Senator Ron Johnson’s News Conference on Harm from Covid Jabs

Senator Ron Johnson’s News Conference on Harm from Covid Jabs 

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Most establishment media suppressed testimonies of harm from covid jabs — by individuals invited to Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson’s June 28 press conference.

Reviled and distrusted CNN was an exception to the rule.

Slamming Johnson, it reported the official Big Lie claim of no causal link between hundreds of thousands of reported adverse events, including deaths, from covid jabs.

Like other establishment media, CNN ignored official CDC/FDA adverse events (AE) data that represents the tip of an exponentially greater number of casualties, including deaths.

Instead, CNN defied reality by falsely calling AEs “rare (sic),” adding:

“The (Pharma-connected) CDC says the benefits of (covid jabs) greatly outweigh the risks (sic).”

Cold hard reality explains otherwise.

Commenting on Johnson’s press conference, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel falsely accused him of “presenting misleading medical information (sic)” — in defiance of hard evidence proving otherwise, adding:

“Johnson has long history of promoting views at odds with scientific research (sic).”

Wisconsin Public Broadcasting (PBS) propaganda slammed Johnson for “disparaging (what it falsely called) the preeminent tool (sic) for ending the (nonexistent) pandemic” — covid jabs designed to harm health, shorten lifespans and kill, not protect and preserve health as falsely claimed.

PBS Wisconsin quoted Pharma-connected/UW Health’s Dr. Jeff Pothof’s Big Lie claim — falsely calling covid jab AEs “exceedingly rare (sic).”

Ahead of Johnson’s June 28 press conference, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers tweeted the following:

.@SenRonJohnson, you’re being reckless and irresponsible (sic).” 

“The (covid jabs are) safe and effective and based on years of science and research (sic).” 

“Every time you suggest otherwise, you’re jeopardizing the health and safety of the people of our state and our economic recovery (sic).”

Reality is polar opposite Evers’ mass deception.

In early June, YouTube blocked Johnson from posting covid-jabbing related videos to its platform, falsely accusing him of spreading misinformation.

On May 13, Johnson’s Washington Examiner op-ed called getting jabbed for covid “a personal choice,” explaining:

“I did not enter the (covid mass-jabbing) maelstrom voluntarily,” adding:

“I had (flu/covid). (T)hat probably provides me the best immunity possible.”

“Since I’m not a doctor or medical researcher, I don’t believe it’s appropriate for me to either encourage or discourage” flu/covid jabs.

He supports “transparency, so people have as much information as possible to make their own informed medical decisions” — free from government or other coercion. 

“No one should be shamed, coerced, or mandated to take” covid jabs, he stressed.

“Since there is little to no benefit for me getting (jabbed), I have decided not to.” 

“Absent proven benefit or medical necessity, there is only risk.” 

“There should be nothing controversial about me or anyone else making a similarly informed decision.”

“Witnessing crowds in…public (places)…Americans are…gaining confidence (to) resum(e) (normal) life” — that never should have been disrupted in the first place. 

“Hopefully, the state of fear is receding,” he said.

“We will respect each other’s medical decisions, and we’ll recognize the danger to individual liberty that vaccine passports or other forms of coercion represent.”

Individuals invited to Johnson’s Monday press conference included former Green Bay Packers lineman Ken Ruettgers.

He explained serious neurological harm suffered by his wife from a covid jab that continues to adversely affect her quality of life.

Stephanie de Garay said her healthy/now wheelchair-bound 12-year-old daughter Maddie became “so ill she had to miss 4 months of school,” including hospitalization “for almost two months,” adding:

“There is no doubt in my mind that the (covid jab) caused this.”

“All of these medical problems started less than 24 hours after the second…Pfizer (mRNA) dose.”

After suffering “severe abdominal and chest pain,” Maddie said “(i)t feels like my heart is being ripped out.”

Her symptoms persist, “some days worse than others,” including headaches, dizziness, and “loss of feeling from the waste down.”

Harmed from a Moderna jab, Candace Hayden is paralyzed from from the waste down — likely permanently.

Involved in a November 2020 AstraZeneca clinical trial, Brianne Dressen remains ill from the experience.

The same is true for Kristi Dobbs, still affected adversely from a January Pfizer jab, including persistent pain, paresthesia (bodily burning, numbness, skin-crawling), and heart palpitations.

“It never stops,” she said.

“It feels like you have this electric shock running through your body, like you’re stuck in a vibrating chair.”

“I have tremors in my hands, which make me leery that I will ever practice as a (dental) hygienist again.”

“I had to have my 6-year-old daughter wake me up from a fit in the middle of the night. No 6-year-old should have to do that.”

In response to unjustifiable criticism for his Monday press conference, Johnson said the following:

“You witnessed these stories” about individuals seriously harmed by covid jabs?

“Do you think that’s reckless and irresponsible?”

“I think it’s called compassion.” 

“I think it’s showing concern for your fellow human beings who have stepped up” and shared what’s important for everyone to know.

“They want to be heard. They want to be seen. They want to be believed.”

There’s nothing remotely safe and effective about toxic, fast-tracked, experimental, unapproved Pfizer/Moderna gene altering mRNA drugs and J & J’s covid vaccine.

Avoiding them is crucial to protect and preserve health — what US/Western dark forces want destroyed to eliminate maximum numbers of unwanted people worldwide.

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