Russian Foreign Ministry on the Czech Republic, Brussels and Iran

Russian Foreign Ministry on the Czech Republic, Brussels and Iran

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

In cahoots with Western hardliners, dominant Czech Republic extremists are militantly hostile toward Russia for invented reasons.

No legitimate ones exist.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) explained absurd demands by Prague as follows, saying:

“We are witnessing a surrealistic story bordering on the absurd and sometimes going overboard.” 

“This ‘concept’ precludes any rational discussion…rendering diplomacy ineffective and replacing it with various kinds of fiction.”

“The clumsy inconsistencies and absurd statements by the country’s political establishment make it extremely difficult to understand what the Czech Republic really wants” — other than being militantly hostile toward Russia, as instructed by higher Western powers.

“The Russian Embassy in Prague received a note with absurd demands (that) disregard” the rule of law — while providing no evidence to support absurd accusations against Moscow. 

Prague demands compensation for what happened at a Vrbetice military depot seven years ago that Russia had nothing to do with.

Extremists in Prague “creat(ed) myths and…fantasies…presented as facts.”

Moscow categorically rejects them.

Commenting on a so-called 2020 EU Report on Human Rights and Democracy in the World, Brussels created its own fabricated reality, MZ explained.

Instead of an accurate assessment, EU hardliners “weaponized human rights issues to promote a politicized” agenda unrelated to reality — in cahoots with their higher powers in Washington.

On the JCPOA’s dismal outlook because Biden regime hardliners refuse to return to full compliance as mandated by international law, MZ stressed that the notion of an Iranian threat long ago lost credibility — along with phony claims about developing nukes.

The Biden regime “has not taken any practical steps (to) show (a) refus(al) to follow destructive (policies) of its predecessors,” MZ explained. 

“(U)nilateral sanctions against Iran” and other hostile US/Western policies remain unchanged.  

The world community knows that “no policy (is) more bankrupt than ‘maximum pressure.’ ”

Like their predecessors, Biden regime hardliners refuse “to admit their violations of international law and strategic missteps,” said MZ, adding:

“Iran is our neighbor, with which we are bound by many common projects, business contacts and cultural ties.” 

“Revising or expanding the scope of the (JCPOA) is out of question.”

Biden regime demands otherwise breach international law — yet show no signs of softening.

MZ slammed the illegal Biden regime shutdown and seizure of Iranian web domains last month — part of its war on truth-telling at home and abroad.

The hostile action was unjustifiably justified by falsely accusing seized domains’ owners of “trafficking in nuclear, chemical, biological, or radiological weapons technology or material, or the manufacture, importation, sale, or distribution of a controlled substance (sic).” 

Phony “(a)ccusations of disinformation are deep-rooted in Washington’s political tradition, having become a convenient tool to fight the media and journalists that American politicians disapprove of,” MZ stressed, adding:

“Washington’s cynicism overstep(s) the boundaries of propriety.” 

US transition of power “changed nothing in its approach to freedom of speech for their own people” and for other nations. 

Dominant US hardliners “preach freedom to express one’s opinion and media rights, while in reality they restrict access to foreign information resources” to suppress what conflicts with their fabricated official narrative.

Separately in response to a question about unacceptable EU claims and actions against Moscow, MZ said the following:

It’s “useless talk(ing) to Russia in the language of sanctions, blackmail and threats.” 

“(I)nstead of recognizing this obvious and historically true fact, the EU continues fanning the flames of confrontational rhetoric that further alienates the (it) from our country.” 

“Trying to ‘constrain’ Russia and simultaneously (pursue) cooperation (on some issues), Brussels is…hostage to it vicious concept of mutually excluding principles and preconditions for normalizing EU-Russian relations.”

Instead of normalizing, mutually beneficial, relations with Moscow, EU bloc countries remain hostage to a hostile-toward-Russia higher power in Washington — at the expense of peace, stability, and their sovereign independence.

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