Blinken Threatens No US Return to JCPOA Compliance

Blinken Threatens No US Return to JCPOA Compliance

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Despite claiming that the Biden regime will return to JCPOA compliance, “maximum pressure” on nonbelligerent Iran remains official US policy.

Earlier this month, interventionist Blinken said he “anticipate(s) that, even if (the Biden regime) return(s) to…JCPOA…compliance, hundreds of sanctions will remain in place, including (ones) imposed by” Trump, adding:

“If they are not inconsistent with the JCPOA, they will remain unless and until Iran’s behavior changes (sic).”

The Islamic Republic justifiably demands removal of all illegally imposed sanctions.

They never should have been imposed in the first place.

US/E3 failure to agree is a deal killer — where things appear heading no matter how many more rounds of Vienna talks area held.

Begun on April 6, hardline US positions remain unchanged.

There’s no ambiguity that Blinken and other hardliners in charge of the Biden regime’s geopolitical agenda have no intention of comlying with mandated Security Council Res. 2231 provisions — unanimously affirming the landmark agreement. 

In Paris with his French counterpart Jean-Yves Le Drian on Thursday, both figures criticized Iran for noncompliance with the JCPOA by their own ruling regimes — not Tehran.

According to Blinken, “serious differences” with Iran remain unresolved, adding:

“There will come a point where it will be very hard to return back to the standards set by the JCPOA.”

“We haven’t reached that point. I can’t put a date on it, but it’s something that we’re conscious of.”

If Iran “continues to spin more sophisticated centrifuges” and steps up uranium enrichment — its legal right under JCPOA provisions — it will approach a “breakout” time (sic) ability to develop a nuclear bomb (sic).

Blinken and US imperial partners know there’s no evidence to suggest an interest by Iran in developing nukes — just the opposite.

Claiming otherwise and other Biden regime obstructionist tactics pushes it closer to abandoning JCPOA compliance it never intended to go along with straightaway after taking office.

Defying reality, Blinken falsely claimed “(w)e have a national interest in trying to put the nuclear problem back in the box that it was in the JCPOA (sic).”

Judge them by their actions. He and other Biden regime hardliners drove a stake through the heart of the landmark nuclear deal by refusing to comply with its provisions — unacceptably wanting a “longer…stronger” deal and other unacceptable demands in breach of international law.

“Serious concerns” Blinken has about Iranian compliance with its obligations don’t exist.

Unlike scofflaw USA and E3 countries, Iran is in full compliance with its international law obligations.

Le Drian’s remarks mimicked Blinken’s.

Ignoring US, French, German and UK noncompliance with JCPOA provisions, he defied reality by demanding “Iranian authorities to take the final decisions…which will allow the negotiations to be concluded.”

The ball is in the court of scofflaw Western countries.

Their refusal to obey international law since May 2018 effectively killed the landmark JCPOA nuclear deal — for invented reasons.

Only its epitaph remains to be written, most likely in the coming weeks or months.

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