Biden Regime Rejects Compliance with its JCPOA Obligations

Biden Regime Rejects Compliance with its JCPOA Obligations

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

After six rounds of JCPOA talks in Vienna since April 6, the Biden regime refuses to comply with key Security Council Res. 2231 provisions that affirmed the landmark agreement unanimously.

Notably it refuses to lift hundreds of illegal US sanctions that are all about harming Iran politically and economically.

It reserves the right to impose new illegal sanctions at its discretion.

If its hardline position remains unchanged, Vienna talks are doomed, what seems most likely.

On Monday, interventionist Blinken’s spokesman Price said the following:

Involved indirectly in Vienna talks, Biden regime policy toward Iran “is designed to advance US interests” — even when breaching international law, Price failed to explain.

He falsely called Iran’s political process “pre-manufactured (sic).”

Defying reality, he lied claiming that Iran’s presidential election “was not free and fair (sic).”

He lied saying “Iranians were denied their right to choose their own leaders.”

He ignored US fantasy democracy, a one-party state with two right wings — its war party.

The same applies to the undemocratic West overall.

He was silent about selected, unelected, Biden.

Serving illegitimately, his cognitive impairment requires a double to represent him in public.

Time and again, he, other Biden regime officials, their Western counterparts and apartheid Israel maintain the mythical threat of Iran acquiring nukes it never sought, doesn’t now, and wants eliminated before they eliminate us.

Price: “(I)t is absolutely in our interests…to…permanently and verifiably prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon (sic).”

“(W)e must find a diplomatic solution to Iran’s nuclear program (sic), that only through diplomacy can we permanently and verifiably prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon (sic).”

“(A) nuclear program that is unconstrained (sic) would give Iran a greater degree of impunity to take on the kind of actions that we also find so objectionable and seek to counter (sic).”

Ignoring Iran’s full compliance with its JCPOA obligations under Security Council Res. 2231, Price defied reality again by demanding Iranian compliance “to prevent (it) from obtaining a nuclear weapon (sic).”

He falsely accused its ruling authorities of “galloping forward (toward) obtaining a nuclear weapon…in ways that we have seen (sic).”

He lied accusing Iran of “distanc(ing) itself from the nuclear deal in recent years (sic).”

He turned truth on its head by falsely accusing Iran of coming “closer and closer to the breakout point that would allow it to build a nuclear weapon (sic).”

Whenever the issue is raised by the US and West, nary a word is said about nuclear armed and dangerous Israel — a real regional and world threat in stark contrast to none by nonbelligerent Iran.

Like many times before, Price invented reasons to bash Iran unjustifiably. 

He lied calling Iran’s legitimate ballistic missile program for defense, not offense, a regional threat — polar opposite how US-dominated NATO and Israel operate — an unparalleled threat.

He lied accusing Iran of “supporting  terrorist groups and proxies throughout the region” — a US, NATO, Israeli specialty, not how Tehran operates.

Representing the world’s leading human rights abuser USA at home and abroad, he falsely accused Iran of failing to “respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms for all Iranians (sic),” adding:

The Biden regime will “hold relevant  Iranians accountable for the human rights abuses that take place under their jurisdiction or on their watch (sic).”

“The new president will be accountable for gross violations of human rights on his watch going forward (sic).”

Hostile to peace, the rule of law, and other democratic values USA “will always champion human rights,” it consistently, repeatedly and egregiously breaches.

The hostile-to-Iran remarks by Price suggest that hegemon USA — under both wings of its war party — has no intention of returning to JCPOA compliance as required by Security Council Res. 2231.

Six rounds of talks failed to resolve key issues because of Biden regime and E3 obstructionism.

An upcoming 7th round, and subsequent ones if follow, won’t likely fare better.

Biden and hardliners in charge of his regime’s geopolitical agenda vowed to return to JCPOA compliance.

After five months in office, they’ve done nothing to fulfill their pledge — suggesting no change in their war on Iran by other means ahead for invented reasons.

No justifiable ones exist — nor against other nations free from US hegemonic control.

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