Unelected Biden Regime Criticizes Iran’s Electoral Process

Unelected Biden Regime Criticizes Iran’s Electoral Process

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

In office by the most brazen election fraud in US history, the selected — unelected — Biden regime defied reality by falsely saying that “Iranians were denied their right to choose their own leaders in a free and fair electoral process (sic).”

Iran electoral process shames US one-party rule with two extremist right wings — its war party.

Islamic Republic governance serves all Iranians in stark contrast to US rule exclusively for privileged interests at the expense of ordinary people everywhere.

Iran hasn’t preemptively attacked another nation for centuries, threatening none now. 

The US-dominated West and Israel are perpetually at war on invented enemies.

Last March by White House executive order, the Biden regime invented a nonexistent “national emergency…to deal with the unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States constituted by the actions and policies of the Government of Iran (sic).”

No such “extraordinary threat” exists from a nation waging peace, not war.

Yet the Biden regime defied reality by falsely claiming the following:

“The actions and policies of the Government of Iran — including its proliferation and development of missiles and other asymmetric and conventional weapons capabilities (sic), its network and campaign of regional aggression (sic), its support for terrorist groups (sic), and the malign activities of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and its surrogates (sic) — continue to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States (sic).”

An unparalleled security threat to the world community of peace-loving nations applies to hegemon USA and belligerent partners — clearly not Iran.

Its weapons development is solely for defense, not offense — polar opposite how US-dominated NATO and Israel operate.

US ruling regimes perpetuate national security concerns about all its invented enemies.

No real ones existed throughout the post-WW II period.

According to interventionist Blinken, the Biden regime will continue JCPOA talks in Vienna — at impasse on key issues that appear unlikely to be resolved for invented reasons.

No legitimate ones exist.

On Sunday, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister, its top JCPOA negotiator Seyed Abbas Araqchi said “main differences” with the West remain, adding:

The “time has come for (Western nations) to make their decision because the stage for negotiations and a possible agreement is fully clear.” 

“They have to make their own decisions and it is now clear in what areas, what is possible and what is not possible.” 

“It is time for all parties, specially the other parties, to make their final decision.”

“For a few days, which I cannot now say exactly how many, we will stop the talks and return to the capitals not only for further consultations but also for decision-making.”

“Reaching an agreement depends on meeting the key demands and resolving the fundamental concerns of the Islamic Republic, and whenever we reach such a point, an agreement will be reached, whether in this government or in the next government.”

Separately, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said “(t)he US should make its own decision.” 

“The US should know that it is the wrongdoer and violator of the UN Security Council Resolution 2231, and it is present in the negotiations from the position of a wrongdoer, and it should provide the necessary assurances that it would not repeat what happened under Trump.” 

“The way back is quite clear to us.”

“We have very little time in Vienna for the remaining issues.” 

They “require political decisions (that if) made in Washington and (other Western) capitals, there will be a return to the nuclear deal.”

Separately, Araqchi said the following about President-Elect Raeisi:

His “positions in the field of foreign policy, as expressed during the election campaign, reflect a realistic and interactive policy based on cooperation with the international community and constructive economic interaction.” 

“His positions on the JCPOA and the ongoing negotiations also reflect the same realism and pragmatism in foreign policy.” 

Reaching agreement in Vienna depends on whether the US-dominated West will or will not comply with its international law obligations — what the US and E3 have not done since Trump unlawfully abandoned the JCPOA in May 2018.

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif said the main obstacle to reaching agreement in Vienna is US refusal to comply with its international law obligations and not walk away illegally again from what it may agree to ahead.

He added that from behind the scenes, the Biden regime seeks unacceptable concessions from Iran.

Zarif saw the latest draft of a JCPOA agreement, saying:

“The main obstacle that remains is the issue of understanding these cases.” 

“The US must come to terms with the fact that it was the party that deliberately left the agreement, but their goal was not achieved.” 

“Now that they want to return to the agreement, they cannot achieve through the negotiating table a goal that was not achieved through economic warfare.”

Another key obstacle is “verify(ing) the fulfillment of US commitments.”

The Biden regime “needs to reassure us…and we are working on that right now.”

“I do not trust Biden” and hardliners in charge of his geopolitical agenda.

US ruling authorities can never be trusted.

Time and again, whatever they agree to is abandoned later on.

Chances of the Biden regime lifting all illegally imposed sanctions on Iran and returning to the JCPOA as affirmed by Security Council Res. 2231 are virtually nil.

Talks in Vienna when conclude will most likely prove to have been an exercise in futility because the US doesn’t negotiate in good faith.

It demands one-sided concessions  no responsible governments would accept.

That’s where things appear to be heading no matter how much longer talks continue.

As for incoming President Raeisi, Biden regime hostility toward him before taking office indicates no end of US war on Iran by other means.

A dismal relationship will likely worsen ahead, not improve.

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