Delta Scariant Fake News

Delta Scariant Fake News

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

For time immemorial before seasonal flu underwent a US/Western state-sponsored name change, garden variety flu strains showed up annually with nary a difference among them to matter.

The same goes since last year, including for the Delta scariant.

It risks no greater harm to anyone than other flu/covid strains, despite state-sponsored/media proliferated fake news claiming otherwise.

Defying science, the NYT falsely called the flu/covid Delta variant “worrisome because it is highly contagious (sic) and spreading rapidly (sic).

The above is all about Delta’s transformation into a scariant to mind-manipulate unjabbed refusniks to get theirs.

The Times lied claiming “people who are infected with Delta are twice as likely to be hospitalized (sic) as those infected with Alpha, the dominant variant in the US.”

It lied saying “two doses of…Pfizer(’s) (toxic, gene altering mRNA covid drug engineered to harm health) offer 88 percent protection against the Delta variant (sic).”

It made the same phony claim about Moderna’s toxic mRNA covid drug.

Individuals jabbed for flu/covid are at much higher risk of contracting the viral illness than their unjabbed counterparts — along with one or a combination of other serious diseases near-or-longer-term.

The above is what truth-telling medical and scientific experts explained — in stark contrast to their anti-science counterparts with ties to Western governments and/or Pharma.

Reviled and distrusted CNN defied reality — as it does repeatedly on all major issues — by falsely calling unjabbed-for-flu/covid individuals “variant factories (sic),” citing a Pharma-connected source to be ignored, not believed, deceptively adding:

Refusniks create “opportunities (for flu/covid strains) to multiply (sic), mutate (sic) and…throw off a variant mutation that is even more serious down the road (sic).”

The above is state-approved propaganda, not science.

Viral scariants by whatever names given them are much the same as other flu/covid strains.

Phony claims otherwise are all about mind-manipulating refusniks to self-inflict harm like their already jabbed counterparts. 

Like the NYT and other establishment media, CNN is a long ago exposed lying machine on all important domestic and geopolitical issues.

Nothing they report can be taken at face value. The same goes for major Western media across the board.

According to charlatan, fraudster, profiteer Fauci’s Big Lie, Delta is the “greatest threat” to curbing the spread of flu/covid (sic).

Claiming “everything you need to know (about) Delta,” NBC News carpet-bombed viewers with fake news, saying:

Delta is a “variant of concern (sic).” 

Citing CDC/WHO fake news, NBC falsely claimed it “causes more severe illness (sic) or reduces the effectiveness of (jabs) or treatments (sic),” adding:

It’s “is the most contagious of all the known variants to date (sic).”

The above is state-approved pseudo-science, far removed from the real thing that’s suppressed by establishment media in support mass-infecting maximum numbers of people with deadly toxins from flu/covid jabs — designed to irreversibly harm and kill them.

Britain’s owned and operated BBC propaganda operation falsely called Delta “the biggest threat (to) many countries in Europe (sic).”

It cited European Medicines Agency fake news, falsely saying two (toxic) flu/covid jabs “provide protection against…Delta (sic).”

According to Britain’s Office for National Statistics data, based on dubious nasal or oral swabs, flu/covid cases are increasing, driven by Delta — the Boris Johnson regime’s tactic to scare refusniks to be jabbed.

On all things flu/covid, the public is consistently and repeatedly lied to by US/Western dark forces, their public health handmaidens like Fauci, Pharma profiteers, and their media press agents.

Preserving and protecting health requires refraining from following their toxic mandates and advice.

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