Endless Iran Bashing

Endless Iran Bashing

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Iran bashing by hegemon USA and its imperial partners — especially apartheid Israel — never quits.

It’s all about Iranian sovereign independence, notably its unwillingness to bow to the interests of a higher foreign power.

So its ruling authorities are falsely accused of all sorts of things they had nothing to do with.

Ignored is that nonbelligerent Iran threatens no other nations.

Its ruling authorities prioritize peace, stability, cooperative relations with other countries and compliance with international law — polar opposite how the US-dominated West and Israel operate.

On June 18, Iranians elected Ebrahim Raeisi their 13th president.

On August 3, he’ll succeed two-term incumbent Hassan Rouhani.

Aged-61, Raeisi holds a doctorate in jurisprudence and fundamentals of Islamic law.

Currently serving as Judiciary chief, he’s Iran’s Chief Justice. He also held the following positions:

Deputy Judiciary chief

Tehran prosecutor and deputy prosecutor

General Inspection Office head

Attorney General

Astan Quds Razavi organization chairman

Assembly of Experts member

Center to Combat Economic Fraud member

Monitoring Council on the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting chairman

Like incumbent President Rouhani, Foreign Minister Zarif, and other Iranian officials, Raeisi stressed that preserving the JCPOA requires the US to lift all illegally imposed sanctions and return to the landmark nuclear agreement as unanimously affirmed by Security Council Res. 2231.

Like other Iranian officials, he supports and practices what Islamic principles are all about.

Its tenets foster love, not hate; peace, not violence; charity, not exploitation; and just, fair societies for people of all faiths.

As he’s done in previous positions held, as president he’ll govern according to the above principles.

After entering the presidential race, he pledged the following:

“While respecting all the candidates and political groups, I have entered the scene…as an independent in order to bring about a change in the country’s executive management and put up a relentless fight against poverty and corruption, humiliation and discrimination,” adding:

“Seeing the living conditions of the people, the issues of unemployment, high prices, the people’s livelihood, and the economic situation are…major cause(s) for concern.”

Illegal US sanctions — and their support by its imperial partners — bear full responsibility for hardships Iranians endure.

As Judiciary chief, Raeisi combated corruption and upheld laws to protect women from domestic violence.

Before and after his landslide electoral triumph, US/Western/Israeli press agents for imperial power over peace, equity, justice and the rule of law bashed him.

Ahead of Friday’s election, the pro-war, anti-peace, capitalist tool lying machine NYT falsely claimed that “choice (for Iranian voters was) erased (sic),” adding:

Judiciary chief Raeisi “has a long history of involvement in human rights abuses (sic).”

“Analysts say (sic) Mr. Raisi’s presidency would finalize a plan years in the making for conservatives to consolidate power (sic), take over all branches of the government (sic), (and) marginalize any reform faction (sic)…”

Stanford University Iran basher Abbas Milani was quoted, saying: 

“Today we are witnessing an unabashed attack on any semblance of republican principles (sic)…”

The Times falsely claimed that an “engineered victory” was arranged for Raisi. 

Hardline Islamophobic Israeli PM Naftali Bennett slammed Raeisi’s triumph as expected, saying the following:

His “election as president of Iran is a signal to world powers that they need to wake up (sic),” adding: 

“This is the last signal before going back to the Iran deal. They must understand who they’re dealing with (sic).”  

“A regime of executioners cannot have weapons of mass destruction (sic).”

A lawless “regime of (Palestinian) executioners” governs Israel like always before throughout Jewish state history.

Since established in 1979 —  ending a generation of US/Western/Israeli supported Iranian tyranny — the Islamic Republic adheres to higher standards.

The Times of Israel headlined the following:

“US said to boost military cooperation with Israel, mideast allies to hinder Iran,” saying:

“IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi heads to the US with a senior delegation of top Israeli military officers to meet with American officials in Washington and discuss Iran’s nuclear program and its expansionist efforts (sic) in the region.”

According to an IDF statement:

“The chief of staff will discuss with his (US) counterparts current shared security challenges (sic), including matters dealing with the Iranian nuclear threat (sic), Iran’s efforts to entrench itself militarily in the Middle East (sic), Hezbollah’s rearmament efforts (sic), the consequences of the threat of precision-guided missiles and joint force build-up (sic).” 

Iran, Hezbollah, and Palestinian freedom fighters comply with international law, threatening no one.

The US-dominated West and apartheid Israel threaten humanity.

Haaretz shamefully bashed Raeisi, falsely calling him “an executioner fond of the gallows (sic),” adding:

He’ll “be in no rush to melt the iceberg that has characterized the relations between the two countries since the Islamic revolution (sic).”

The US and its imperial partners bear full responsibility for hostile relations with Iran.

The hardline Biden regime continues illegal “maximum pressure” imposed by it predecessor.

As long as Iran remains free from US control, virtually no prospect for improved bilateral relations exists — no matter who serves as Iranian president or in other senior positions.

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