Russian Foreign Ministry on Britain, the US, Belarus and Navalny

Russian Foreign Ministry on Britain, the US, Belarus and Navalny

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

As explained in a previous day article, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) called Britain’s Wednesday MHS Defender Black Sea incident a “dangerous(ly) crude provocation (in breach of) international and Russian law,” adding:

It could not have happened without US approval and complicity.

US, UK, Ukrainian “special ops units were engaged in trainings aboard (HMS Defender) at the time of the incident.” 

“In these conditions, it is impossible that the ‘peaceful passage’ of the British destroyer was not agreed (to by) ‘big brother’ ” in Washington.

Russia’s Defense Ministry called the provocative Black Sea incident a “gross violation” of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Russia’s UK embassy said Britain’s HMS Defender (transformed itself into) “HMS Provocateur.”

In response to White House spokeswoman Psaki saying that the Biden regime won’t “warn about cyberattacks” on Russia ahead, MZ said:

It’s clear that the US “reserve(s) the right to deliver cyberattacks on the basis of groundless fabricated accusations…which they so often level against Russia” unjustifiably, adding:

If the Biden regime cyberattacks Russian targets, “it will not be a (US) response…but an undeclared and perfidious attack they will be the first to carry out,” adding:

“We want these words to be treated by Washington as seriously as possible.” 

“Our country, which just marked the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War remembers and knows well what perfidy is.” 

“Even hints at the possibility of behavior like this are totally unacceptable.”

Ahead of Geneva talks between Vladimir Putin and Biden’s double, his regime told Moscow “that international information security issues were of strategic importance while the malicious use of information and communications technology directly affected the efforts to maintain global peace and security.”

Time and again, US/Western regimes say one thing, then go another way — why they can never be trusted.

Putin’s discussion with Biden’s double was a profound waste of time, achieving nothing positive with a regime hell bent for transforming Russia into a US vassal state — wanting Putin replaced by pro-Western puppet rule.

Chances for improved bilateral relations ahead are virtually nil no matter which right wing of the US war party runs things.

Russia knows what it refrains from admitting publicly.

Putin agreed to talks with Biden’s double, knowing they’d achieve nothing positive.

Commenting on newly imposed illegal EU sanctions on Belarus for invented reasons, MZ denounced what she called unjustifiable  “interference (by Brussels) in the internal affairs of a sovereign state, a UN and OSCE member,” adding:

EU regimes “abuse(d) the (rule of) law, saying only that (they’re) united in (their) action with likeminded partners” — notably their higher power in Washington.

So-called Western “rules-based order” is Orwellian doublespeak. 

It’s all about their rules in violation of international law – what MZ called assertion of “might is right,” adding:

Its latest hostile action, like many previous ones “invalidated its (phony) claim to (be) the custodian of international law (sic).”

US/Western sanctions aim to crush targeted economies and suffocate ordinary people.

In cahoots with his higher US power, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell admitted that Brussels-imposed sanctions on Belarus “will hurt (its) economy” and   harm its ordinary people.

MZ: His admission “shows that the EU does not uphold equality in relations with the sovereign state of Belarus, does not respect the legitimate interests or the free choice of its development path, and does not care for the well-being of people in Belarus.” 

“The disenfranchised Russian speakers in Ukraine and the Baltics, who are suffering from the EU’s sanctions, and people in Syria and Venezuela have felt the hypocrisy of this policy.”

Allied with US imperial lawlessness, EU regimes and Britain continue waging all-out war by hot and/or other means on nations unwilling to bow to their diabolical interests.

MZ: Russia “is committed to its allied relations with fraternal Belarus.” 

“We will continue to coordinate our efforts in the interests of strengthening the state sovereignty and protecting the national security of our countries based on international law, as well as building up our collective resistance to external pressure and containment.”

Commenting on Western darling, convicted embezzler, self-serving opportunist, CIA/NED asset Navalny, MZ noted that the US, UK and EU continue to falsely claim that Russia tried to kill him by deadly novichok nerve poisoning.

The “concocted” Big Lie refuses to die because US-led Western regimes “invested too much effort in (the hoax, so refuse) to renounce it or even invent another one,” said MZ.

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