No Change in Implacable US Hostility Toward Nonbelligerent Iran by Biden Regime Hardliners

No Change in Implacable US Hostility Toward Nonbelligerent Iran by Biden Regime Hardliners

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On Thursday, an unnamed Biden regime official (BRO below) commented on Vienna JCPOA talks going nowhere because the US and E3 countries have no intention of complying with their mandated obligations under Security Council Res. 2231.

According to the BRO, “there has been some reporting that we basically have a deal already with Iran, that it’s just a matter of deciding when we’re going to put it out,” adding:

“Let me make it absolutely clear.”  

“We just concluded round six.” Round seven talks will be held next week.

“(W)e wouldn’t (continue talks) if a deal was done.”  

“We still have serious differences that have not been bridged, serious differences with Iran over the host of issues, whether it’s the nuclear steps that Iran needs to take to come back into compliance (sic), the sanctions relief that the US will be offering, or the sequence of steps that both sides would be taking.”

“Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed.”  

“And since everything is not agreed, we still don’t have anything nailed down.”

“And there’s still some very important issues that need to be resolved.”

Make no mistake. The above remarks are code language for Biden regime unwillingness to comply with its international and constitutional law obligations.

Saying a deal remains “possible,” according to the BRO, omitted explaining that consummating one will only happen if Iranian authorities subordinate their sovereign rights to unacceptable US interests.

Since there’s virtually no chance of things turning out this way, no deal will be agreed on no matter how many rounds of talks going nowhere are held.

Hardliners in charge of the Biden regime’s geopolitical agenda have done nothing to suggest a willingness to return to JCPOA compliance — just the opposite.

This uncompromising position was further assured by the BRO falsely calling Iran’s democratic process “pre-manufactured (sic).”

Along with demonizing President-Elect Raeisi with invented claims about his “background,” the selected, unelected, illegitimate Biden regime may not recognize his legitimacy — perhaps one among other phony reasons to kill the JCPOA and falsely blame Iran for the made-in-the-USA outcome.

US noncompliance since May 2018 and wanting a “longer, stronger” deal has nothing to do with “preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon” it never sought and doesn’t now.

Like other Biden regime officials, the BCO lied suggesting otherwise.

Virtually always when this bogus issue is raised, it’s all about unjustifiable Iran bashing while ignoring nuclear armed and dangerous Israel.

The BRO also raised the phony threat of Iran’s legitimate ballistic missile program for defense, not offense, defying reality further by falsely accusing its ruling authorities of “destabilizing activities.”

Hostile actions in defiance of international law reflect how hegemon USA and its imperial partners operate, not Iran or other nations free from imperial control.

US policy toward these nations demand subordination to US interests in return for hollow promises to be broken like virtually always before.

So-called issues the Biden regime claims to have with Iran are invented, not real.

They’re all about maintaining a permanent US state of war on the country by other means that could turn hot by Biden regime hardliners pushing the envelope too far.

The same reality applies to all US invented enemies on its target list for regime change.

Asked about possible guarantees by the Biden regime to Iran that the US won’t abandon its obligations if a JCPOA agreement is reached, the BRO the following:

“(T)here is no such thing as a guarantee.”

Biden regime hardliners have no intention of guaranteeing anything to Iran or other nations free from US control.

As to how long talks going nowhere will continue, the BRO said the US and E3 won’t let them “go on indefinitely.”

As for sanctions relief, Biden regime officials said only ones related to the JCPOA may be lifted, 100s of other illegal ones to remain in place.

Iranian officials justifiably stressed that all illegally imposed US/Western sanctions must be rescinded or no deal will be agreed on.

Biden regime refusal to fully comply with its international law obligations — including removal of all unlawful sanctions — is a deal-breaker.

That’s where things now stand with virtually no prospect of resolving what’s unresolvable because of US refusal to obey the rule of law and Iran justifiably expecting no less.

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