EU Hardliners Nix Russia Summit with Bloc Leaders

EU Hardliners Nix Russia Summit with Bloc Leaders

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, the idea was proposed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, supported by French President Macron, adding:

“We positively assess this initiative.” 

“President Putin is in favor of restoring mechanisms for dialogue and contacts between Brussels and Moscow.” 

He “repeatedly said that both Brussels and Moscow need this dialogue.” 

Merkel and Macron reportedly wanted Putin invited to the EU’s June 24 – 25 summit in Brussels, following his mid-June no-summit/summit with Biden’s double.

According to the Financial Times, the German and French leaders called for “selective engagement” with Russia, including “concrete proposals and leverages” to facilitate it on issues of mutual interest.

Last week, a Kremlin statement said the following:

“At the request of the federal chancellor, the Russian president informed (her) about the main results of” June 16 Geneva talks between Putin and Biden’s double, adding:

Putin explained that “overcoming mutual enmity and reconciliation of the Russian and German peoples had been of key importance for the fate of post-war Europe.” 

“Even now, ensuring the security of our common continent was possible only through joint efforts.”

Likely in cahoots with their US counterparts, EU hardliners killed the idea of engaging with Putin diplomatically at the summit level — what Sergey Lavrov explained as follows, saying:

“It is an aggressive Russophobic minority that increasingly sets the EU’s policy, as confirmed by the EU Summit in Brussels on June 24 and 25, 2021, where the future of relations with Russia was on the agenda,” adding: 

“The idea voiced by Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron to hold a meeting with Vladimir Putin was killed before it saw the light of day.” 

“Observers noted that the Russia-US Summit in Geneva was tantamount to a go-ahead by the US to have this meeting, but the Baltic states, siding with Poland, cut short this ‘uncoordinated’ attempt by Berlin and Paris, while the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry summoned the German and French ambassadors to explain their governments’ actions.”

“No doubt they will come up with something (further) should the need arise.”

US-dominated European countries won’t change their policy “of subjugating other regions of the world, proclaiming a self-designated global messianic mission.”

US-controlled NATO “seek(s) to proactively contribute to America’s (hegemonic) strategy for the Indo-Pacific region.”

It’s all about containing, weakening, undermining and isolating China, as well as seeking to undermine “ASEAN’s role in its decades-long efforts to build an inclusive cooperation architecture (in the) Asia-Pacific.”

“(T)he European Union drafts programs to ‘embrace’ geopolitical spaces in its neighborhood and beyond, without coordinating these initiatives with (other) countries.” 

“This is what the Eastern Partnership, as well as a recent program approved by Brussels for Central Asia, are all about.” 

“There is a fundamental difference between these approaches and the ones guiding integration processes with Russia’s involvement (with) the CIS, the CSTO, EurAsEC and SCO.”

They cooperatively “seek to develop relations with external partners on the basis of parity and mutual agreement.”

“With its contemptuous attitude towards other members of the international community, the (US-dominated) West finds itself on the wrong side of history.”

Russia and other nations that prioritize peace, cooperative relations, and compliance with international law “will never tolerate attempts to talk to them through ultimatums and will discuss any issues only on an equal footing.”

The US and its European colonies will only cooperate with Russia if it subordinates its sovereign rights to their interests.

The US-dominated West seeks control over other nations, their resources and populations.

Their so-called rules-based world order breaches the UN Charter and other core international law. 

Rapprochement by the US-dominated West with nations free from their control is off-the-table in perpetuity. 

Nothing in prospect suggests a change in what’s unacceptable to freedom-loving people worldwide.

A Final Comment

A post-EU summit statement last week called on the European Commission and bloc’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell “to present options for additional restrictive measures, including (further illegal) economic sanctions” against law-abiding Russia threatening no one.

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