Sergey Lavrov on Dismal East/West Relations

Sergey Lavrov on Dismal East/West Relations

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Russia under Vladimir Putin prioritizes peace, adherence to democratic principles, cooperative relations with other nations, and compliance with international law.

In stark contrast, hegemon USA and its imperial partners wage endless wars by hot and/or other means against nations free from their control.

Following days earlier Geneva talks between Putin and Biden’s double, Lavrov explained the following:

“US officials, including…Geneva…participant(s) started asserting…foregone tenets,” adding: 

They ‘made it clear’ to Moscow, ‘warned it, and stated their (unacceptable) demands.’ ” 

“(T)hese ‘warnings’ went hand in hand with threats.”

“If Moscow does not accept the (Biden regime’s so-called) ‘rules of the road’ set forth in Geneva in a matter of several months…renewed (US) pressure” will be imposed.

US “rules” are all about hegemonic demands on other nations to bend to its will — what Russia and other sovereign independent countries reject, as affirmed by international law.

Geneva talks achieved nothing positive.

US-dominated Western normalization with Russia requires abandonment of its sovereign rights to a higher power in Washington — what no sovereign government should accept, what Moscow justifiably rejects.

Time and again, colonized Western countries follow policies adopted by US regimes — no matter how greatly in breach of international law.

Lavrov explained it, saying, “(i)t is as if a choir has been pre-arranged to sing along with the lead vocalist,” adding; 

(T)his was what the series of high-level Western events in the build-up to the Russia-US talks was all about” — including the G7, NATO summit, and meeting by Biden’s double with European Council president Charles Michel and European Commission head Ursula von der Leyen.

These Biden regime-pre-scripted meetings were all about hegemon USA’s marching orders to its Western colonies ahead of Geneva talks.

Lavrov stressed that the US-dominated West is “united” against Russia, China, and other nations free from their control.

“(D)ocuments adopted” by Western regimes “cemented the rules-based world order concept” in defiance of the UN Charter and other core international law principles.

When nations act contrary to unacceptable US/Western “rules,” their ruling regimes falsely claim “rules have been broken,” Lavrov explained, so they empower themselves “to hold perpetrators (sic) accountable.”

Defying reality — along with fooling no one — US-dominated Western regimes call themselves “an anchor for democracy, peace and security (sic),” as opposed to “authoritarianism in all its forms (sic)” with Russia especially in mind.

Like time and again earlier, the West got things upside down.

Further — in defiance of the UN Charter — their ruling regimes self-proclaim the right to impose illegal sanctions on the phony pretext of “support(ing) democracy across the globe” they abhor and tolerate nowhere, especially not domestically.

The US-dominated West is hellbent to establish what Lavrov called “a new world order…guided (exclusively)…by Western ‘rules,’ ” adding: 

“Its provisions are ideologically tainted.” 

Hostile to what just societies hold dear, “they seek to widen the gap between so-called liberal democracies (sic) and all other nations, as well as to legitimize the (hostile-to-the-rule of law) rules-based order.”

Sovereign independent Russia and China, especially united, stand in the way of their hegemonic aims.

Their ruling authorities are demonized for invented reasons.

No legitimate ones exist.

Sino/Russian-led multi-world polarity made Washington’s unipolar moment in world history obsolete.

Lavrov: “Attempts to ignore this reality by asserting oneself as the only legitimate decision-making center” failed.

US/Western nations know their dominance on the world stage is ending. Polycentrism replaced it.

In stark contrast to the US-dominated West, Lavrov explained “a centuries-old tradition in Russia of making handshake deals without signing anything and holding one’s word as sacrosanct.”

Dominant US/Western hardliners remain implacably hostile toward Russia, China and other nations free from their control.

It shows in how Biden regime relations with Moscow and Beijing deteriorated to post-WW II lows since replacing Trump by brazen election fraud.

The US and colonized West have no intention “to divert from their policy of subjugating other regions of the world, proclaiming a self-designated global messianic mission,” Lavrov explained, adding:

“Serious, self-respecting countries will never tolerate attempts to talk to them through ultimatums and will discuss any issues only on an equal footing.”

“As for Russia, it is high time that everyone understands that we have drawn a definitive line under any attempts to play a one-way game with us.” 

“All the mantras we hear from the Western capitals on their readiness to put their relations with Moscow back on track, as long as it repents and changes its tack (sic), are meaningless.”

As Putin explained many times, Russia intends “no unilateral concessions” now or ever.

Level playing field relations, according to international law, alone is acceptable.

What Russia, China, and other sovereign independent nations prioritize, hegemon USA and its Western colonies reject.

Will push come to shove ahead?

Is East/West confrontation inevitable?

Will US megalomaniacal rage to dominate other nations, their resources and populations doom us all?

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