Post-No-Summit/Summit Remarks by Biden’s Double

Post-No-Summit/Summit Remarks by Biden’s Double

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The charade of preeminent world leader Vladimir Putin meeting with Biden’s impersonator — because the real thing is too cognitively impaired to represent himself — is both farcical and tragic.

Following Wednesday talks in Geneva, Biden’s double recited by teleprompter (and perhaps paraphrased) pre-scripted remarks prepared by his handlers.

He said Russia and the US “share unique responsibility to manage the relationship between two powerful and proud countries,” adding: 

“A relationship that has to be stable and predictable, and we should be able to cooperate where it’s in our mutual interest and where we have differences I wanted President Putin understand why I say what I say and why I do what I do and how we’ll respond to specific kinds of actions that harm America’s interest (sic).”

Fact: US policy toward Russia and other nations free from imperial control fosters instability that risks direct confrontation.

Fact: No nations threaten or harm “America’s interest” —not Russia, China or any others.

Biden’s double defied reality by claiming that hegemon USA “is not against Russia or anyone else, (sic).”

He falsely said Biden regime policies are “for the American people (sic)” — its privileged class alone at the expense of ordinary people at home and abroad, he left unexplained.

The US isn’t “fighting covid” — its renamed seasonal flu, an agenda all about inflicting maximum harm on maximum numbers of people at home and abroad.

Biden regime hardliners are at war on the vast majority of Americans, an agenda far removed from “protecting” them.

As for alleged US “democratic values,” they never existed from inception and clearly don’t now — by a nation hell bent for eliminating  them wherever they exist.

Human rights “violations” reflect how hegemon USA operates at home and abroad, not democratic Russia. 

The notion of “hold(ing) these truth (sic) self-evident that all men and women (sic)” is rhetorical mumbo-jumbo never observed in reality by the US ruling class, clearly not now.

Nor does hegemon USA respect “a free press and freedom of speech…democratic sovereignty (and) democratic elections” — notions it tolerates nowhere, especially not domestically.

Nor is “bilateral strategic stability” likely ahead between Russia with a nation hell bent for dominating others — endless wars by hot and/or other means its favored strategies.

On all things related to “cybersecurity,” hegemon USA threatens cyberwar on invented enemies like Russia — not the other way around.

After over a decade of US aggression against sovereign Syria, Biden’s double farcically claimed there’s an “urgent need to…get food…and basic necessities to people…starving to death.”

He ignored the infamous US 2020 Caesar Act — a diabolical aim by bipartisan hardliners in Washington to suffocate and otherwise immiserate 17 million Syrians into submission by denying them essentials to life and well-being.

Biden’s double defied reality by falsely claiming a nonexistent threat of nonbelligerent Iran “acquir(ing) nuclear weapons” — while ignoring longstanding nuclear armed and dangerous Israel like always before by the West.

He falsely suggested a Russian threat to Ukraine that doesn’t exist.

Claiming support to resolve (US orchestrated) conflict by Kiev on Donbass ignored perpetual war by Obama/Biden regime-installed fascists on its democratic Donetsk and Lugansk Peoples’ Republics.

There’s no ambiguity about longstanding US war on Russia by other means with no end of it in prospect.

Nothing was achieved in Geneva for more positive bilateral relations.

A state of undeclared Cold War exists between both nations — far more dangerous than when mutually assured destruction (MAD) prevented unthinkable war between the US and Soviet Union.

Geneva talks accomplished nothing toward stepping back from the brink of possible direct confrontation between the world’s leading nuclear powers.

As long as hegemon USA unjustifiably invents reasons to bash Russia, China and other nations free from its control, what’s unthinkable remains possible.

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