found that 53% of Palestinians believe Hamas is “most deserving of representing and leading the Palestinian people.”

In stark contrast, only 14% expressed support for Israeli-installed Palestinian Authority rule under puppet president Mahmoud Abbas.

Over three-fourths of respondents said Hamas defended Palestinian holy sites — not Abbas and his Fatah party — during 11 days of Israeli aggression last month.

In response to so-called incendiary balloons by Gazans into southern Israel to protest Tuesday’s provocative Flag March, the IDF terror-bombed Strip targets overnight, a belligerent statement saying:

The newly installed Bennett regime is “ready for all scenarios, including renewed fighting” against legitimate resistance by Palestinians against Israeli apartheid viciousness.

On Tuesday, Islamic Jihad called on Occupied Palestinians to “protect the Al-Aqsa Mosque.’

Hamas said it would respond to “Israeli aggression against Al-Aqsa,” adding:

Palestinians will continue their “brave resistance and defend their rights and sacred sites.”

Reporting from Gaza, Al Jazeera’s Safwat al-Kahlout said Palestinians in the Strip “had no orders from their commanders to respond to” overnight Israeli aggression, adding:

“Hamas did not mention retaliation or a response in (its) statement” about overnight IDF terror-bombing.

It broke a fragile ceasefire following last month’s Israeli aggression — suggesting more of the same may come at the discretion of Bennett regime hardliners.

In response to Tuesday’s inflammatory march and its aftermath, Bennett regime coalition member United Arab List’s head Mansour Abbas denounced what he called “an attempt to set the region on fire for political aims.”

Stressing that interior minister Bar-Lev should have banned Tuesday’s march, he “call(ed) on all sides not to be dragged into an escalation” that can only end badly for Palestinians.

Tensions are always heightened in the Occupied Territories because of police state terror against Palestinians.

It includes daily state-sponsored violence, as well as dispossessing them from their homes and land to make way for exclusive Jewish development and use.

For long-suffering Palestinians, the new Israeli regime is like its predecessors.

Events on Tuesday and overnight displayed the Bennett regime’s racist bona fides.

Whenever transition of power occurs in Israel, new names and faces maintain longstanding status quo apartheid rule.

For long-suffering Palestinians, things change but stay the same for them.

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