Russia’s Strategic Partnership with Bolivarian Venezuela

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June 24, 2021
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June 25, 2021

Russia’s Strategic Partnership with Bolivarian Venezuela

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman) 

US war on Venezuelan social democracy since 1999 has been all about wanting the threat of a good example eliminated.

Following talks with his Venezuelan counterpart Jorge Arreaza in Moscow on Tuesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the following:

Last month, both countries commemorated the 25th anniversary of their Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation.

“Over the past quarter century, our relations have reached the level of true strategic partnership,” adding: 

“Ties between our nations are friendly and warm and are based on mutual respect and affection.”

“(N)umerous mutually beneficial projects” are being pursued, including in energy, manufacturing, defense and social issues.

Regular flights between Moscow and Caracas were initiated to facilitate political cooperation, trade and other mutually important issues.

“Venezuela is our reliable and longtime friend in Latin America, the Caribbean and in the international arena in general,” said Lavrov, adding: 

“We are impressed by that country’s independent and nationally oriented foreign policy based on the UN Charter.” 

Both ministers discussed formation of a democratically free, fair, and equitable international system based on international law — in stark contrast to US/Western “rules-based order” based exclusively on exploitive rules.

Lavrov and Arreaza expressed strong opposition to “illegitimate unilateral coercive measures that the West has been using increasingly often.”

US sanctions war on Venezuela’s model social democracy bears full responsibility for hard times experienced by its people.

Russia supports Venezuela’s liberating struggle against the scourge of US imposed economic strangulation to inflict maximum harm on its people.

Lavrov expressed Russia’s “readiness to assist the Venezuelan government (and its people) in overcoming pressing challenges” caused by US war on the country by other means.

In spite of US sanctions war on both countries, they’re engaged in “new projects in industry, the energy sector and social services and we are determined to follow through on them for the benefit of our peoples.” 

“Most importantly, this strategic partnership rests on broad and strong support from both Russians and Venezuelans,” Lavrov explained.

Moscow supports Venezuelan self-defense against the risk of US aggression by supplying its military with Russian weapons, equipment, training in their use, and maintenance to keep what’s provided fully operational.

The leadership of both countries strongly supports cooperative relations with other nations according to the rule of law — polar opposite how hegemon USA and its imperial partners operate.

A Final Comment

Last week, interventionist Blinken’s spokesman Price falsely claimed that the Biden regime is committed to “alleviating the suffering of” Venezuelan and other “vulnerable people (by providing) humanitarian assistance.”

Both right wings of the US war party are hard-wired to inflict maximum misery on maximum numbers of people in nations free from imperial control — by waging forever wars by hot and other means without mercy.

Saying the Biden regime supports “democracy in Venezuela through free and fair presidential and parliamentary elections” ignored its model democratic process that shames US/Western fantasy versions.

Price also said nothing about over two decades of US war on Bolivarian rule, wanting fascist tyranny restored in the country under its control.

Washington is Venezuela’s mortal enemy because of its model democratic rule and independence from US imperial control. 

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