Putin Warns About NATO Buildup Near Russia’s Borders

Putin Warns About NATO Buildup Near Russia’s Borders

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Addressing the 9th Moscow Conference on International Security, Vladimir Putin discussed what he called “critical issues of the modern military-political agenda.”

It requires strengthened Russian security during “increasingly turbulent” times.

(US/Western) “force” to advance their interests comes “at the expense of the security of others,” Putin explained.

What’s going on “require(s)” the world community to advance “UN Charter goals and principles” that aim to prevent “a new world war.”

June 22 was the 80th anniversary of Nazi Germany’s invasion of Soviet Russia, what Putin called a “mournful date.”

The lessons of what Russia calls its Great Patriotic War prioritize protection of the country against the risk of history repeating.

In stark contrast to hegemon USA and its belligerent partners, Moscow “never dictate(s) (its) will to other countries,” said Putin, adding: 

Russia is “willing to participate in addressing global and regional challenges and to expand creative cooperation with all countries on equal terms using political and diplomatic methods.”

In developing its defense capabilities to protect the nation’s security, “we are not seeking a determining, unilateral military advantage or a balance-of-forces edge in our favor, all the more so in such a sensitive sphere as strategic stability.” 

“But we will never allow anyone to pull the balance over to themselves.”

Of great concern is “continu(ed) (US-led) NATO…buildup (near) Russia(’s) borders…”

The warmaking alliance “refus(es) to consider in a constructive manner our proposals on de-escalating the tension and reducing the risk of unpredictable incidents.”

Russia excels in global conflict resolution — polar opposite how US-dominated NATO and apartheid Israel operate.

“Russia never forgets its responsibility for the security and prosperity of neighboring countries, with which we are brought together by inextricable historical, cultural and human ties,” said Putin, adding:

“We intend to continue promoting the de-escalation of regional conflicts and strengthening peace and stability on our common continent.”

Separately on Wednesday, Russia’s Black Sea Fleet and border security forces intercepted and expelled a UK warship that provocatively entered its territorial waters.

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov warned that further incidents like Wednesday’s provocation will result in dire consequences for the offender, adding:

“If (Western regimes) do not understand, we can bomb not only the course, but also the targets.”

Russia’s Defense Ministry said warning shots were fired by a patrol vessel after Britain’s HMS Defender provocatively sailed over 1.5 nautical miles into Russian waters near Sevastopol and ignored a warning to leave.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova denounced the UK “provocation that defies international law.”

Britain’s envoy to Moscow and its military attache were summoned to explain the “dangerous move.”

The Johnson regime’s war ministry defied reality by falsely claiming that its warship was “conducting innocent passage through Ukrainian territorial waters in accordance with international law (sic).”

The Republic of Crimea and Federal City of Sevastopol are sovereign Russian territory.

UK war secretary Ben Wallace falsely said Britain’s destroyer carried out “a routine transit from Odessa towards Georgia across the Black Sea (sic).”

There’s nothing “routine” about provocatively entering the territorial waters of another country without permission.

In cahoots with dominant US hardliners, Britain is militantly hostile toward Russia.

A repeat of Wednesday’s provocative incident might be responded to by Moscow much more harshly.

A Final Comment

After months in Moscow for consultations, Russia’s envoy to Washington Anatoly Antonov is back at his post — on Monday saying the following:

“Today I sent a number of requests and addresses to various US organizations to meet with the leadership of different structures, to discuss what we should do together to implement the positive mood that we think we took from the summit of our two presidents,” adding:

In stark contrast to forever US war on Russia by other means, the Kremlin seeks cooperative relations with the US, West and world community of nations.

Antonov noted that improved Russian relations with the US depend on whether the Biden regime cooperates with Moscow’s diplomatic outreach.

“(E)verything depends on the political will of the US — whether it is ready to implement positive words that were said by our two presidents in Geneva,” he stressed, adding:

“We managed to get in touch with… State Department (officials) today, and specific meetings will take place in the coming days.” 

It’ll “take a little time” before it’s known whether anything positive can come from talks.

Since Biden replaced Trump by brazen election rigging, relations with Russia deteriorated to a new post-WW II low.

With militant Russophobes in charge of the Biden regime’s geopolitical agenda, chances of improved bilateral relations are virtually nil.

Looking ahead, most likely they’ll deteriorate further than already.

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