Blinken Threatens Russia

Blinken Threatens Russia

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Mid-June no-summit/summit talks between Vladimir Putin and Biden’s double achieved nothing positive as expected.

Disturbing reality remains dismal despite deceptive joint public remarks suggesting otherwise.

Perpetually at war USA on invented enemies is an existential threat to nations unwilling to subordinate their sovereignty to a higher power in Washington.

Longstanding US-orchestrated Cold War on nonbelligerent Russia continues with no prospect of easing.

After Biden regime hardliners usurped power by brazen election rigging, bilateral relations with Moscow sank to a new low — evidence suggesting new depths to come.

Hostile to peace, cooperative relations with other nations, and compliance with rule of law principles, interventionist Blinken is like his predecessor on all things related to nations free from US control — with style and party label differences alone.

From June 22 – 29, Blinken’s travel to colonized Germany, France and Italy was all about giving marching orders to their ruling regimes — notably related to continued US-led Western war by hot and/or other means on Russia, China, and other nations free from imperial control.

Interviewed by Italy’s la Repubblica, he recited his usual litany of bald-faced Big Lies in response to questions asked.

He falsely called totalitarian Western autocracies democracies.

He lied saying they “respect…rights of workers, the environment, and transparency (sic).”

He falsely accused China of being “adversarial” — what applies to hegemon USA and its imperial partners, not Beijing, Moscow or other sovereign independent countries unwilling to bow to a higher foreign power.

He lied accusing Russia of cyberattacks on US targets.

He defied reality by claiming that dominant US hardliners seek “stable” relations with Russia.

He threatened its leadership, saying:

“(I)f Russia is going to continue to take reckless or aggressive actions (sic), we’ll respond (to) defend our (hegemonic) interests and values” — to rule the world unchallenged, plunder its resources, and exploit its populations, he left unexplained.

He repeated already debunked Big Lie Russophobic claims — falsely accusing Moscow of involvement in US election “interference (sic)…poison(ing) (CIA/NED asset) Navalny with a chemical weapon (sic), (and) the SolarWinds attack (sic)” — despite no evidence suggesting any of the above.

Commenting on US/NATO raped and destroyed Libya, he called for foreign forces to leave the country — except for US/Western ones, he left unsaid.

Asked about the so-called US, Israeli, UAE, Bahraini Abraham Accords Peace Agreement — that’s unrelated to Middle East peace and stability — Blinken said Biden regime hardliners support what amounts to an elaborate charade, reminiscent of the 1993 no-peace/peace Oslo Accords between apartheid Israel and subjugated Palestinians.

Asked about Vienna JCPOA talks going nowhere, Blinken ignored full Iranian compliance with its mandated obligations in stark contrast to flagrant breaches by the US and E3 countries.

On Tuesday, Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiyee said the following:

Vienna talks “reached a point where all parties have to make their own decisions,” adding: 

“We are waiting for the other parties, including the (Biden regime), to announce their political decisions so that we can talk more clearly about the next round of talks.”

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister/lead JCPOA negotiator Seyed Abbas Araqchi said the ball is in the US/E3 court to decide if they’ll return to compliance with their mandated obligations or remain in breach of international law.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh stressed that “(t)he US and (E3) know that Iran remain(s) in the agreement and made it survive when the US unilaterally withdrew…and imposed illegal and oppressive sanctions against the Iranian people,” adding:

According to international law, Iran “demand(s) the lifting of US sanctions, their verification and then the cessation of compensatory measures and the resumption of Iran’s commitments.”

Separately, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said “Trump’s successors have continued his crimes until today, and they are the criminals of the same path that Trump founded.”

Maximum pressure remains official US policy on Iran by both right wings of its war party.

Nothing ahead suggests a change of hardline US policy toward Iran — and other sovereign independent countries — by pro-war Biden regime hardliners.

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