Exponentially Mounting Toll from Deadly Covid Jabs

Exponentially Mounting Toll from Deadly Covid Jabs 

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Numbers of adverse events, including deaths, from toxic covid jabs in the West keep mounting exponentially.

After six months of mass-jabbing with bioweapons described otherwise, officially reported numbers of deaths in the US alone are greater than for all vaccines  combined over the past 30 years from January 1, 1991 through November 30, 2020, according to official data.

True numbers in the US and West are exponentially more than what’s publicly revealed.

The latest CDC/FDA data from mid-December through June 25 put adverse events at nearly 442,000, including about 7,000 deaths.

Over roughly the same timeframe, Britain’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency reported over 1,000,700 adverse events, and more than 1,400 deaths.

From mid-December through June 19, the European Medicines Agency reported over 1,509,000 adverse events, including nearly 15,800 deaths.

Official numbers represent the tip of exponentially greater totals.

Without exaggeration, countless millions of Americans, Brits, and Europeans on the continent were irreversibly harmed or killed by toxic Pfizer/Moderna mRNA covid drugs or J & J/AstraZeneca vaccines.

Designed for mass extermination — not protection from flu/covid or any other viral disease as falsely claimed — they’re performing as US/Western dark forces intended. 

The worst by far lies ahead if new millennium-style mass-extermination — straightaway or delayed — isn’t halted.

Periodically, Dr. Vernon Coleman posts serious adverse events and deaths from covid jabs he learned about on his website.

Some of the latest victims of state-sponsored extermination include a permanently impaired 12-year-old girl, a 13-year-old boy who died 3 days after a 2nd toxic Pfizer jab, and a 47-year-old mother of 3 — dead from a fatal stoke after developing blood clots from Astra-Zeneca’s toxic vaccine.

On July 3, he listed scores more horror stories like the above.

The exponentially growing list of victims in the West alone likely already reached numbers able to fill a large telephone directory.

Yet defying reality, Western damage control coverup and denial falsely claims that mounting numbers of adverse events and deaths are not necessarily attributable to flu/covid jabs.

The empower.com reported a father and daughter died from covid jabs — he in May after a 2nd Moderna one, she — a mother of four — around the same time from J & J’s toxic entry into the covid mass-jabbing sweepstakes.

Father and daughter were reported in good health prior to jabbing, what clearly caused their deaths.

The same goes for countless others, including another member of the above family, a tragedy for surviving members three-times over.

The exponentially mounting human toll is unprecedented — yet suppressed by establishment media.

Ignoring toxicity from covid jabs, the NYT defied reality by reporting the following:

“(T)he overwhelming majority (of jabbed individuals) have not reported any serious health problems” — ignoring the exponentially mounting casualty count.

Saying side effects are minor, including short-term “headaches, chills and muscle pain,” the Times called them “a good sign (sic), (showing) your own immune system is mounting a potent response to the vaccine (sic) that will provide long-lasting immunity (sic),” adding:

It’s safe for individuals with allergies to be jabbed, falsely calling severe reactions “extremely rare.”

Everyone with a history of allergic reactions risk serious harm straightaway from covid jabs.

Their ingredients could trigger severe allergic reactions. 

Thousands of individuals in the West already experienced anaphylactic or other serious allergic reactions.

The Times pretends otherwise. It suppresses officially reported numbers of adverse events, including deaths, in the US and Europe — because they’re mounting exponentially.

Despite hard evidence otherwise, it falsely reported “no” risk of contacting flu/covid “from any of the” jabs (sic).

It ignored growing numbers of blood clots from jabs.

Calling them “extremely rare,” J & J and AstraZeneca were told by health regulators to add a warning label, explaining the risk.

The Times falsely considers it safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women to be jabbed for flu/covid, claiming they’ve been urged to be jabbed for “influenza and other diseases.”

According to a mid-June study in the New England Journal of Medicine discussed in a July 3 article, pregnant women jabbed for flu/covid during their first or second trimester suffer an 82% spontaneous abortion rate, killing over 4 out of 5 fetuses.

Dr. Peter McCullough called jabbing pregnant women for flu/covid an “atrocity…(a) crime against humanity” to harm them and eliminate the unborn.

Former chief scientist for allergy and respiratory illnesses Dr. Michael Yeadon warned women of child-bearing age of infertility from covid jabs — last year.

Other medical and scientific experts call them biohazards designed to cause mass casualties.

The Times and other establishment media were enlisted before seasonal flu underwent a mass deception name change early last year — to support the mother of all state-sponsored scams.

Along with social control, it’s all about mass-exterminating maximum numbers of unwanted people — on the phony pretext of protecting them — the mother of all state-sponsored Big Lies claiming otherwise.

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