Unsafe to Fly

Unsafe to Fly

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Health Impact News and other websites reported that four British Airways (BA) pilots died after receiving toxic covid jabs.

The airline reportedly is in crisis mode over whether its covid jabbed pilots should be allowed to fly.

Over 80% of its pilots got them.

They have nothing to do with protecting and preserving health — just the opposite.

They’re designed to harm health, shorten lifespans, and kill.

Flying with a pilot and flight crew jabbed for covid risks the lives of passengers.

If unable to perform duties while airborne for health issues, all on board could die.

If most airline pilots and flight crew members have been jabbed for covid in the US, West and elsewhere with Pfizer/Moderna mRNA drugs or J & J/AstraZeneca vaccines, it’s unsafe for air travelers to fly with them.

Unlike ground travel, there’s little room for error when airborne.

If both pilot and co-pilot become incapacitated in flight, everyone onboard may be doomed.

As expected, UK public health authorities denied that BA pilots died from toxic covid jabs.

According to an unidentified friend of a BA pilot, “things are getting crazy” because of four deaths, adding:

One pilot was in his mid-30s, two others in their 40s and 50s with no health issues of concern.

Because of what happened, BA officials “are now in crisis talks with the government about whether to allow (their covid-jabbed) pilots to fly.”

In damage control, Britain’s Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) denied the above, a statement by vigilance and risk management of medicines director Dr. Sarah Banch falsely saying:

“We have not been made aware of deaths of BA pilots after receiving (covid jabs) (sic) and have not had discussions with BA or other airlines about preventing pilots from flying after receiving” them (sic).

“There are currently no restrictions on aviation or other industries and activities post” covid jabbing.

A report by press agent for power Reuters was similar, saying BA is not holding “crisis talks” with UK officials.

Virtually everything establishment media reported about covid since early last year has been false.

They’re part of a US/Western state-sponsored mass deception campaign to convince maximum numbers of unsuspecting people to self-inflict harm.

Deaths of four BA pilots days after being jabbed for covid raises obvious red flags.

Since covid mass-jabbing began last December, millions of people in the US, West and elsewhere have already been harmed.

Based on way-underreported CDC/FDA Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), US deaths from covid jabs so far took more lives in a few short months than fatalities from all vaccines combined over the past 15.5 years.

Officially reported numbers of adverse events and deaths from covid jabs are a small fraction of a far greater toll.

Noted Professor of Medicine Dr. Peter McCullough, minced no words saying the following:

Covid jabs are “bioweapons.”

They’re “far and away the most lethal, toxic, biologic agent ever injected into a human body in American history.”

Hundreds of other medical and scientific experts issued similar warnings.

When taken as directed, covid jabs risk irreversible harm and death near-or-longer-term.

Toxins in jabs risk harm to virtually all body organs.

Close contact by unjabbed individuals with jabbed ones risks harm.

Pfizer documents explained the following:

“Occupational exposure occurs when a person has unplanned direct contact with a (covid jabbed) subject, which may or may not result in the occurrence of an adverse event.” 

“These individuals may include health care providers, family members and other people in the subject’s environment.”

In 2018, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security reported on what some scientists call “self-spreading vaccines (to) dramatically increase coverage” without mass-inoculations.

The idea should terrify everyone aware of hazards posed by all vaccines. None are safe.

If self-spreading ones are developed, vaccine refusniks will be inoculated like jabbed individuals — a frightening prospect.

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