Bashing Iran’s President-Elect Raeisi

Bashing Iran’s President-Elect Raeisi

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

US regimes have been implacably hostile toward nonbelligerent Iran since it became free from their hegemonic grip in 1979.

Following Ebrahim Raeisi’s landslide election triumph as Iran’s new president on June 18 — succeeding two-term incumbent Hassan Rouhani in August — US dark forces and their press agent media invented reasons to bash him, a likely sample of much more to come when he takes office.

In response to perverted reality by interventionist Blinken’s spokesman Price — falsely claiming Iranians were denied “free and fair electoral process,” a bald-faced Big Lie — Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiyee responded sharply, saying:

“We consider such remarks as an instance of interference in Iran’s internal affairs and contrary to international laws and condemn them,” adding: 

The (Biden regime) is not in a position and is not qualified to opine on the process of elections in Iran or any other country.”

Illegally meddling in the internal affairs of other nations is longstanding hegemon USA practice — from the shores of Tripoli in 1805 to halls of Montezuma in 1847 to the present day worldwide.

In remarks posted on Iran’s Mehr News website in response to Raeisi’s election, I said the following: 

When Western critics unacceptably complain about Iran’s vetting process, they need

to be reminded about Western fantasy democracies — in name only, never the real thing.

The US is a one-party state with two right wings — the war party. 

Biden was selected, not elected. Brazen election rigging installed him.

Turnout for most US presidential elections is around half of the electorate. Off-year

elections for Congress get lower turnout rates.

Tens of millions of eligible US voters abstain because there’s nothing to vote for.

Whenever US/Western elections are held, dirty business as usual wins every time.

US/Western governance is exclusively of, by, and for privileged interests, ordinary people ill-served and betrayed every time.

Iranians have choice. Americans and others in the West get to choose — as I like to say —between death by hanging or firing squad. 

Either way, they’re betrayed whenever so-called elections are held.

Democracy as it should be is banned, a fantasy version alone permitted, the real thing considered anathema to its ruling class.

The pro-war, pro-corporate predation, pro-privilege, anti-governance of, by and for everyone equitably NYT slammed President-Elect Raeisi, saying:

He represents “harden(ed) Iranian policies (sic) as the conservative faction takes control of all branches of the government: Parliament, the judiciary and soon, the presidency,” adding:

He (justifiably) “rejected” the Biden regime’s call for an (unacceptable) “longer and stronger” JCPOA — in breach of Security Council Res. 2231 — and said Iran’s legitimate ballistic missile program (for defense, not offense, like the US, NATO and Israel operate) is “nonnegotiable.”

Asked if he’s willing to meet with Biden, he responded “No,” adding:

He supports ongoing Vienna talks, but “will not allow (them to go on endlessly) for the sake of talks” achieving nothing positive.

Calling himself a “defender of human rights and of people’s security and comfort,” he rejected false US claims otherwise.

At his first press conference, he justifiably slammed the US for abandoning the JCPOA, saying:

“European countries and the US must look and see what they have done to the JCPOA.” 

“The US violated the JCPOA while European countries (Britain, France and Germany) failed to comply with their obligations.”

“The Iranian nation is not satisfied with the JCPOA, because it has failed to deliver on its promises and the reason is that Americans violated their obligations while Europeans failed to observe theirs as well.”

“Americans should have lifted all sanctions under the JCPOA, but failed to do so.” 

“I advise the Americans to return to their commitments, and Europe should not come under pressure from the US and (should) fulfill its commitments.”

“The US is required to lift all of the sanctions against the Iranian nation.” 

“What I have emphasized repeatedly is the termination of sanctions and verification” of whatever the US may agree to.

Militantly hostile toward nations free from US hegemonic control WaPo recited a litany of bald-faced Big Lies about Iran and President-Elect Raeisi, saying:

Its government “is concentrat(ed) around a core of ruthless ideologues (sic)” — an apt description of how the US-dominated West and apartheid Israel operate, not respectful of the rule of law like Iran.

Along with defying reality, WaPo insulted Raeisi, falsely calling him “one of the Islamic republic’s most notorious killers (sic)” — a correct description of US/Western regimes and their leadership, not the Islamic Republic.

Like US hardliners and other establishment media, WaPo lied, claiming Raeisi “helped to engineer the execution of thousands of political prisoners (sic).”

Politically imprisoning thousands in its global gulag of torture prisons is a US specialty WaPo conveniently ignored.

A further litany of bald-faced Big Lies followed by the notorious mouthpiece for CIA-connected owner, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos — a $200 billion man of ill-gotten super-wealth by amassing it the dubious old-fashioned way.

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